29 November 2006

24-30 November 2006 links

NyT speaks up on illegal settlements (mWeiss w/link)
Lovelock: gWarming may kill 5B by 2100 (UkG via Sam)
'hair spoil' = bad haircut from barber (dTongue)
Printing presses, vernaculars, and nationalism (iSteve w/link)
Wax-Museum Fire Results In Hundreds Of New Danny DeVito Statues (new Onion)
'red-celling' = gaming cyberattack on self (dTongue)
NYT's 100 best books of year (1pg via dy)
It used to sparkle / with ice or mica (vDaily)
I am about to tell a lie whether you believe it or not (vDaily)
Another favorable Pynchon review (NyMag via wStair)
'corpse graffiti' = 2ndLife prank (blog via wE)
Spooky-looking space globule (Nasa via wE)
"Because lots of people went naked in history" (oDinny-vshort)
XML's messy schemas fixed via Relax (tBray w/link)
Water is the new oil (iGreed)
'chimping' = peeking immediately at digicam snap (dTongue) [more]
Iraq fubarred-er than ever (aAard-short w/links)
70 female teachers accused of sex w/male students (list w/pix via Fim)
Nutrition notes (oDinny)
New paradigm for genetic variation (Toronto via Sam)
Favorable NYT review of Pynchon (NyT via Steve)
MS Zune gets panned (Chgo via eAard) [crit]
'fogging' = bully-handling trick for kids (dTongue w/link)
Microsoft's development process is fubar (blog w/links via jm)
J.Surowiecki on the Wii (NYer)
Annotated "Stephen Hero" (GgG-multipage)
New K.Amis biography (UkTel via wStair)
Essene latrines spread disease (Seattle via wE)
Highlights of Jeffrey Blankfort interview on Israel-etc (Xym-loong w/link)
NYT pans PS3 (NYT via /.)
MIT adopts Scheme language (thread via mshook)
New NYRB incl Jeffery Sachs (toc)