20 September 2007

Paint your baton

compress your lifeline
to a pencilthin baton
one meter long

mentally mark off
years months weeks days
(if age>39, year<1")

paint it white for innocence

visualise the relative positions
of life milestones
starting school
reaching puberty
1st beer 1st joint 1st sex
significant others
kids of yr own
job changes, moving days

periods of bad health
paint yellow
(usually just a vthin stripe
visible only under magnification)

rhythms of sickness and health
regular or irregular
fast or slow

changes in health correlated with milestones
provoked by them
or provoking them

periods of sadness
color blue (if there was healthy white)
or green (if ill yellow)

bad days dispelled
by a good night's sleep

months or years of bleak misery

note where bad health caused unhappiness
(yellow followed by blue or green)
and vice versa
(blue followed by green or yellow)
and how these fit with your milestones

now add red
for experiments with vice
(by yr own definition of vice
or by your community's definition)

sexual experiments
drink drugs violence cynicism
acting nice or being mean

red on yellow = orange
red on blue = purple
red on green = black

see where karma
punished your reds
with ill health
or other milestone-punishments

see how red streaks ended
rehab detox awakening
finding a jesus

these colorings are your movie

now mondrianize this batonmovie
into vertical segments linked by
horizontal 'removals'

with vacations and businesstrips
reduced to simple horizontals

(3D mondrians encouraged
traced out over the flattened worldmap)


18 September 2007

The crayolacube and the Worldtree

trisect a cube
into 8 cubelets
(8/27ths of a rubik)

balance it on any point

color the top cubelet white
and the bottom cubelet black

the upper three-layer
red yellow blue

the lower three-layer
orange green purple

call this a crayolacube

in antimath i explored
dozens of literary permutations
of (-, 0, +)

but using the crayolacube
we can raise that to the 3rd power

white = +++
black = ---
redyellowblue = ++-
orangegreenpurple = +--

and if we can discover
an optimal assignment
of these 3 dimensions
we should generate a
polti vocabulary
with 100s or 1000s
of distinct story skeletons

(happy, healthy, good) for white
(unhappy, unhealthy, evil) for black

(pullman's satanic yhwh
was also sickly and sad)

but the trick here is to recognise
that (red yellow blue) don't represent
the 3 virtues
but rather the 3 vices
each polluting virtuous white
to a minimally diluted primary

say blue = sad
yellow = sickly
red = evil

and orangegreenpurple
are then doubly dilute

orange = evil and sickly but happy
(think montgomery burns)

green = sickly and sad but good
(a tragic dickens martyr-heroine)

purple = evil and sad but healthy
((could even jill st john make him smile?))

now we can paint the worldtree

yellow plagues lopping branches

blue moods
driving emos and scandinavians
to suicide

red wickedness usurping
political and economic power

children born innocent/white
yellowing occasionally with measlesmumpschickenpox

evil parents necessarily
breeding unhappy children

increasingly unhappy blue during adolescence

all experimenting with a little red evil
drinks drugs sex cruelty
happiness destroyed
(blue green purple black palette)
or health destroyed
(yellow orange green black palette)

some committing to evil
(red orange purple black palette)

maybe just until a brush with
black misery and death
reawakens their conscience

take any single human branch
and straighten it into a baton

the baton's sequence of crayola colors
is one possible view
of that person's life 'movie'

happy or sad
short or long
rich or dull
selfish or selfless

(is there much correlation here
to favorite music genres?
blue-emo red-metal white-gospel?)

happy palette: white yellow orange red

healthy palette: white red purple blue

good palette: white yellow green blue


16 September 2007

September 2007 links pt2

Decent punk cabaret from Reverend and the Makers (yTube-3min)
Witty reggaefied Madonna from Tiger Hifi (yTube-3min)
Long profile of sColbert (vFair via lf)
jScahill update on Blackwater mess (Nation-longish)

'Winsor McCay' at YouTube (37hits via nthssm)
Import (eg) vanGogh's colors into yr pix w/Photoshop (1pg via proJo)
Joni: "The God of the Old Testament is the depiction of evil" (NyMag-intvu)
What is 2ndLife-crashing a symbol of? (nwNotes-short)
HuffPo has 1800 bloggers (E&P-tsia)
Odd bug in Excel (arcane via Anrchia)
You need to watch that Sia video again (RWx-yTubes-faves)

'miskin' = frugal trick to reverse cell charges (Reuters-Cnet)
Arabic teevee hit: AmericanIdol for poetry (EI-longish)
Wordless graphic scifi novel 'The Arrival' (NyMag-1pg-excerpt)
Ellsberg sees Iran war as excuse for full-court fascism (Cnsrtium)
19mile space-tether payload-drop fails (latest) [yTube-3min]
Vflat 2Mb USBflash mp3 player for $42 (Engdgt)
French Vogue uses satanic imagery (1pg-pix via tOccult)
Democracy 2.0 site (NPR-Flash via mbox)
Meanlookin' cat (flickr-fo2me)
Schrodinger's microscopy stain (PhysOrg-arcane)
Strawberry runners carry warnings, viruses (PhysOrg-short)
'Go' may yield to brute force (IEEE-short)
Final batch of realistic 2ndLife avatars (1pg-phat)
Vminimalist solar robot design (Make w/15sec yTube)
This year's genius-gleaning (McArthr via cMonk)
1st locked-womb mystery (dYeti-vvshort)
Vcute crossword-puzzle love story (AP-E&P)
Stanford putting NewDimensionsRadio archive online (someday) (AP-UkG)
'Israel bubble' = next irrational exuberance to pop? (blog via i38)
Detailed postmortem on FL student tasering (Wiki)
Volunteer sought to model Ulysses house w/2.0 app (Flash) [data]
Mexico is a vdangerous place (McCltchy via iSteve)
Watchdog group posts all the dirtiest excerpts (multipage-etext via Anrchia)
NyT madly spins Argentinian anti-IMF success (dBaker)
'The Internet Comeuppance of 2001' (iGreed-passim-vshort w/link)
7 amazing giant holes in the ground (1pg via eAard)
Buyables vs disposables (cBank-toon)

