30 May 2007

Autobiographical calendar of reading (part two)

[part one]

later 1980s

Kate Bush

Wenders' "Wings of Desire"

Tufte's "Envisioning Information"

Lynda J Barry (comix)

modest successor to Peanuts

Harold Brodkey

awesome prose

Moby Dick

Chimpanzee Politics, Frans de Waal

bonobos bonobos bonobos

Polti's 36 Dramatic Situations

via Joyce, or a.i.?

Mortimer Adler's Syntopicon


WordPerfect 4.0

billgates is satan

love poems


especially graves, millay, teasdale

Peter Redgrove

The Black Goddess and the Unseen Real [Az]

Mary Daly's Wickedary


Blue Velvet (film), Twin Peaks (tv)


Spy magazine

Inside Macintosh docs

Penrose's "Emperor's New Mind"

for the physics and math, not the AI

MoMing (dance venue)

Alexander's "Pattern Language"

Ward Just


George V Higgins

John Carpenter's "They Live"


early 1990s

Manufacturing Consent (Chomsky film)

Reservoir Dogs

Jacques Rivette (films)


also Peter Greenaway

Jellyeye/Bryn Magnus/Shu Shubat (theater)

Oobleck/Jeff Dorchen (theater)

Curious/Jenny Magnus (theater/music/performance)

Mary Zimmerman (theater)

Cyc (ai)


WZRD's latenight freeform, Suspended in Gaffa (music shows)

introduced me to several of my favorite female voices
Stewart/Gaskin, Marta Sebestyen [fan], Mary Coughlan [fan]

Robert Bly

Iron John and especially 'the little book of the human shadow' (jungian psych) [Az]

netnews, alt.religion.kibology

smart, fast, hip, funny
especially Lisa Pea (Elizabeth Higgins)
James 'Kibo' Parry
David Pacheco
Joseph Michael Bay

Michael Parenti

discovered via Pacifica radio show on WZRD

later 1990s

Herring's editions of Joyce's Ulysses notebooks

Martin Amis

a trouble child

Scott Turow

"The 100th Boyfriend"



Ana Voog

web exhibitionist

Armistead Maupin

via the pbs miniseries

Israel Shahak

worldtransforming (gulp!) [fan]

Jeffery Deaver

Thomas Perry

early 2000s

The Bible Unearthed

intro to the new biblical minimalism [Az]

Patrick O'Brian

Philip Pullman



i wear their cap

Jesus Seminar, Crossan, Ehrman


Get Your War On

Dan Brown

Dominick Dunne

Bill James, Peter Bowen, Lynn Kostoff

obscure literary crime

Dean Baker, Sam Smith

political/economic sanity on the Web

Michael Connelly

Wolfram's "New Kind of Science"

Jim Harrison's "Sundog"


The Sims (a.i.)

Schrodinger's Kittens

quantum weirdness resolved! [Az]



Malcolm Brown on Irish history

a must-read for joyceans [fan] [Az]

Never at Rest

fine bio of Newton [Az]

Conrad's Nostromo

some little paperback on graph theory


Carl Hiaasen

Minette Walters

later 2000s

Franzen's Corrections




Ruth Rendell, Patricia Highsmith

[Rendell fan]

[Highsmith review]

Colin Harrison


Against the Day


Joseph Wambaugh

Thomas Harris

Wade's "Before the Dawn"

human origins [review]

Greg Iles, Grif Stockley, Stephen White

school of Turow, mostly

Kinneavy's Theory of Discourse


Overheard in X

the pulse of contemporary speech

Double Tongued Word Wrester

the pulse of neologising

Social Philosophy by Fink

the socioeconomic context of ethical theories [Az]

