19 November 2007

Autobiography recapitulates etymogeny

most web2.0 content
(eg blogs, flickr, librarything)
is explicitly autobiographical

documenting your life and tastes
and arranged according to
your personal calendar

so it's not hard to imagine
some web2.0 host
(eg facebook)
supporting a personal
autobiographical chronology
for each registered subscriber

that unifies/collates
all these separate
content autobiographies

with anecdotes photographs maps
lists of books read
movies seen
songs heard or sung
clothes worn
food eaten
objects owned

but all these categories of content
and most of the content itself

had its own separate existence
before it first crossed your personal path

(often before you were born)

and wikipedia should offer
a universal
index/ table of contents

that your (eg) facebook autobiography
should automatically recognise
as a secondary chronological sorting

"in 1973 i read a book
written in 1799"

"in 1987 i saw a supernova
that had occurred 168,000 years earlier"

"in 2001 i witnessed a melodrama
that's been playing and replaying
with infinite variations
since the evolutionary origin
of territorial aggression"

with every human concept
traced ultimately
to its evolutionary source

often billions of years in the past

while this deep
chronological thesaurus-sorting
(or etymogeny)

is barely dreamt of