38 versions of Weill's September Song (FMU w/mp3s)
Rhodiola tea is antidepressant (SciNews-longish)
Fruit flies unharmed by nanotubes in food (Eureka-arcane)
Ulysses read aloud (4 mp3s so far)
Happy NatlPunctuationDay (site via edV)
Mukasey is Ashcroft-in-a-kippah (vVoice)
Quebec's MrsMiller sings Help, etc (FMU w/mp3s)
Newton almost discovered spectroscopy in 1666 (short via mlclypse)
66 'Simpsons' stills beside their Hollywood originals (1pg via mboed)
jGarofolo adds coupdegrace to mScheuer-vs-Maher (Flash-4min via dDuke)
dhLawrence poems at ProjectGutenberg (pGut-toc)
'Gaia' guru Lynn Margulis a 9-11 skeptic (short via Xym)
Awesome pro-Iran rant from Dilbert creator (blog via Xym) [followup]
the one or two words the living have for gratefulness, / which is a kind of forgetting (NYer-shortish)
10min reading from Kerouac manuscript (NYer-mp3)
Manhattan in 1609 (re-creation) (NYer-11of11pg)
Vpretty harmonies w/noir vid for Clare Bowditch (ant w/17Mb QT)
PopMechanics' prescriptions for future Katrinas (6of11pg)
nVonHoffman on Fed bailout (Nation-short)
Under-Arctic geology supports Russian oilgrab (NatGeo)
GrahamGreene's letters reveal reactionary tastes (UkG-bkrev)
Windows-only logic-puzzle platformer (4Mb download)
Fun French chanteuse Emily Loizeau (2mp3s)
52min soundtrack of lame FinnegansWake movie (FMU w/2mp3s) (yes i've seen it)
US support for Israel has cost $1.6T since 1973 (CSM w/popup via gpost)
mScheuer (on Maher) throws Israel from the train (yTube-7min)
Mashup yr message into Dylan's Don'tLookBack cuecards (Flash via proJo)
1st chapter of Lobby book (NyT-etext)
New NYRB (now has rss feed too) (toc)
Zogby finds 39% blame Lobby for Iraq invasion (graph)
Cheap refurbed GPS (Cnet-Buy)
Its belly was the color of clear water, / a green I could see through (vDaily)
3min simulated glider's-eye Mars tour (sRef w/QTs)
Triphoppy-spooky infrared vid from Emily Haines (40Mb-mp4-5min)
35 UK writers let their workrooms be photographed (UkG-36pg via l4Next)
Okay MrFish toon on Kerry and taser (Harpers)
Interesting dictionary gossip (dTongue)
Scahill on Blackwater (vid plus new Senate-transcript) (Nation w/yTube-4min)
Blackwater overkill reconstructed via witnesses (UkInd-CD)
fDyson (pro) debates WendellBerry (con) on biotech (NYRB-letters)
Colorlovers explore foodcoloring chemistry (blog via proJo)
Vsane ChalmersJohnson intvu on USA/Iraq (CA-local)
Cheap simple homemade lightsabers (1pg via Make)
Impressive blowing-things-up game-physics (Warmonger) (Flash-60sec)
gPalast debunks Anbar warlord... w/aJ's video help (Znet)
[aJ w/yTubes-20min]
Israelis banalifying evil (Haaretz via Znet)
Walmart stocks Bible (in)action figures (itT) [pix]
SallyField was echoing MollyBloom (HfPo-vshort via WaPo)
Superb SyHersh interview (jJourn)
Wikipedia has best coverage of Lobby book? (Wiki-loong)
Unreported collateral damage in nFinkelstein debacle (dVoice)
Joni's new version of BigYellowTaxi (UkTms-2pg w/wma)
'PBHs' = primordial black holes (NewSci)
Autobiographical crayolacubing (RWx)
4-storey 3/4-acre eco-farm concept (tHug w/pix via kasei)
mGondry introduces DaftPunk video, w/background (yTube-7min via ant) [much more]
'Grease' number re-enacted in Legos (yTube-4min via Cnet)
Witty nanosculpture gallery (1pg via FMU)
Speculating on unsexiest movie directors (NyMag-friv)
Media treats tasering as a joke (cPunch)
Sites for finding new music (links-list via trench)
3 cats in boxes (tsia via gmbo)
Which farmland more productive after gWarming (eZ w/maps)
ChakaKhan loves Joni (pMatters)
Five obscure blog-recommendations (wBench)
Saudis push US dollar off cliff (vVoice w/links)
Firehoses levitate auto chassis (Flash-60sec w/popup via sValues)
mRakowitz's not-heavyhanded political art (Nation-no-pix) [GgI]
Lawyer finds pro Lego-bulding more lucrative (Flash-2min via Ktku)
Sort-of-obvious list of programming challenges for gaming (popSci-10pg via jStiq)
Demo of build-yr-own MMO 'Metaplace' (BBC w/2min-Real/wmv)
Rose McG to wed rRodriguez (Sprf w/pix)
Celine&Julie at #66, WingsOfDesire at #41, DasBoot at #67 (list via Cinem)
those'd prolly be my top three
64 yTubes annotate 'Internet people' song (links via cMonk)
How the ADL is racist (MA-local)
Loonie hits 99.9c (Yhoo-graph-24hr)
Krugman's got a (free now) blog (NyT via lfHere)
JohnCage meets MarcelDuchamp? (flickr via slaniel)
$200 GPS thumbdrive (Engdgt)
Uncut view of tasered student's question (4min-Flash via Sam)
Disappointing fullish preview of hHancock Joni-tribute (55min-Flash-audio via ProJo)
Worst Beatles covers evar? (FMU w/mp3s)
'Halo' character learns ballet via motion-capture (Flash-3min-arcanish)
Goodlooking equine virtual pet for DS (Flash-60sec)
Wrinkle-free clothes-bundling trick (jpg via vBoat)
Earthquakes synched to Moon? (SciDaily-short)
Robot 'dog' scrambles like wounded bug (yTube-2min)
Pandora.com still losing money (Cnet-intvu)
Surgeons Remove Patient's Gall Bladder Through Vagina (SciDaily-tsia)
Loonie (Canadian dollar) breaks 98c barrier (Yhoo-24hr-graph)
Savvy thieves target GPSes (AP-PhysOrg)
Guatemalan vice-deity worshiped by NYC hipsters (NyMag)
5 short recent celeb quotes (NyMag-friv)
Nickelodeon pimping branded teevees, mp3 players (NyT-Cnet)
gWarming is also raising humidity (Eureka-short-arcane)
Hedgefund manager with ?2dozen data monitors (pic via iGreed)
LOLCthulhu (blog via mlclypse)
Silly wWiggins chat (WakingLife star) (flickr-chatpic)
jKerry looks on as cops taser student for asking wrong question (yTube-2min-don't-miss) [more-CD}
this is about the scariest thing i've ever seen
'Continuity errors' confirm priority of Mark's gospel (long-arcane via ntGate)
Joni on her new songs, w/2 tunes (etext w/QT-wma)
'Click here' works (stats-short via blukis)
Tor anonymizer under attack in Germany (short via blukis)
Ghost Of Christmas Future Taunts Children With Visions Of PlayStation 5 (Onion-tsia)
Greenspan-on-Iraq reality check (iSteve)
Nifty visual personality test (multipage via iSthtcs)
Boggly nonheraldic barcodes (iSthetics w/link)
The crayolacube and the Worldtree (RWx-don't-miss)
Eager-to-please Mika video ('Grace Kelly') (yTube-4min) [Wiki]
NickLowe live concert tonight on NPR (NPR)
'Clumped isotope' trick measures 400Myo temperatures (PhysOrg-arcane)
Sally Fields' Emmy war protest (uncensored) (Flash-2min)
Ben Stein curses phone interruption ?live on NPR (2min into 3min audio)
Experimental stats on digestion-time (table via gpost)
Iraq may ban Blackwater for civilian deaths (AP-CD)
New satellite freshens GoogleMaps/Earth by 7x (Reuters-stats)
Charming no-clues puzzle-games 'Hoshi Saga' (Jay-2pg w/popup-Flash)
AndyGriffith mashup with vlewd singer Peaches (yTube-4min via ant)
OJ's armed robbery on tape (30sec-Flash-audio w/subtitles)
My GgGroups posts ten years ago this week (GgG-37hits-arcane)
rFisk on rape of Iraq's archeological sites (UkInd-cc.org)
gChaucer defends Britney (arcanish-friv)
$30 toy radar gun fun-to-hack (1pg-arcanish via Make)
Unreported bombing-escalation in Asian wars (Znet-stats)
rmScaife money-gossip (E&P-arcane)
60s-era paranoid delusions are wBu-era verities (cPunch-short)
Lobby protests RoaldDahl Google-logo (Blgscpd w/links)
Lesser-known proofreaders' marks (jpeg-friv via eAard)
Photographers' Leica-fetish (NYer-longish)
oSacks on music and amnesia (NYer-long)
nFranklin pans kBurns' new War (NYer-longish)
28 fashion-related NYer covers (1pg w/links)
BlueManGroup start nurseryschool (NYer-short)
to all they are forced / To shelter and to hide, they have resigned themselves (NYer-short)
Ten years ago on Usenet (GgG-980hits-arcane)
Pot prices around the world (Ecnmst-graph via angus)
10 cyclists @ 260W each to power supercomputer (Engdgt-vshort)
New pix of Saturn's moons (Sat2day)

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Tagportal: suggestions

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15 September 2007

Blogger.com suggestions

  1. Messing with carefully crafted ascii-art wrapped in PRE tags is lame-as-microsoft. Keep yr mitts off!

  2. after you click 'publish post' you get a page with TWO 'view blog' links, neither of which shows just the one post-- this makes it hard to link it from delicious, and it's problematic if you keep extra (postdated) 'floater' posts always at the top

  3. Authors have a lovely list-view, filterable by tags. Let visitors see something comparable, too. (And let them choose most-recent-first or -last.)

