29 November 2006

Blessing and cursing as modalities on the Tree of Life

for some variables

a standard 2D spreadsheet
doesn't suffice

especially when the variable describes
a relationship
between any two branches

necessitating a 3rd dimension:

for each branch,
for every other branch
light a star

or even a 4th

for each branch at every point in time
and for every other branch
at every point in time...

we may term these
problematic relationships

in that they posit
a sort of wormhole at every point
peeking into a parallel world
with trees and variable-values of their own


every human branch
at every point in time
carries a compressed image of the Tree of Life
past and also future

where every person and thing in that image
is cursed or blessed
by the owner of that image
to some greater or lesser degree

say, orange for cursing
green for blessing
yellow for mixed

including especially
their judgments of their own past
cursing their errors
blessing their virtuous acts

and as they think about this image
particular orange or green elements
will be foregrounded

thus establishing a dominant color
for their whole image
at that moment

(color the whole Tree
with these dominant colors
at every moment)