20 September 2007

Paint your baton

compress your lifeline
to a pencilthin baton
one meter long

mentally mark off
years months weeks days
(if age>39, year<1")

paint it white for innocence

visualise the relative positions
of life milestones
starting school
reaching puberty
1st beer 1st joint 1st sex
significant others
kids of yr own
job changes, moving days

periods of bad health
paint yellow
(usually just a vthin stripe
visible only under magnification)

rhythms of sickness and health
regular or irregular
fast or slow

changes in health correlated with milestones
provoked by them
or provoking them

periods of sadness
color blue (if there was healthy white)
or green (if ill yellow)

bad days dispelled
by a good night's sleep

months or years of bleak misery

note where bad health caused unhappiness
(yellow followed by blue or green)
and vice versa
(blue followed by green or yellow)
and how these fit with your milestones

now add red
for experiments with vice
(by yr own definition of vice
or by your community's definition)

sexual experiments
drink drugs violence cynicism
acting nice or being mean

red on yellow = orange
red on blue = purple
red on green = black

see where karma
punished your reds
with ill health
or other milestone-punishments

see how red streaks ended
rehab detox awakening
finding a jesus

these colorings are your movie

now mondrianize this batonmovie
into vertical segments linked by
horizontal 'removals'

with vacations and businesstrips
reduced to simple horizontals

(3D mondrians encouraged
traced out over the flattened worldmap)