  4. Offer a tag-cloud page. Let authors customise the 'tagportal' page that each tag in the cloud links to, writing a guided overview instead of just listing the tagged posts.

  5. Add a button next to 'Post time and date' that resets it to current date/time.

  6. As the author adds tags, pop up a list of other articles with each tag, and let the author check off which ones are most closely related, to be linked in a 'related articles' list at the bottom of the post.

  7. Let some posts be designated 'floaters' so they stay on top on the homepage (not in the feed, though).

  8. Let each blog automatically spawn a GoogleGroup, and each post to the blog spawn a (potential) thread on GgGroups where comments can be posted.

  9. Offer an automatic link-maintenance service where links within posts are monitored for linkrot, and substitutes offered (via Wayback, if nothing else, or save a cluster of search-keywords that will find similar pages).

  10. Start compiling a library of standard post-types (cf microformats?) like reviews, memoirs, lists of favorites, etc. Automatically maintain an index-page for these. (In general, support more structure in the archives.)

  11. Integrate a del.icio.us-alike database of bookmarks. [more]

  12. Merge full GooglePageCreator functionality.

  13. Maintain version-histories for each page, and traffic stats.

  14. Let some content be designated for-friends-only.

  15. Let some pages be opened as wikis, for-friends-only or for-all.

14 September 2007

Google Web suggestions

  1. the ten-item default is insulting
  2. calculate the quantity of content on each page and allow sort-by-quantity (or include that in the basic ranking)
  3. recognise a wide range of META headers, and implement search-keywords for them (esp. doctype, persons, places, things, yahoo-category)
  4. Wikipedia article-titles could be used to standardise person/place/thing-names
  5. 'DATE' meta-headers could be used to sort search-results by date
  6. when people use the asterisk-wildcard to search for 'snowclones', do a count of each variant and display the results most-common-first
  7. index comments separately, eg with search-keyword (reducing false hits, spam)
  8. start compiling a separate 'page' of metadata for each webpage [post]

13 September 2007

Del.icio.us suggestions

  1. ability to search for all pages from a given site
  2. button to reset bookmark-date to 'now'
  3. don't encourage lazy use of page-titles as default linktext (they're more noise than signal)
  4. 'hint' others' titles/comments the way tags are hinted now
  5. don't force the link to come first-- it's less readable [eg]
  6. encourage citation of host-sites, source/referers, and potential problems like popups or pdfs or slow/phat pages
  7. make it easier to find similar deliciousbloggers [post]
  8. memetracker timeline [post]
  9. star-ratings for each bookmark (or even for each tag on each bookmark) so tagportal-type pages can be sorted best-to-worst
  10. add a 'via' field so linksources can be discovered

Consumer electronics suggestions

  1. since the chinese can deliver a solar-powered calculator with battery backup for a dollar, can't rechargeable batteries have a little solar panel that recharges them when they're left on a windowsill?
  2. since generic pdas with alphanumeric keyboards are around for under $10, can't we have a hackable model that lets you load your own apps?
  3. these should support thumb drives for data transfer
  4. one-line, ~40-character displays should be acceptable for reading etext if you can finetune the speed at which it flashes short lines or single words at you (there must be a Flash demo of this trick around somewhere? Michael Stutz?)
  5. a handheld device for (casual) Flash games [post]
  6. independent rss-feeds for every device you own [post]
  7. devices with small screens and acceleration-detectors could emulate a large screen seen thru a magnifying glass [post]

12 September 2007

"The Jungle Line" lyrics by Joni Mitchell


rousseau walks
on trumpetpaths

safaris to the heart of
all that jazz

thru i-bars & girders
thru wires & pipes
the mathematic circuits of the modern nights

thru huts
thru harlem
thru jails & gospel pews
thru the class on park
and the trash on vine

thru europe
and the deepdeep heart of dixieblue
thru savage progress cuts
the jungle line

in a lowcut blouse she brings the beer
rousseau paints a jungleflower
behind her ear

those cannibals of
theyll eat a workinggirl like her

with his hardedgedeye
& his steady hand
he paints the cellarfull of ferns
and orchid vines

& he hangs a moon above a
he hangs it up above
the jungle line

the jungle line the
jungle line
screaming in a ritual of sound and time

floating drifting on the airconditioned wind
&drooling for a taste of something
smuggled in

pretty women funneled thru valves

& charging elephants
& chanting slavingboats
charging chanting down the
jungle line

theres a poppy wreath on a soldiers tomb
theres a poppy snake in a dressing room
poppy tourniquet

it slithers away on brass
like mouthpiece spit

& metal skin & ivory
go steaming up
to rousseau's vines

they go
steaming up to brooklyn bridge
steamingsteaming up
the jungle line


PTC dirty words

The Parents Television Council list of dirty words (from Variety pdf):

Please EDIT AND FLAG the following words:

• Arse • Hand Job
• Asshole (remove “hole” only) • Hard on
• Balls • Hole
• Beating your/my meat • Jack off Jag (as verb, in sexual context)
• Beaver • Jag off (as verb, in sexual context)
• Blow, Blowed, Blowjob • Jerk off (as verb, in sexual context)
• Bullshit (remove “shit” only) • Joint
• Bung hole • Nads
• Bush • Nigger (case by case)
• Butthole (remove “hole” only) • Nuts
• Came (in sexual context) • [Pecker]
• Cock, Cocksucker • Poke
• Come (in sexual context) • Prick
• Cream, Creaming • Pussy
• Cum • Quiff
• Cunt • Quim
• Dick • Rimming
• Doggie style • Shaft
• “Dry” in Dry hump • Shit (and all variations of shit)
• Eat her out • “69”
• Eat me • Snatch
• Fag, Faggot(case by case) • Stiff, Stiff one
• Fingered • Suck him off
• Fisting • [Tits]
• Fuck (and all variations of fuck) • Trim
• Give head • [Twat]
• Gysum (Jism, Jysum) • Wack off (as verb in sexual context)
• Goddamn

Please FLAG AND REVIEW the following words/phrases with the Programming Department:

• Can’t get it up/Get it up • Kike
• Chink • Lesbo
• Dildo • Lessie
• Dyke • Shafting
• Fag • Spread your legs
• Faggot • Towelhead
• Gook • Vibrator
• Guinea • Wap
• Homo

The following words will be accepted in clinical/technical/medical/legal context with regards to anatomy/sexual act. If used in a lewd or juvenile description of a sexual act or anatomy, the following words need to be reviewed with the Programming Department.

