05 November 2007

Candi Strecker's 1998 hipster canon

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Alfred Jarry "Ubu Roi"
Leonora Carrington "The Hearing Trumpet"
Jack Kerouac "On the Road" &c
William S. Burroughs "Junky" "Naked Lunch" "Nova Express" "Soft Machine"
Charles Bukowski "Factotum" "Post Office" "Ham on Rye"
John Kennedy Toole "A Confederacy of Dunces"
Mary Lasswell "Suds in your Eye"
Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice"
Nick Hornby "High Fidelity"
Jim Thompson "Killer Inside Me" &c
Cornell Woolrich "I Married a Dead Man" "The Bride Wore Black"
Charles Willeford "Wild Wives" "High Priest of California"
Philip K. Dick "Martian Time-Slip" "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" "Ubik" "Valis" "The Man in the High Castle"
H.P. Lovecraft "At the Mountains of Madness and Other Tales of Terror"
Harlan Ellison (ed) "Dangerous Visions"
J.G. Ballard "Crash" "The Crystal World"
Frederic Brown "Martians Go Home"
William Gibson "Neuromancer"
David R. Bunch "Moderan"
R.A. Lafferty "Nine Hundred Grandmothers"
Samuel R. Delany "Dhalgren"
Robert Heinlein "The Star Beast" "Have Spacesuit Will Travel"
Dr. Seuss "Green Eggs and Ham" "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"
Richard Scarry "Best Word Book Ever"
Madeleine L'Engle "A Wrinkle in Time"
De Saint-Exupery "Little Prince"
Daniel Pinkwater "The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death" "Young Adult Novel"
Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat series
Iceberg Slim "Pimp: The Story of My Life" "Trick Baby" &c
Dirck Van Sickle "Montana Gothic"


Jane and Michael Stern "Encyclopedia of Bad Taste"
Berkeley Pop Culture Project "Whole Pop Catalog"
Gene Sculatti (ed) "The Catalog of Cool" "Too Cool"
Jan Harold Brunvand "The Choking Doberman" "The Vanishing Hitchhiker"
William Poundstone "Big Secrets" "Bigger Secrets" "Biggest Secrets"
Cecil Adams's Straight Dope books
Re/Search and V/Search Books " Modern Primitives" "Pranks!" "The Industrial Culture Handbook"
Barbara O'Brien "Operators and Things"
John G.H. Oakes (ed) "In the Realms of the Unreal: 'Insane' Writings"
Charles Fort's compendia
Criswell's predicitions
SCHWA World Operations Manual
Douglas Curran "In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space"
Margaret Cheney "Tesla: Man out of Time"
Joel Whitburn "The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits"
Lester Bangs "Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung"
Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain "Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk"
Deborah Spungen "And I Don't Want to Live This Life"
Nick Tosches "Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams"
Harvey Pekar "American Splendor Anthology"
Alan Moore "Watchman"
Art Spiegelman "Maus"
Peter Bagge
Dan Clowes
Hergé's adventures of Tintin
R. Crumb's works
Walt Kelly's Pogo
Crockett Johnson's Barnaby
VIP (Virgil Partch) "Bottle Fatigue" "Virgil Partch's Funny Bar Book"
Scott McCloud "Understanding Comics" "Manga!"
Frederik Schodt "Manga! The World of Japanese Comics"
Jack Chick minicomics
Robert Williams "Zombie Mystery Paintings"
Laguna Art Museum "Kustom Kulture"
Jim Shaw "Thrift Store Paintings"
"Man's Ruin: The Posters and Art of Frank Kozik"
Weegee "Naked City"
Photos of Bettie Page
Michael Weldon "Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film"
Kenneth Anger "Hollywood Babylon"
Drew Friedman "Warts and All"
Rudolph Grey "Nightmare of Ecstasy: The Life and Art of Edward D. Wood Jr."
Edward D. Wood Jr. "Killer in Drag"
John Waters "Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters" "Shock Value: A Tasteful Book about Bad Taste"
Stefan Hammond and Mike Wilkins "Sex and Zen and a Bullet in the Head"
Ray Richmond (ed) "The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family"
Bob Black "The Abolition of Work and Other Essays"
"The Anarchist Cookbook"
Loompanics catalog.
Thomas Frank "The Conquest of Cool"
Jim and Debbie Goad (eds) "Answer Me! The First Three Issues"
"The Book of the SubGenius"
Adam Parfrey "Cult Rapture and Apocalypse Culture"
Robert Anton Wilson's works
Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain "Acid Dreams, The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond"
Truman Capote "In Cold Blood"
Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry "Helter Skelter"
Harold Schechter "Deviant"
Any book on Jeffrey Dahmer
Michael Lesy "Wisconsin Death Trip"
Hunter S. Thompson "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"
David Foster Wallace "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again"
Frederick Drimmer "Very Special People"
Dan Mannix's works
Katherine Dunn "Geek Love"
Ricky Jay "Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women"
Thomas Hine "Populuxe"
John Baeder "Gas, Food, and Lodging"
Alan Hess "Googie: Fifties Coffee Shop Architecture"