20 December 2007

Wikilink biography

[i think hresume would work better with links to wikipedia articles on the schools and businesses, where available. this is a design experiment to see how much biographical content can be boiled down to annotations on wikipedia links.]

the format is: [link] [relationship] [dates] [keywords]

1953 birthyear

Springfield, Ohio birthplace 1953 mercyhospital

Yellow Springs, Ohio hometown 1953-1966

[Vernay Laboratories] job 1958?-1966 father

Antioch College job 1955?-1964? mother

Antioch College school 1958?-1962 labschool

folk dancing activity 1959?-1970? family

Cincinnati Reds fan 1960?-1965

Frank Robinson fan 1960?-present

Ken (Barbie) 1961 toy

Fred Gwynne creditedwith 1962? play

Midsummer Night's Dream 1962? actor

[Mills Lawn Elementary School] school 1962-1964?

Swingle Singers concert 1963?

ice skating sport 1963-1966

Malvina Reynolds met 1964?

[John Bryan Junior High] school 1964?-1966

Heathkits hobby 1964?-1968?

Minivac 601 computer 1964?