13 September 2007

Del.icio.us suggestions

  1. ability to search for all pages from a given site
  2. button to reset bookmark-date to 'now'
  3. don't encourage lazy use of page-titles as default linktext (they're more noise than signal)
  4. 'hint' others' titles/comments the way tags are hinted now
  5. don't force the link to come first-- it's less readable [eg]
  6. encourage citation of host-sites, source/referers, and potential problems like popups or pdfs or slow/phat pages
  7. make it easier to find similar deliciousbloggers [post]
  8. memetracker timeline [post]
  9. star-ratings for each bookmark (or even for each tag on each bookmark) so tagportal-type pages can be sorted best-to-worst
  10. add a 'via' field so linksources can be discovered