Ayn Rand's Fountainhead

sillily romantic
but accurate about persecuted idealists, imho

Ernst Mayr "The Growth of Biological Thought"

best-yet inquiry into realworld scientific method


21 May 2007

11-31 May 2007 links

Archived Onion 'area man' articles (GgW-400hits)
MemeWatch: "quality of the silence" (GgBooks-200hits-arcane)
Top Iraq 'benchmark' is privatised oil (tOut via Sam)
GoogleMaps hosts applets (GgOS)
Tiny tax on financial trades would solve many problems (dBaker-shortish)
Blog outs CIA guys (pix via Anrchia)
hBosch statues $20-50 (store via Fim)
MySpace Outage Leaves Millions Friendless (new Onion)
NYer toon: mantises (cBank)
Tips for filtering Gmail (GgOS)
GgImages 'imgtype=face' (Blgscpd)
Best new Linux games (1pg w/pix via Anrchia)
Tree grows around bike (pic via Anrchia)
New NYRB (toc)
You're supposed to say no (oDvrwhr)
Your co-captain... also Greg (oDvrwhr)
If you loved me... (oDvrwhr)
Black-people-scary vs Appalachian-scary (oDvrwhr)
Ron Paul tells mideast truths to Bill Maher (yTube-10min via gRoom)
Where Pepsi is preferred (Flash-worldmap via Fim)
'The Sims' live-action pop-metaphysics movie (short via Fim)
'gutbomb' = eg poutine (dTongue)
'hero shot' = showy longshot (dTongue)
Third-person pluperfect indicative (tHow-short-friv)
im in ur essay/ next to judith butler block quote (Chaucer-arcane w/pix)
Don't-miss political music vid, '16 words' (yTube-4min via vBoat)
Promising 'Sicko' trailer (MichaelMoore) (yTube-2min)
Webjay closing (vshort via Waxy)
Ruby for kids for Windows (free download via Waxy)
Home-office romance ends in disaster (new Onion)
DeanBaker silently moved his rss feed (rss-grrrr)
Flies capture two hundred miles of new flypaper (Sam)
Calvino-esque NYer toon: dwarf planet (cBank)
Simulating queuing for epidemic-vaccine (SciDaily-arcane via dTongue)
'take-away' = adworms? (dTongue)
Robots meet pirates meet scuba divers (rGossip w/pix)
Godfather/DoJ-revelations mashup (yTube-60sec via Harpers)
Pullman trilogy trailer (QT/wmv via cMonk)
Meet emo Christ (Sinfest)
Liberating Smithsonian photo-archives (AP via Sam) [flickr]
Dershowitz vs Finkelstein, round 22 (Nation-shortish)
"You have a pattern..." (Dilbert)
Gordon Bell's LifeBits project (NYer-long)
Tenet skirts Lobby (mWeiss-short w/link)
Nice color-visualisation aggregating product ratings (iSthetics w/link)
Short Iraq-update faq (aAard-Harpers)
"I'm gonna go hug that kid. Maybe then his mom will start keeping an eye on him." (oDvrwhr-tsia)
JFK CSI 2007 (WaPo-MsNbc via Sam)
-ize vs -ise (short via dy)
i prefer 'ise' when 'ize' seems too buzzy
More new Google search-experiments (Blgscpd w/pix)
Google's 'more' button on steroids (Blgscpd w/pix)
Falwell's Likud connections (Xym)
Wurmser advocated 'expediting Iraq's chaotic collapse' (Taki via gRm)
Hallmark discovers requiapathy, seprudity, and trepatiousness (Onion-friv)
Grim Iraq war-so-far graphs (pdf-500k via NPR)
Alan Moore on occultist art (intvu-long via Tchncclt)
NPR's best voice (aSeabrook-pic)
a moment of air / held between the hands like a stunned bird (NYer-Merwin-short)
MilkyWay due to collide with Andromeda in 2B years (SciAm-short via Steve)
Nadine Gordimer story (NYer-long)
Open-source not always the answer (tBray-vshort)
GgWeb-Categories update (GgOS)
New NYRB incl tgAsh (toc)
Christopher Hitchens profile (NYer-loong)
NormanMailer movie reunion (NYer-short)
When is my time? Never! (oDinny-poig)
Wikipedia science articles too arcane (blog via Fim)
Blueberry accident (melovescookies-arcane)
Marta Sebestyen music video (yTube-4min via GgBlgs) [fan]
'dangle' = gear you wear that dangles (dTongue)
Michael Moore baits Feds over Cuba's healthcare system (AP-UkG)
Rare, funny Dilbert (Dogbert)
Survey of recent GgW layout experiments (1pg w/pix)
'chirping' = using cellphone as walkie-talkie (dTongue)


