13 November 2006

04-13 November 2006 links

and the crystals tinkle on a chandelier (Poems.com-vshort)
they swashed against her tongue, escapees / from the den of lip & gum (Poems.com)
the years that she was raising me / on Pop Rocks and Tang (Poems.com)
Happy pig (nDee-pic)
you merge onto a highway / where water spills (vDaily-short)
That racket’s a baby woodpecker, plump and soft as a gland (vDaily)
when Judge Russell played / his flute at night, his horses came and stood (vDaily)
Borat exploits gypsies too (iSteve)
Zionists still benefit from Dems' win (Xym)
Grand truths about human behavior (eT-thread)
Simple comparison of Java/PHP/Rails (tBray w/graph)
1998 perspective on Taliban threat (Sam-quote)
Neocons charged with warcrimes in Germany (Time via Sam)
New NYRB incl Sofia Coppola (toc)
Artsy new NYer toon (elixir of life) (cBank) [friv]
Robot jokes (McSwnys via Fim)
'karaoke democracy' = mouthing canned talkingpoints (dTongue)
Nice 1933 quote on USA's corporate foreign policy (iSteve w/link)
Speculation on mideast policy-shift (mWeiss)
'Korotkoff sound' = blood-made noise (dTongue)
K.Marx adapted to stage (UkG via dy)
America's Cowboys Suffering From Restless Heart Syndrome (new Onion)
Vark art (eAard w/pic)
'headache bar' = (if you hit this you're too tall) (dTongue)
Neocons casting lot with Democrats now? (Xym)
Borat as anti-Muslim bigot (Xym-short)
Top 20 Halliburton-et-al Iraq-outrages (Gov-list via rCellar)
Robot librarians throw DeweyDecimal to winds (rGossip w/pic)
Solar robot spots, pulls weeds (rGossip w/pic)
Talented $60 robot-dog (rGossip w/pix)
Cute comparson of fluids-that-cost-more-than-oil (Gz-graph via iGreed)
Riverbend on Saddam sentence (bBurn via eAard)
Backgrounder on fave jukepick Kid Koala (Can via dTngue)
'crate-digging' = v.eclectic sequenced sounds (dTongue)
'reset' = quick synopsis after break (dTongue)
'subzero' = anorectic who wears less-than-size-zero (dTongue)
Neocon rats cover asses (Barista-quotes)
Contra pie-charts (ET-thread)
Joni update (rStone via Waxy)