15 November 2006

Work and play on the Tree of Life

on the Tree of Life
color red
every human branch
where it's sleeping

to post-dawn
in residential neighborhoods
in one's own bed

but some
sleeping in the day
in strange beds

(color orange insomnia
orange-red drugged sleep)

color yellow
any human branch
where it's working

normally post-dawn
to pre-dusk
in nonresidential neighborhoods

but some on night shifts
some whose work takes place
in residential neighborhoods

(color green when they're sick
color blue when they're in school)

color shades of purple
the various desires
for drink or drugs
(or sex or other escapes)

often beginning on awakening
continuing thru the workday
peaking after work

(note which employers
which neighborhoods
promote the worst stress)

place colored stars
on drink-or-drug-taking
events (or sex or other escapes)

rarely during workdays
(except caffeine)

commonly at
clubs and bars and parties
after dark

some partying alone

some individuals indulging
thruout whole days

junkies enslaved
to purple desires

binges sometimes ending
in death

color white
episodes of creativity
catharsis (eg dancing)
deep communication

that quell desire
without escapism

(unknown to many

characteristic of few

more likely when

work to multiply, wherever, whenever
such episodes of white

analyse (and fight)
social factors
that reduce them