08 November 2006

Ego and injustice on the Tree of Life

let's say
ego is injustice

and ego-types
are characterised by
characteristic injustices

which might be assigned
characteristic colors
on the Tree of Life

and adolescence
transforms the childish ego
(oriented towards parents,
siblings and playmates)
into an adult ego
with more-or-less adult

childbranchcolor breaking up
adultbranchcolor breaking thru

and the emotional extremes
of adolescence
are due in part
(or mainly)
to western society's incompetence
in modeling justice

so that every teen has to improvise
their own justice
their own anger
in their own ego

i praised the movie 'clueless'
for breaking new ground
in modeling compassionate solutions
to stereotypic teen angsts

and i await a teen tolstoy
writing the great teen novel
(presumably as an adult)
unknotting western teen angst

its egos and injustices

for good