• Anus • Orgasm
• Clitoris • Penis
• Cunnilingus • Pubic hair
• Fellatio • Testicles
• Masturbate • Vagina
• Nipples

We ALLOW the following words/phrases, but ask that they be FLAGGED:

• Ass • Jesus Christ
• Bang • Knocked up
• Bastard • Laid, Lay
• Bollocks • Member
• Boner • Nail
• Boobs • Nympho
• Breasts • Piss
• Bugger • Piss off
• Bump uglies • Playing with yourself, him/herself
• [Butt] • Queer
• Christ • Rubber
• Condom • Screw (in sexual context)
• Crap • Screw you, I’m screwed, etc.
• Crotch • Scumbag
• Douchebag • Shagging
• Fairy • Short ones
• Feel her up • Slut
• Freaking • Son of a bitch
• Frigging • Sucks (in non-sexual context)
• Gonads • Tail
• Hell • Up his butt
• Jackass • Up yours
• Jack off (as noun) • Wack off (as noun)
• Jag off (as noun) • Wanker
• Jerk off (as noun) • Whore
• Jesus

11 September 2007

One NNTP-Server Per Child

the olpc project was launched
with bluesky promises of
price/performance breakthrus
for the generator
the wireless
and the screen

promises that were inevitably
quietly downsized
until now they appear to have
production models
but still no public stats at all
on price/performance

and hints that the wireless
and the generator
only work with an expensive
infrastructure assist

which we should have expected all along
because price/performance in the cellphone industry
with its billion dollar r&d
is nowhere close to nNeg's magic beans

but there's a much more modest
downsized model that ought to be do-able
using the pre-www
netnews paradigm

village servers with satellite internet
and stationary-bike battery chargers

children (and adults) with $5 pdas
with alphanumeric keyboards
with one- or two-line displays
and flash memory modules
that can easily hold a weeksworth download
of text-only reading
browsable at leisure on the pda
where offline followups
public and private
can be composed

along with a list of promising
blog-links to be downloaded next time


Google PageCreator suggestions

  1. merge with blogger.com
  2. expose some version of the dashboard-view to visitors, with sort-by-date, etc
  3. if author deletes a page, request a redirect url (redirect automatically if they change the name)
  4. Google should check for broken links and (at least) substitute Wayback versions, and/or prompt authors to fix them [post]
  5. Google should encourage authors to include links to related pages of their own at the bottom of each page-- if each page has tags, these could guide the what's-related process
  6. support for 'overview pages'-- sitewide, topicwide, webwide

10 September 2007

Tagging suggestions

  1. given the choice between 'poem' and 'poems' or 'pic' and 'pix', the plural is usually the right choice because when you retrieve everything with that tag, you presumably want/get a plural number
  2. clicking on a tag should get you an author-customised tagportal (that places the important ones first, and includes text intros), not just a mechanical list of the items so tagged
  3. Can we figure out standard 'parts-of-tagspeech' that add something like a suffix to distinguish (eg) a post ABOUT mp3s from an actual mp3?
  4. genre-tags like 'reference' are useful and should be standardised/conventionalised if possible
  5. in general, uniform tagging styles should be debated and promoted

Google Groups suggestions

  1. IMPLEMENT 'trn' (THREADED READNEWS) IN AJAX-- make it faster than the original, with fancier killfiles
  2. fix the bug that always #-jumps to the wrong post in a thread
  3. treat tags everywhere on the web as virtual newsgroups (so if i tag anything 'drewbarrymore' it shows up in a virtual drewbarrymore newsgroup)
  4. offer an oldest-first sort-order, for 'archeological' research
  5. encourage visitors to rate posts, to blog them, and allow them to view posts in highest-rated-first order

09 September 2007

Google News suggestions

  1. offer a catalog of all indexed periodicals with an easy link to the rss-feeds
  2. support all sorts of filtering of GgNews feeds, like excluding specific sources
  3. newspapers sort articles by department-- GgN search should understand this (eg filter out 'sports')
  4. GgNewsArchive search should let individuals and libraries narrow search to just the magazines/issues they own

08 September 2007

Community suggestions

  1. revalue US currency so $10 old = $1 new [post]
  2. save-the-world social software? [post]
  3. standalone emergency communication system that can be deployed instantly in a disaster [post]
  4. NetScouts merit badges to encourage mastery of Web/Net skills

HTML suggestions

  1. in addition to #-links, browsers should support %-links that jump down X% to end of page, and #?-links that jump to a matching searchpattern
  2. every html style should have a standard ascii equivalent (like _italics_ and *bold*)
  3. a newpage tag should delay scrolling

Wikipedia suggestions

  1. composite 'mad-lib' microformats [post]
  2. 'pluripedia' should support multiple versions of controversial articles [post]
  3. subjects of biographical articles should be encouraged to post their version ('template': eg)

07 September 2007

"Edith & the Kingpin" lyrics by Joni Mitchell


the big man arrives
disco dancers greet him

plainclothes cops greet him

smalltown bigman
fresh lipstick glistening

sophomore jive
from victims of typewriters
the band sounds like

the big man
he's not listening

his eyes hold edith
his left hand holds
his right

what does that hand
that he grips it

so tight?

edith in the ring

the passedover girls
are conferring

the man with the diamond
ring is
all claws for now withdrawn

one by one they
bring his renegade stories
to her
his crimes and his glories to her

in challenge they
look on

he has taken
old too soon

he tilts their
tired faces gently
to the spoon

in his bed
a plane
in the rain is humming

the wires in the walls are
humming some song
some mysterious song

in her head
beating frantic
and snowblind

romantic and snowblind she
says his crime

and the kingpin each
charm to sway

are staring
eye to eye
they dare not look away

you know they dare not look away


"Cold Blue Steel & Sweet Fire" lyrics by Joni Mitchell

[the ?official formatting of these lyrics
doesn't do it for me]

coldbluesteel out of money
one eye for the

sweetfire calling you
can't deny me
now you know
what you need

underneath the jungle gym
hollowgrey fire-escape thief
looking for
shadow of lady release

come with me
i know the way she says
it's down
down the dark ladder

do you want to contact
somebody first?
leave someone a letter?

you can come now or
you can come later

a wristwatch a ring a downstairs screamer
edgy blackcracks
of the sky

this poorbaddreamer
coldshadows reply

crisscrossed and padlocked
corridors spit-on

sparks fly
up from sweetfire
of lady release

come with me i know the way
she says it's down down
down the dark ladder

do you want to contact somebody
first? does it really matter
if you come now
or if you
come on later?

redwater in the bathroom sink

bluesteel still
begging but it's indistinct
(someone's hifi drumming

concrete concentrationcamp bashing in
veins for peace
coldbluesteel and sweetfire fall
into lady

come with me i know
the way she says it's downdowndown
the dark

do you want to
contact somebody first? i mean
what does it really matter?

you're going to come now
or you're going to come later


iMeem suggestions

  1. ability to set a playlist as current-quickmix
  2. add new song to top of playlist (like blog-view)

Gmail suggestions

  1. allow spam-folder to be sorted by confidence-that-it's-spam
  2. doublecheck that the addressees are correct before sending off emails, especially ones known to be mailinglists

06 September 2007

Blogging 3.0

the information architecture
imposed by blogging-apps
(like blogger.com)

makes the way-too-pejorative assumption
that yesterday's posts
aren't worth revisiting
or revising

(except in those very rare cases
of newcomers rereading the full archives
from the start)

presenting every visitor
with just the latest full posts

(with, at most
an archive-by-date link
and maybe a tag cloud)

whereas a typical
content management system
rightly takes for granted
that every page will be
indexed from topicpages
and kept regularly up-to-date

even 'blogging' each revision
in an abbreviated changelog

while bookmark management systems
like del.icio.us
do their whole nother thing

mincing any authorial voice
into an unmodulated puree

i'd like to see these functions

every page-change, and
every new bookmark
explicitly weighed
for inclusion in the main, public

maybe rated by the author
so subscribers can filter
all but the (author-rated) best

major sitechanges
and wholly-new pages
possibly included entire

(or even
with additional optional
context-setting text
for authorial modulation)

uniformly mixing in a primary 'feed'
with site/change/logging

and automatically suggesting
that any 'important' new post
tagged with some given topic
should be linked from the appropriate

and maybe
queuing bookmarks, so tagged,
to be eventually integrated as well
into topic-overview pages

(with that pending-queue
even possibly visible to visitors
on the appropriate page)


Compsci suggestions

  1. os avatars [post]
  2. more 'self-conscious' computers [post]

RSS suggestions

  1. a generalised 'more-like-this' button [post]

Flickr.com suggestions

  1. blog-view w/rss for 'faves' (this is so obvious!?!?)

