28 November 2007

Autobiography 2.0: a 'person' microformat experiment on del.icio.us

the semantic web movement is 8 years old
and has delivered little more than
a microformat for business cards [Wiki]

and nothing to rank with
roget or lenat

so i'd like to propose
using del.icio.us for prototyping
much more ambitious
microformat-like linksets

starting eg with
prototype person-profiles
[Jorn Barger]

replacing pagetitles with microformat fieldnames

using Wikipedia placeholders
if the fieldvalue isn't already a url

using del.icio.us tags
to sort fieldtypes

other possible prototypes:
website-profile microformat
webpage-profile microformat
blog-profile microformat
video-profile microformat
song-profile microformat
porno-profile microformat

(each of these should be
via heraldic barcodes)