21 February 2007

GooglePages link maintenance

to add value to Google Page Creator
they should offer
a link-maintenance feature
that regularly checks for linkrot linkrust
and either

automatically substitutes
a link to the waybacked version

or searches for similar pages
and offers the author a best-guess substitute
(or three)

or best
remembers the original searchpattern
(cf google search history)
that led you to the (now rusted) page
and runs that search anew
offering one-click link-substitution
of the best replacement-link available


05 February 2007

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After words

if humans were incapable of
cunning injustice
before 50,000 bc
when language evolved

is it possible
when language is perfected

language itself
can be transcended?


04 February 2007

The bisociation machine

arthur koestler's 1964 "the act of creation"
argued that creativity
in the arts
in the sciences
and in humor too
depends on 'bisociation'
in which disparate parts
are (creatively) unified

pynchon's creative strategy
can be usefully analysed
in these terms

take any image and ask
what disparate parts
he's trying to unify
(often math
and/or mysticism
and/or conspiracy
and/or slapstick)

the simplest model of synesthesia
is that the coding scheme
of one sense modality
is rerouted thru another

so if a high pitch
is represented by a faster rhythm
of neural firing
in the pathways from the ear

and the color red
is similarly encoded
in the pathways from the eye

the synesthesic mapping
from eye to ear or back
should match high pitch to red color

if we generalise
this version of bisociation
we might imagine a
bisociation machine
that takes as input
any two encoding schemes
and systematically
(or even randomly)
explores the consequences
of all possible mappings between them

and mirror neurons
can be seen as such a mapping
between 'self view'
and 'other view'

while g spencer brown's
aggressine 'idiocy'
can be seen as a rejection
of some 'other view' as inefficient
in favor of an intuited
future efficient 'self view'


03 February 2007

Bullsh!t on the Worldtree

let's call 'cunning injustice'
any occasion where (eg)
a shyster lawyer
wins an ignoble victory

and let's classify the flavors
of cunning injustices
and map onto them a spectrum of colors

and then color all branches on the worldtree
wherever they're suffering
those flavors of injustice

and mark with a star
those rare noble victories
when a cunning injustice
is corrected
by right argument

and let's calculate
the projected collective social value
of a new dispensation
of right argument

and let's weigh the possibility
of such a dispensation
necessarily following from the articulation
of a truly scientific understanding
of human psychology

while the shysters scramble
to fill that void with cant

and let's ponder the paradox in capitalism
that research is only funded
proportionally to its near-term
profit potential

so how does that search begin?

how much would you gamble
on a longshot?