18 May 2007

Autobiographical calendar of reading

[i did one of these for joyce]

if i compiled a personal 'canon'
the primary criterion would be
how often, day to day
i'm reminded of an artist's work

(so i'm including
influential performers
along with authors)



by my 'canon' standard (above)
Schulz is certainly in the top 20
for his portrait of childhood in the early strips
is surely unequalled

(pogo left little impact)

New Yorker cartoons

Chas Addams and Saul Steinberg especially

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

early 1960s

Walter R. Brooks' Freddy the Pig-Detective

i read all these
and tried to write my first fan letter in verse:
i like freddy/ i think he's steady
i like jinx/ i think he... stinks?

Phantom Tollbooth

Andy Griffith

stamp collecting

Beatles/ Richard Lester/ John Lennon

In His Own Write, Help, and Hard Day's Night especially [Lester fan]

Hardy Boys


their manuals and catalogs
along with Edmund Scientific
were an enduring influence

world almanacs

devoured them

coin collecting

Martin Gardner's mathematical recreations

a very positive influence
monthly in Scientific American
and collected in books

James Bond

Ian Fleming's sexual kinks
in smuggled paperbacks

baseball stats

i spent the summer of '65
graphing baseball stats

Mad magazine

rather too lowbrow

Minivac 601

a programmable 6-relay computer
designed by Claude Shannon

later 1960s

Lewis Carroll

via Martin Gardner

Yes I Can by Sammy Davis Jr

one of the first grownup books
i remember reading

Freud's Interpretation of Dreams

easy to interpret
an older girl's dream:
her friends were sliding down a log
into a pond
but she was scared of splinters



a lifelong fascination

Asimov's Intelligent Man's Guide to Science

Ray Bradbury

rare literary scifi


a logic game i played alone
aided by a programmed textbook on logic

Estes model rockets

not very successfully

Super-8 moviemaking

Ulysses, Ellmann

my sister introduced me to a constrant stream
of hip lit borrowed from the public library

Catch 22

surprisingly enduring

Tin Drum

Barbarella (movie)

Autobiography of a Yogi

via the Sgt Pepper's cover

Donald E Westlake

comic crime novels, soon outgrown

Sondheim crosswords, Springbok jigsaws

the composer, in the late 60s
created elegant weekly crosswords
in the british style
for New York magazine

Vonnegut, Brautigan, Castaneda

60s inevitables

Smothers Brothers, Laugh-In, Music Scene w/David Steinberg (tv)

Dick Cavett (tv)

Christopher Cerf's "World's Largest Cheese"

brainy silliness i adored [Az]

"One Million" by Hendrik Hertzberg

bold visualisation experiment
200 pages each with 5000 dots [Az]

Finnegans Wake, Norman O Brown

Firesign Theatre

meets the 'canon' criterion

Luscher Color Test

inexplicably fascinating
slow to outgrow


started c1967 when my sister
ordered a computerised horoscope
finally outgrew in 1974

at best provided random noise
i could project personality theories onto

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones


early 1970s

Incredible String Band

their lyrics easily make my canon [fan]

Wallace Stevens

Rider-Waite tarot

Psychology Today magazine

challenged me to my life's work

Arthur Koestler

Act of Creation, Ghost in the Machine
provocative multidisciplinary thinking

Samuelson's Economics

computer simulation

Jay Forrester, Bucky Fuller's World Game, Antioch College seminar

Janov, Perls, Ouspensky, Gaskin, Wilhelm Reich

fringe psych/ occultism

a course at antioch
called 'science and experience: east and west'
introduced me to various fringe schools

American Heritage Dictionary

with proto-indo-european roots!