05 September 2007

Whattest shuttest

Renders faster as plain text:

bag box cloud group set class type collection container heap stack array file folder album gallery list log series sequence ranking history timeline index toc catalog inventory stream thread feed playlist blog journal diary calendar page magazine site book wiki archive versionhistory library oeuvre classification system pattern map tree graph net web fractal microcosm glossary vocabulary dictionary thesaurus portal survey overview faq anthology storycycle science world universe
info infobag infobox infocloud infogroup infoset infoclass infotype infocollection infocontainer infoheap infostack infoarray infofile infofolder infoalbum infogallery infolist infolog infoseries infosequence inforanking infohistory infotimeline infoindex infotoc infocatalog infoinventory infostream infothread infofeed infoplaylist infoblog infojournal infodiary infocalendar infopage infomagazine infosite infobook infowiki infoarchive infoversionhistory infolibrary infooeuvre infoclassification infosystem infopattern infomap infotree infograph infonet infoweb infofractal infomicrocosm infoglossary infovocabulary infodictionary infothesaurus infoportal infosurvey infooverview infofaq infoanthology infostorycycle infoscience infoworld infouniverse
bit bitbag bitbox bitcloud bitgroup bitset bitclass bittype bitcollection bitcontainer bitheap bitstack bitarray bitfile bitfolder bitalbum bitgallery bitlist bitlog bitseries bitsequence bitranking bithistory bittimeline bitindex bittoc bitcatalog bitinventory bitstream bitthread bitfeed bitplaylist bitblog bitjournal bitdiary bitcalendar bitpage bitmagazine bitsite bitbook bitwiki bitarchive bitversionhistory bitlibrary bitoeuvre bitclassification bitsystem bitpattern bitmap bittree bitgraph bitnet bitweb bitfractal bitmicrocosm bitglossary bitvocabulary bitdictionary bitthesaurus bitportal bitsurvey bitoverview bitfaq bitanthology bitstorycycle bitscience bitworld bituniverse
data databag databox datacloud datagroup dataset dataclass datatype datacollection datacontainer dataheap datastack dataarray datafile datafolder dataalbum datagallery datalist datalog dataseries datasequence dataranking datahistory datatimeline dataindex datatoc datacatalog datainventory datastream datathread datafeed dataplaylist datablog datajournal datadiary datacalendar datapage datamagazine datasite databook datawiki dataarchive dataversionhistory datalibrary dataoeuvre dataclassification datasystem datapattern datamap datatree datagraph datanet dataweb datafractal datamicrocosm dataglossary datavocabulary datadictionary datathesaurus dataportal datasurvey dataoverview datafaq dataanthology datastorycycle datascience dataworld datauniverse
item itembag itembox itemcloud itemgroup itemset itemclass itemtype itemcollection itemcontainer itemheap itemstack itemarray itemfile itemfolder itemalbum itemgallery itemlist itemlog itemseries itemsequence itemranking itemhistory itemtimeline itemindex itemtoc itemcatalog iteminventory itemstream itemthread itemfeed itemplaylist itemblog itemjournal itemdiary itemcalendar itempage itemmagazine itemsite itembook itemwiki itemarchive itemversionhistory itemlibrary itemoeuvre itemclassification itemsystem itempattern itemmap itemtree itemgraph itemnet itemweb itemfractal itemmicrocosm itemglossary itemvocabulary itemdictionary itemthesaurus itemportal itemsurvey itemoverview itemfaq itemanthology itemstorycycle itemscience itemworld itemuniverse
entry entrybag entrybox entrycloud entrygroup entryset entryclass entrytype entrycollection entrycontainer entryheap entrystack entryarray entryfile entryfolder entryalbum entrygallery entrylist entrylog entryseries entrysequence entryranking entryhistory entrytimeline entryindex entrytoc entrycatalog entryinventory entrystream entrythread entryfeed entryplaylist entryblog entryjournal entrydiary entrycalendar entrypage entrymagazine entrysite entrybook entrywiki entryarchive entryversionhistory entrylibrary entryoeuvre entryclassification entrysystem entrypattern entrymap entrytree entrygraph entrynet entryweb entryfractal entrymicrocosm entryglossary entryvocabulary entrydictionary entrythesaurus entryportal entrysurvey entryoverview entryfaq entryanthology entrystorycycle entryscience entryworld entryuniverse
element elementbag elementbox elementcloud elementgroup elementset elementclass elementtype elementcollection elementcontainer elementheap elementstack elementarray elementfile elementfolder elementalbum elementgallery elementlist elementlog elementseries elementsequence elementranking elementhistory elementtimeline elementindex elementtoc elementcatalog elementinventory elementstream elementthread elementfeed elementplaylist elementblog elementjournal elementdiary elementcalendar elementpage elementmagazine elementsite elementbook elementwiki elementarchive elementversionhistory elementlibrary elementoeuvre elementclassification elementsystem elementpattern elementmap elementtree elementgraph elementnet elementweb elementfractal elementmicrocosm elementglossary elementvocabulary elementdictionary elementthesaurus elementportal elementsurvey elementoverview elementfaq elementanthology elementstorycycle elementscience elementworld elementuniverse
value valuebag valuebox valuecloud valuegroup valueset valueclass valuetype valuecollection valuecontainer valueheap valuestack valuearray valuefile valuefolder valuealbum valuegallery valuelist valuelog valueseries valuesequence valueranking valuehistory valuetimeline valueindex valuetoc valuecatalog valueinventory valuestream valuethread valuefeed valueplaylist valueblog valuejournal valuediary valuecalendar valuepage valuemagazine valuesite valuebook valuewiki valuearchive valueversionhistory valuelibrary valueoeuvre valueclassification valuesystem valuepattern valuemap valuetree valuegraph valuenet valueweb valuefractal valuemicrocosm valueglossary valuevocabulary valuedictionary valuethesaurus valueportal valuesurvey valueoverview valuefaq valueanthology valuestorycycle valuescience valueworld valueuniverse
object objectbag objectbox objectcloud objectgroup objectset objectclass objecttype objectcollection objectcontainer objectheap objectstack objectarray objectfile objectfolder objectalbum objectgallery objectlist objectlog objectseries objectsequence objectranking objecthistory objecttimeline objectindex objecttoc objectcatalog objectinventory objectstream objectthread objectfeed objectplaylist objectblog objectjournal objectdiary objectcalendar objectpage objectmagazine objectsite objectbook objectwiki objectarchive objectversionhistory objectlibrary objectoeuvre objectclassification objectsystem objectpattern objectmap objecttree objectgraph objectnet objectweb objectfractal objectmicrocosm objectglossary objectvocabulary objectdictionary objectthesaurus objectportal objectsurvey objectoverview objectfaq objectanthology objectstorycycle objectscience objectworld objectuniverse
entity entitybag entitybox entitycloud entitygroup entityset entityclass entitytype entitycollection entitycontainer entityheap entitystack entityarray entityfile entityfolder entityalbum entitygallery entitylist entitylog entityseries entitysequence entityranking entityhistory entitytimeline entityindex entitytoc entitycatalog entityinventory entitystream entitythread entityfeed entityplaylist entityblog entityjournal entitydiary entitycalendar entitypage entitymagazine entitysite entitybook entitywiki entityarchive entityversionhistory entitylibrary entityoeuvre entityclassification entitysystem entitypattern entitymap entitytree entitygraph entitynet entityweb entityfractal entitymicrocosm entityglossary entityvocabulary entitydictionary entitythesaurus entityportal entitysurvey entityoverview entityfaq entityanthology entitystorycycle entityscience entityworld entityuniverse
