18 September 2007

The crayolacube and the Worldtree

trisect a cube
into 8 cubelets
(8/27ths of a rubik)

balance it on any point

color the top cubelet white
and the bottom cubelet black

the upper three-layer
red yellow blue

the lower three-layer
orange green purple

call this a crayolacube

in antimath i explored
dozens of literary permutations
of (-, 0, +)

but using the crayolacube
we can raise that to the 3rd power

white = +++
black = ---
redyellowblue = ++-
orangegreenpurple = +--

and if we can discover
an optimal assignment
of these 3 dimensions
we should generate a
polti vocabulary
with 100s or 1000s
of distinct story skeletons

(happy, healthy, good) for white
(unhappy, unhealthy, evil) for black

(pullman's satanic yhwh
was also sickly and sad)

but the trick here is to recognise
that (red yellow blue) don't represent
the 3 virtues
but rather the 3 vices
each polluting virtuous white
to a minimally diluted primary

say blue = sad
yellow = sickly
red = evil

and orangegreenpurple
are then doubly dilute

orange = evil and sickly but happy
(think montgomery burns)

green = sickly and sad but good
(a tragic dickens martyr-heroine)

purple = evil and sad but healthy
((could even jill st john make him smile?))

now we can paint the worldtree

yellow plagues lopping branches

blue moods
driving emos and scandinavians
to suicide

red wickedness usurping
political and economic power

children born innocent/white
yellowing occasionally with measlesmumpschickenpox

evil parents necessarily
breeding unhappy children

increasingly unhappy blue during adolescence

all experimenting with a little red evil
drinks drugs sex cruelty
happiness destroyed
(blue green purple black palette)
or health destroyed
(yellow orange green black palette)

some committing to evil
(red orange purple black palette)

maybe just until a brush with
black misery and death
reawakens their conscience

take any single human branch
and straighten it into a baton

the baton's sequence of crayola colors
is one possible view
of that person's life 'movie'

happy or sad
short or long
rich or dull
selfish or selfless

(is there much correlation here
to favorite music genres?
blue-emo red-metal white-gospel?)

happy palette: white yellow orange red

healthy palette: white red purple blue

good palette: white yellow green blue