27 November 2006

Quality time on the Tree of Life

zoom to
height = one day
width = one home

spouses arise together
from one bed

separately visit the bathroom

maybe wake the kids
maybe woken by them

maybe breakfast together
weavingdancing around
a small shared dining space

parts of the day
spent separately
parts together
(fave teevee shows
rent a movie)

work and play
inside and out
at home or away

converging for lunch and dinner

kids to bed
in order of age

parent make love

happy families all alike
sharing quality time

unhappy families fragmented
each in their own way

we might look (if we could)
into each family member's thoughts
for which ideapatterns are shared
and with whom
which are kept private

happy families more open
than unhappy

maria montessori praised
a form of private quality time
where a child becomeds deeply absorbed
in some activity

and healed
made wise
by that absorption