filler fillerbag fillerbox fillercloud fillergroup fillerset fillerclass fillertype fillercollection fillercontainer fillerheap fillerstack fillerarray fillerfile fillerfolder filleralbum fillergallery fillerlist fillerlog fillerseries fillersequence fillerranking fillerhistory fillertimeline fillerindex fillertoc fillercatalog fillerinventory fillerstream fillerthread fillerfeed fillerplaylist fillerblog fillerjournal fillerdiary fillercalendar fillerpage fillermagazine fillersite fillerbook fillerwiki fillerarchive fillerversionhistory fillerlibrary filleroeuvre fillerclassification fillersystem fillerpattern fillermap fillertree fillergraph fillernet fillerweb fillerfractal fillermicrocosm fillerglossary fillervocabulary fillerdictionary fillerthesaurus fillerportal fillersurvey filleroverview fillerfaq filleranthology fillerstorycycle fillerscience fillerworld filleruniverse
symbol symbolbag symbolbox symbolcloud symbolgroup symbolset symbolclass symboltype symbolcollection symbolcontainer symbolheap symbolstack symbolarray symbolfile symbolfolder symbolalbum symbolgallery symbollist symbollog symbolseries symbolsequence symbolranking symbolhistory symboltimeline symbolindex symboltoc symbolcatalog symbolinventory symbolstream symbolthread symbolfeed symbolplaylist symbolblog symboljournal symboldiary symbolcalendar symbolpage symbolmagazine symbolsite symbolbook symbolwiki symbolarchive symbolversionhistory symbollibrary symboloeuvre symbolclassification symbolsystem symbolpattern symbolmap symboltree symbolgraph symbolnet symbolweb symbolfractal symbolmicrocosm symbolglossary symbolvocabulary symboldictionary symbolthesaurus symbolportal symbolsurvey symboloverview symbolfaq symbolanthology symbolstorycycle symbolscience symbolworld symboluniverse
quality qualitybag qualitybox qualitycloud qualitygroup qualityset qualityclass qualitytype qualitycollection qualitycontainer qualityheap qualitystack qualityarray qualityfile qualityfolder qualityalbum qualitygallery qualitylist qualitylog qualityseries qualitysequence qualityranking qualityhistory qualitytimeline qualityindex qualitytoc qualitycatalog qualityinventory qualitystream qualitythread qualityfeed qualityplaylist qualityblog qualityjournal qualitydiary qualitycalendar qualitypage qualitymagazine qualitysite qualitybook qualitywiki qualityarchive qualityversionhistory qualitylibrary qualityoeuvre qualityclassification qualitysystem qualitypattern qualitymap qualitytree qualitygraph qualitynet qualityweb qualityfractal qualitymicrocosm qualityglossary qualityvocabulary qualitydictionary qualitythesaurus qualityportal qualitysurvey qualityoverview qualityfaq qualityanthology qualitystorycycle qualityscience qualityworld qualityuniverse
variable variablebag variablebox variablecloud variablegroup variableset variableclass variabletype variablecollection variablecontainer variableheap variablestack variablearray variablefile variablefolder variablealbum variablegallery variablelist variablelog variableseries variablesequence variableranking variablehistory variabletimeline variableindex variabletoc variablecatalog variableinventory variablestream variablethread variablefeed variableplaylist variableblog variablejournal variablediary variablecalendar variablepage variablemagazine variablesite variablebook variablewiki variablearchive variableversionhistory variablelibrary variableoeuvre variableclassification variablesystem variablepattern variablemap variabletree variablegraph variablenet variableweb variablefractal variablemicrocosm variableglossary variablevocabulary variabledictionary variablethesaurus variableportal variablesurvey variableoverview variablefaq variableanthology variablestorycycle variablescience variableworld variableuniverse
dimension dimensionbag dimensionbox dimensioncloud dimensiongroup dimensionset dimensionclass dimensiontype dimensioncollection dimensioncontainer dimensionheap dimensionstack dimensionarray dimensionfile dimensionfolder dimensionalbum dimensiongallery dimensionlist dimensionlog dimensionseries dimensionsequence dimensionranking dimensionhistory dimensiontimeline dimensionindex dimensiontoc dimensioncatalog dimensioninventory dimensionstream dimensionthread dimensionfeed dimensionplaylist dimensionblog dimensionjournal dimensiondiary dimensioncalendar dimensionpage dimensionmagazine dimensionsite dimensionbook dimensionwiki dimensionarchive dimensionversionhistory dimensionlibrary dimensionoeuvre dimensionclassification dimensionsystem dimensionpattern dimensionmap dimensiontree dimensiongraph dimensionnet dimensionweb dimensionfractal dimensionmicrocosm dimensionglossary dimensionvocabulary dimensiondictionary dimensionthesaurus dimensionportal dimensionsurvey dimensionoverview dimensionfaq dimensionanthology dimensionstorycycle dimensionscience dimensionworld dimensionuniverse
number numberbag numberbox numbercloud numbergroup numberset numberclass numbertype numbercollection numbercontainer numberheap numberstack numberarray numberfile numberfolder numberalbum numbergallery numberlist numberlog numberseries numbersequence numberranking numberhistory numbertimeline numberindex numbertoc numbercatalog numberinventory numberstream numberthread numberfeed numberplaylist numberblog numberjournal numberdiary numbercalendar numberpage numbermagazine numbersite numberbook numberwiki numberarchive numberversionhistory numberlibrary numberoeuvre numberclassification numbersystem numberpattern numbermap numbertree numbergraph numbernet numberweb numberfractal numbermicrocosm numberglossary numbervocabulary numberdictionary numberthesaurus numberportal numbersurvey numberoverview numberfaq numberanthology numberstorycycle numberscience numberworld numberuniverse
type typebag typebox typecloud typegroup typeset typeclass typetype typecollection typecontainer typeheap typestack typearray typefile typefolder typealbum typegallery typelist typelog typeseries typesequence typeranking typehistory typetimeline typeindex typetoc typecatalog typeinventory typestream typethread typefeed typeplaylist typeblog typejournal typediary typecalendar typepage typemagazine typesite typebook typewiki typearchive typeversionhistory typelibrary typeoeuvre typeclassification typesystem typepattern typemap typetree typegraph typenet typeweb typefractal typemicrocosm typeglossary typevocabulary typedictionary typethesaurus typeportal typesurvey typeoverview typefaq typeanthology typestorycycle typescience typeworld typeuniverse
character characterbag characterbox charactercloud charactergroup characterset characterclass charactertype charactercollection charactercontainer characterheap characterstack characterarray characterfile characterfolder characteralbum charactergallery characterlist characterlog characterseries charactersequence characterranking characterhistory charactertimeline characterindex charactertoc charactercatalog characterinventory characterstream characterthread characterfeed characterplaylist characterblog characterjournal characterdiary charactercalendar characterpage charactermagazine charactersite characterbook characterwiki characterarchive characterversionhistory characterlibrary characteroeuvre characterclassification charactersystem characterpattern charactermap charactertree charactergraph characternet characterweb characterfractal charactermicrocosm characterglossary charactervocabulary characterdictionary characterthesaurus characterportal charactersurvey characteroverview characterfaq characteranthology characterstorycycle characterscience characterworld characteruniverse