Joyce Carol Oates

soon outgrown


gradually outgrown

Durant's "Story of Philosophy"

Robert Altman (movies)

probably canonical


the ultimate koan
there is no path [fan]

Whole Earth Catalog (WEC)

portal to much good obscure reading

Bucky Fuller

especially "Intuition"
(anticipating my theory of whitespace)

Pinter's "Homecoming"

American Film Theater series

Skinner's "Walden Two"

John McPhee's early nonfiction

G Spencer Brown (GSB)

Laws of Form
and Only Two Can Play This Game
via WEC [fan]


with Joyce, the topmost in my canon


slowly partly outgrown [fan]

Robert Stone


William Blake

especially his marginal annotations [fan]
in Erdman's edition [Az]
probably via GSB

AN Whitehead

outgrown stylish obscurantism (Process and Reality)

JL Austin

philosophy done right

Michael Polanyi's "Personal Knowledge"

also Stephen Toulmin

later 1970s

Scott Joplin's Bethena

a ragtime novel

Joseph McElroy


Iris Murdoch


Renata Adler

her first is neglected genius [Az]

Robert Pirsig

Tom Wolfe's Painted Word (etc)


Robertson Davies' Deptford trilogy

Vance Bourjaily

readable but unfashionable

Mary McCarthy

Peter Dickinson

wonderful mysteries and kids' books [fan]

le Carre


Walker Percy

especially Love in the Ruins

Joni Mitchell

definitely canon [fan]

Wright Morris

James Purdy

Thomas McGuane

Joyce Maynard

Barbara Pym

Stephen Gaskin's books and sermons

Blanche McCrary Boyd

[Az] [fan]

Selfish Gene; Sociobiology


Jaynes' Origin of Consciousness

faded if not outgrown

Mark Vonnegut's Eden Express

firsthand drug psychosis [Az]


not the astrophysics
but the chronologies (now outgrown)

Kleist's "On The Marionette Theatre"


early 1980s

White Goddess, Robert Graves

Mary Beth Edelson (art)

goddess-installation in Buffalo 1980

Operators and Things

via WEC i think [Az]

Man's Place in Nature by CF Hockett


Robert Anton Wilson, Colin Wilson

unrelated literary twins

William Wharton


Elmore Leonard

topnotch crime escapism

Steve Wozniak, Bill Budge (code)

i learned my bad programming habits
from Woz's brilliant
Apple ][ machine language monitor

my good habits from Budge's tutorials in ?Softcell

Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake

useful but outgrown

Feynman's QED

SCTV, Monty Python (belatedly)

especially catherine o'hara

WXRT w/Bobby Skafish

Steppenwolf's Say Goodnight, Gracie (tv)

[IMDb] good luck finding it

[part two]


02 May 2007

Synching via natural language

at our current primitive level
of electronic database evolution
synching has to obsess on timestamps
so as to avoid clobbering
newer values with older

implying a discourse pattern/
data format like
(topic, olddate, oldvalue, newdate, newvalue, comments)

but in human communication
everything else is normally subsumed
into (newvalue)
with even the topic
cited as obliquely as possible

fast bright hip slangy
as opposed to
dull literal prosaic discursive

for discourse is first of all
a status display
omitting everything 'beneath' you

real human discourse
is almost entirely
trivial to the point of irrelevance

tom vs katie
britney's shaved head
sports and weather after this

because discourse is secondarily
just a social glue
like apes' grooming

with silences correspondingly awkward
ideally filled with
anything effervescent
style before content
eg even tall tales

on the Net
we can subscribe
to newsfeeds on topics we choose
from sources we choose
(someday) at levels of detail we choose

conventionally blogged in reverse order
so we don't have to keep explicit track
of the last item read
in each feed

humans also routinely
sin against truth
preferring prejudicial
'target values'
to actual values
consequently ignored


