22 November 2006

Polti vocabularies on the Tree of Life

while every person's
compressed image
of the Tree of Life
is unique

their representation schemes
draw on a common pool

rooted in
the preprogrammed neural vocabulary
of human motivation
and action

which we might term
the polti vocabulary

after polti's 36 dramatic situations

being a vocabulary of elements
that can be arranged
to compose dramas

and while the maximum size
of a polti vocabulary
is still uncounted

we can at least
rank the indivdual elements
by how familiar they are
across all compression schemes

and we can assign colors to each
in order of familiarity
with red-yellow-blue primaries first
and subtler mixes following

so a dullard's Tree of Life
might be limited to colored stars
of the dozen most-primary hues

while a proust tolstoy joyce shakespeare's
has a million different shades

movies books newscasts
teevee-series networks
teachers schools
can be ranked by
their depth of shading

shallow polti vocabularies
may be
pollyanna shallow
or beavis and butthead shallow
or gw bush shallow
or isaac asimov shallow
or donald trump shallow
or paris hilton shallow

(all subtle vocabularies
are alike
but every shallow vocabulary
is shallow in its own way?)