word wordbag wordbox wordcloud wordgroup wordset wordclass wordtype wordcollection wordcontainer wordheap wordstack wordarray wordfile wordfolder wordalbum wordgallery wordlist wordlog wordseries wordsequence wordranking wordhistory wordtimeline wordindex wordtoc wordcatalog wordinventory wordstream wordthread wordfeed wordplaylist wordblog wordjournal worddiary wordcalendar wordpage wordmagazine wordsite wordbook wordwiki wordarchive wordversionhistory wordlibrary wordoeuvre wordclassification wordsystem wordpattern wordmap wordtree wordgraph wordnet wordweb wordfractal wordmicrocosm wordglossary wordvocabulary worddictionary wordthesaurus wordportal wordsurvey wordoverview wordfaq wordanthology wordstorycycle wordscience wordworld worduniverse
record recordbag recordbox recordcloud recordgroup recordset recordclass recordtype recordcollection recordcontainer recordheap recordstack recordarray recordfile recordfolder recordalbum recordgallery recordlist recordlog recordseries recordsequence recordranking recordhistory recordtimeline recordindex recordtoc recordcatalog recordinventory recordstream recordthread recordfeed recordplaylist recordblog recordjournal recorddiary recordcalendar recordpage recordmagazine recordsite recordbook recordwiki recordarchive recordversionhistory recordlibrary recordoeuvre recordclassification recordsystem recordpattern recordmap recordtree recordgraph recordnet recordweb recordfractal recordmicrocosm recordglossary recordvocabulary recorddictionary recordthesaurus recordportal recordsurvey recordoverview recordfaq recordanthology recordstorycycle recordscience recordworld recorduniverse
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file filebag filebox filecloud filegroup fileset fileclass filetype filecollection filecontainer fileheap filestack filearray filefile filefolder filealbum filegallery filelist filelog fileseries filesequence fileranking filehistory filetimeline fileindex filetoc filecatalog fileinventory filestream filethread filefeed fileplaylist fileblog filejournal filediary filecalendar filepage filemagazine filesite filebook filewiki filearchive fileversionhistory filelibrary fileoeuvre fileclassification filesystem filepattern filemap filetree filegraph filenet fileweb filefractal filemicrocosm fileglossary filevocabulary filedictionary filethesaurus fileportal filesurvey fileoverview filefaq fileanthology filestorycycle filescience fileworld fileuniverse
relationship relationshipbag relationshipbox relationshipcloud relationshipgroup relationshipset relationshipclass relationshiptype relationshipcollection relationshipcontainer relationshipheap relationshipstack relationshiparray relationshipfile relationshipfolder relationshipalbum relationshipgallery relationshiplist relationshiplog relationshipseries relationshipsequence relationshipranking relationshiphistory relationshiptimeline relationshipindex relationshiptoc relationshipcatalog relationshipinventory relationshipstream relationshipthread relationshipfeed relationshipplaylist relationshipblog relationshipjournal relationshipdiary relationshipcalendar relationshippage relationshipmagazine relationshipsite relationshipbook relationshipwiki relationshiparchive relationshipversionhistory relationshiplibrary relationshipoeuvre relationshipclassification relationshipsystem relationshippattern relationshipmap relationshiptree relationshipgraph relationshipnet relationshipweb relationshipfractal relationshipmicrocosm relationshipglossary relationshipvocabulary relationshipdictionary relationshipthesaurus relationshipportal relationshipsurvey relationshipoverview relationshipfaq relationshipanthology relationshipstorycycle relationshipscience relationshipworld relationshipuniverse
attribute attributebag attributebox attributecloud attributegroup attributeset attributeclass attributetype attributecollection attributecontainer attributeheap attributestack attributearray attributefile attributefolder attributealbum attributegallery attributelist attributelog attributeseries attributesequence attributeranking attributehistory attributetimeline attributeindex attributetoc attributecatalog attributeinventory attributestream attributethread attributefeed attributeplaylist attributeblog attributejournal attributediary attributecalendar attributepage attributemagazine attributesite attributebook attributewiki attributearchive attributeversionhistory attributelibrary attributeoeuvre attributeclassification attributesystem attributepattern attributemap attributetree attributegraph attributenet attributeweb attributefractal attributemicrocosm attributeglossary attributevocabulary attributedictionary attributethesaurus attributeportal attributesurvey attributeoverview attributefaq attributeanthology attributestorycycle attributescience attributeworld attributeuniverse
intuition intuitionbag intuitionbox intuitioncloud intuitiongroup intuitionset intuitionclass intuitiontype intuitioncollection intuitioncontainer intuitionheap intuitionstack intuitionarray intuitionfile intuitionfolder intuitionalbum intuitiongallery intuitionlist intuitionlog intuitionseries intuitionsequence intuitionranking intuitionhistory intuitiontimeline intuitionindex intuitiontoc intuitioncatalog intuitioninventory intuitionstream intuitionthread intuitionfeed intuitionplaylist intuitionblog intuitionjournal intuitiondiary intuitioncalendar intuitionpage intuitionmagazine intuitionsite intuitionbook intuitionwiki intuitionarchive intuitionversionhistory intuitionlibrary intuitionoeuvre intuitionclassification intuitionsystem intuitionpattern intuitionmap intuitiontree intuitiongraph intuitionnet intuitionweb intuitionfractal intuitionmicrocosm intuitionglossary intuitionvocabulary intuitiondictionary intuitionthesaurus intuitionportal intuitionsurvey intuitionoverview intuitionfaq intuitionanthology intuitionstorycycle intuitionscience intuitionworld intuitionuniverse
thought thoughtbag thoughtbox thoughtcloud thoughtgroup thoughtset thoughtclass thoughttype thoughtcollection thoughtcontainer thoughtheap thoughtstack thoughtarray thoughtfile thoughtfolder thoughtalbum thoughtgallery thoughtlist thoughtlog thoughtseries thoughtsequence thoughtranking thoughthistory thoughttimeline thoughtindex thoughttoc thoughtcatalog thoughtinventory thoughtstream thoughtthread thoughtfeed thoughtplaylist thoughtblog thoughtjournal thoughtdiary thoughtcalendar thoughtpage thoughtmagazine thoughtsite thoughtbook thoughtwiki thoughtarchive thoughtversionhistory thoughtlibrary thoughtoeuvre thoughtclassification thoughtsystem thoughtpattern thoughtmap thoughttree thoughtgraph thoughtnet thoughtweb thoughtfractal thoughtmicrocosm thoughtglossary thoughtvocabulary thoughtdictionary thoughtthesaurus thoughtportal thoughtsurvey thoughtoverview thoughtfaq thoughtanthology thoughtstorycycle thoughtscience thoughtworld thoughtuniverse
meaning meaningbag meaningbox meaningcloud meaninggroup meaningset meaningclass meaningtype meaningcollection meaningcontainer meaningheap meaningstack meaningarray meaningfile meaningfolder meaningalbum meaninggallery meaninglist meaninglog meaningseries meaningsequence meaningranking meaninghistory meaningtimeline meaningindex meaningtoc meaningcatalog meaninginventory meaningstream meaningthread meaningfeed meaningplaylist meaningblog meaningjournal meaningdiary meaningcalendar meaningpage meaningmagazine meaningsite meaningbook meaningwiki meaningarchive meaningversionhistory meaninglibrary meaningoeuvre meaningclassification meaningsystem meaningpattern meaningmap meaningtree meaninggraph meaningnet meaningweb meaningfractal meaningmicrocosm meaningglossary meaningvocabulary meaningdictionary meaningthesaurus meaningportal meaningsurvey meaningoverview meaningfaq meaninganthology meaningstorycycle meaningscience meaningworld meaninguniverse
