21 November 2006

14-22 November 2006 links

Pynchon extract (UkG via tHow)
'that bendy thing' = yoga (oDoffice)
Keys vs darts (new NYer toon)
World Leaders in Dresses (pix via eAard)
'BLR' = beyond local repair (dTongue)
'bunhead' = classical ballet (vs modern) dancer (dTongue)
'pre-tox' = detoxing in advance (dTongue)
'get oil-spotted' = get left behind while traveling (dTongue)
Brazil as esoteric anomaly (RigInt)
More Cheech&Chong live (oDinny-vshort)
Settlers chant: "We killed Jesus, we'll kill you too!" (Xym w/link)
New Sy Hersh on Israel vs Iran (NYer-long)
Critique/review of Iraq body count(s) (long via dy)
Another longish Pynchon review (NYer-Menand)
Cheech&Chong live (oDinny-vfriv)
A modern muse (Sinfest-toon)
Contrarian peak-oil-theories graph (iGreed)
Too much wealth chasing too few means-of-production (sfBiz-short via iGreed)
New Michael Moore commentary (LaTms-short via rCellar)
Sam spits on Milton Freidman's grave (ProRev-short)
Sony loses $300 on every PS3 (iGreed w/link)
From the bellydancing treehouse (oDinny-vvshort)
Free JaneSiberry headshaving for Vancouverites (MySpace)
1st review of new Pynchon (NySun via Fim)
What Vietnamese people wonder about USA (Harpers)
Mustard icecream w/cabbage gazpacho (tHow-recipe)
Conrad Black getting his (Xym-short w/link)
"dude, where's my [not car or country]?" (ClicheWatch)
Surprising graph of online ad revenue (iGreed)
Yin Making Inroads On Yang (newish Onion)
Iraqis need ponies (aAard-short)
Airline oneliners (oDinny)
"the [not spy] who came in from the cold" (ClicheWatch)
Jane 'Issa' Siberry blogging again (MySpace w/rss)
Eyelash mites and radio goggles (RigInt)
Four miscellaneous new polls (MrPoll-longish) [view]
Miracle opiate found in human saliva (NewSci via dTng)