meme memebag memebox memecloud memegroup memeset memeclass memetype memecollection memecontainer memeheap memestack memearray memefile memefolder memealbum memegallery memelist memelog memeseries memesequence memeranking memehistory memetimeline memeindex memetoc memecatalog memeinventory memestream memethread memefeed memeplaylist memeblog memejournal memediary memecalendar memepage mememagazine memesite memebook memewiki memearchive memeversionhistory memelibrary memeoeuvre memeclassification memesystem memepattern mememap memetree memegraph memenet memeweb memefractal mememicrocosm memeglossary memevocabulary memedictionary memethesaurus memeportal memesurvey memeoverview memefaq memeanthology memestorycycle memescience memeworld memeuniverse
class classbag classbox classcloud classgroup classset classclass classtype classcollection classcontainer classheap classstack classarray classfile classfolder classalbum classgallery classlist classlog classseries classsequence classranking classhistory classtimeline classindex classtoc classcatalog classinventory classstream classthread classfeed classplaylist classblog classjournal classdiary classcalendar classpage classmagazine classsite classbook classwiki classarchive classversionhistory classlibrary classoeuvre classclassification classsystem classpattern classmap classtree classgraph classnet classweb classfractal classmicrocosm classglossary classvocabulary classdictionary classthesaurus classportal classsurvey classoverview classfaq classanthology classstorycycle classscience classworld classuniverse
category categorybag categorybox categorycloud categorygroup categoryset categoryclass categorytype categorycollection categorycontainer categoryheap categorystack categoryarray categoryfile categoryfolder categoryalbum categorygallery categorylist categorylog categoryseries categorysequence categoryranking categoryhistory categorytimeline categoryindex categorytoc categorycatalog categoryinventory categorystream categorythread categoryfeed categoryplaylist categoryblog categoryjournal categorydiary categorycalendar categorypage categorymagazine categorysite categorybook categorywiki categoryarchive categoryversionhistory categorylibrary categoryoeuvre categoryclassification categorysystem categorypattern categorymap categorytree categorygraph categorynet categoryweb categoryfractal categorymicrocosm categoryglossary categoryvocabulary categorydictionary categorythesaurus categoryportal categorysurvey categoryoverview categoryfaq categoryanthology categorystorycycle categoryscience categoryworld categoryuniverse
tag tagbag tagbox tagcloud taggroup tagset tagclass tagtype tagcollection tagcontainer tagheap tagstack tagarray tagfile tagfolder tagalbum taggallery taglist taglog tagseries tagsequence tagranking taghistory tagtimeline tagindex tagtoc tagcatalog taginventory tagstream tagthread tagfeed tagplaylist tagblog tagjournal tagdiary tagcalendar tagpage tagmagazine tagsite tagbook tagwiki tagarchive tagversionhistory taglibrary tagoeuvre tagclassification tagsystem tagpattern tagmap tagtree taggraph tagnet tagweb tagfractal tagmicrocosm tagglossary tagvocabulary tagdictionary tagthesaurus tagportal tagsurvey tagoverview tagfaq taganthology tagstorycycle tagscience tagworld taguniverse
subject subjectbag subjectbox subjectcloud subjectgroup subjectset subjectclass subjecttype subjectcollection subjectcontainer subjectheap subjectstack subjectarray subjectfile subjectfolder subjectalbum subjectgallery subjectlist subjectlog subjectseries subjectsequence subjectranking subjecthistory subjecttimeline subjectindex subjecttoc subjectcatalog subjectinventory subjectstream subjectthread subjectfeed subjectplaylist subjectblog subjectjournal subjectdiary subjectcalendar subjectpage subjectmagazine subjectsite subjectbook subjectwiki subjectarchive subjectversionhistory subjectlibrary subjectoeuvre subjectclassification subjectsystem subjectpattern subjectmap subjecttree subjectgraph subjectnet subjectweb subjectfractal subjectmicrocosm subjectglossary subjectvocabulary subjectdictionary subjectthesaurus subjectportal subjectsurvey subjectoverview subjectfaq subjectanthology subjectstorycycle subjectscience subjectworld subjectuniverse
topic topicbag topicbox topiccloud topicgroup topicset topicclass topictype topiccollection topiccontainer topicheap topicstack topicarray topicfile topicfolder topicalbum topicgallery topiclist topiclog topicseries topicsequence topicranking topichistory topictimeline topicindex topictoc topiccatalog topicinventory topicstream topicthread topicfeed topicplaylist topicblog topicjournal topicdiary topiccalendar topicpage topicmagazine topicsite topicbook topicwiki topicarchive topicversionhistory topiclibrary topicoeuvre topicclassification topicsystem topicpattern topicmap topictree topicgraph topicnet topicweb topicfractal topicmicrocosm topicglossary topicvocabulary topicdictionary topicthesaurus topicportal topicsurvey topicoverview topicfaq topicanthology topicstorycycle topicscience topicworld topicuniverse
idea ideabag ideabox ideacloud ideagroup ideaset ideaclass ideatype ideacollection ideacontainer ideaheap ideastack ideaarray ideafile ideafolder ideaalbum ideagallery idealist idealog ideaseries ideasequence idearanking ideahistory ideatimeline ideaindex ideatoc ideacatalog ideainventory ideastream ideathread ideafeed ideaplaylist ideablog ideajournal ideadiary ideacalendar ideapage ideamagazine ideasite ideabook ideawiki ideaarchive ideaversionhistory idealibrary ideaoeuvre ideaclassification ideasystem ideapattern ideamap ideatree ideagraph ideanet ideaweb ideafractal ideamicrocosm ideaglossary ideavocabulary ideadictionary ideathesaurus ideaportal ideasurvey ideaoverview ideafaq ideaanthology ideastorycycle ideascience ideaworld ideauniverse
concept conceptbag conceptbox conceptcloud conceptgroup conceptset conceptclass concepttype conceptcollection conceptcontainer conceptheap conceptstack conceptarray conceptfile conceptfolder conceptalbum conceptgallery conceptlist conceptlog conceptseries conceptsequence conceptranking concepthistory concepttimeline conceptindex concepttoc conceptcatalog conceptinventory conceptstream conceptthread conceptfeed conceptplaylist conceptblog conceptjournal conceptdiary conceptcalendar conceptpage conceptmagazine conceptsite conceptbook conceptwiki conceptarchive conceptversionhistory conceptlibrary conceptoeuvre conceptclassification conceptsystem conceptpattern conceptmap concepttree conceptgraph conceptnet conceptweb conceptfractal conceptmicrocosm conceptglossary conceptvocabulary conceptdictionary conceptthesaurus conceptportal conceptsurvey conceptoverview conceptfaq conceptanthology conceptstorycycle conceptscience conceptworld conceptuniverse
nuance nuancebag nuancebox nuancecloud nuancegroup nuanceset nuanceclass nuancetype nuancecollection nuancecontainer nuanceheap nuancestack nuancearray nuancefile nuancefolder nuancealbum nuancegallery nuancelist nuancelog nuanceseries nuancesequence nuanceranking nuancehistory nuancetimeline nuanceindex nuancetoc nuancecatalog nuanceinventory nuancestream nuancethread nuancefeed nuanceplaylist nuanceblog nuancejournal nuancediary nuancecalendar nuancepage nuancemagazine nuancesite nuancebook nuancewiki nuancearchive nuanceversionhistory nuancelibrary nuanceoeuvre nuanceclassification nuancesystem nuancepattern nuancemap nuancetree nuancegraph nuancenet nuanceweb nuancefractal nuancemicrocosm nuanceglossary nuancevocabulary nuancedictionary nuancethesaurus nuanceportal nuancesurvey nuanceoverview nuancefaq nuanceanthology nuancestorycycle nuancescience nuanceworld nuanceuniverse
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