01 May 2007

24 April - 10 May 2007 links

SCTV's Doug'n'Bob McKenzie update (Maclean's-no-pix)
Overelaborate overobscure pun (ark-2002)
RW>JB (GgBattle)
Global watersheds map/s (?Flash-clumsy)
Survey of great long cinematic tracking shots (1pg w/yTubes via Fim)
More proof DU is deadly (UkG-CD-short via Sam)
World's Emotionally Strongest Man Competition (Onion)
'zero one zero' = no breakfast or dinner, just lunch (dTongue)
'pebbling' = throwing ?ideas out to encourage kids to ask questions (dTongue)
Tom Wolfe's prosodic inspiration (GgBooks-extract) via [Nwswk-short]
Zadie Smith story (NYer-shortish)
...Put them together and you get domestic abuse (oDvrwhr)
Nothing is more powerful than Jesus! He die; he get up! (oDvrwhr-tsia)
Underexploited meme: "distressed muffin-man" (GgW-9hits)
Special women's issue (new Onion)
Banksy profile (NYer-looong)
eKolbert on CERN collider (NYer-looong)
Update on anachronistic 2kyo Antikythera Mechanism (NYer-looong)
Short profile of performance artist Chris Burden (NYer-schj)
McSweeney's-worthy list (dYeti)
Fascinating obscure tome: "Child Effects on Adults" (Az-oop)
Visualising music-faves histories (pix via iSthtcs)
Raven psych (Spiegel via Brsta)
Iron John Junior? (iSteve)
Extra-Slanty Italics Introduced For Extremely Important Words (Onion)
Ongoing personal neologisms list update (RWx)
Punk rock yoga (Macleans-shortish)
Julie Christie update (NYer-shortish)
Fancy graphs of Wikipedia's most-visited (1stMonday via iSthtcs)
More childhood ulcers, less asthma and allergies (iGreed w/link)
Take control of your life... (oDoffice)
5 reasons Vista sucks (list via Anrch)
Conway's Game of Life in one line of APL (via Anrch)
RWWL as Tumblr tumblelog (RWt-experiment) [nevermind, too restricting]
Brainy hacker blog (Anarchaia via dTongue)
New Pizza Lover's Pizza Topped With Smaller Pizzas (Onion-pic)
Interesting Wikipedia-authoring visualisation (iSthetcs w/links)
Good batch of NYer toons (cBank-1pg)
Dilbert on origins of 'My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable'? (friv)
Rummy, Condi cited parody as historical fact (iSteve)
CBS To Release Own Version of NBC's The Office (Onion)
CircuitCity's CEO's dumb move (dBaker-arcane)
Who told thee that thou wast naked? (short-extract)
"Apprentices. You know, the bracket things." (oDoffice)
TomTomorrow's pre-Iraq neocon quotes (jpg via gRoom)
Transcript of Moyers on pre-Iraq disinfo (PBS-looong via Sam)
White-on-white violence claims columnist Herbert Kornfeld (Onion)
'declare email bankruptcy' = delete unread backlog (dTongue)
'kuf' = non-Muslim (dTongue)
Iraq GIs carry superbug to USA via VA hospitals (Feb-Wired-5pg)
WmFBuckley defects on Iraq (NatRev via Steve)
New CDs from Bjork and Tori Amos (NYer-sfj)
Patti Smith poem on Virginia Tech (NYer-short)
conde nast is still by far the most net-illiterate publishing giant
Cellphones-kill-bees was a hoax (UkG via jm)
"I deserve someone that I won't cheat on" (oDevrwhr)
"when they own the information They can bend it all they want" (hip vpop lyric)
'bye-bye syndrome' = toddlers killed sneaking out to say byebye (dTongue)
Freeware deletes (eg) Dell startup junk (site via GgOS)
Little boy, proudly: That's because I'm more into girl stuff than boy stuff! (oDinny)
1000s of Wikipedia articles cribbed from public-domain 1911 Britannica (list-200pg)
"This [Simpsons] movie has been rewritten more heavily than any human document" (Newsweek-passim)
Yuri Gagarin's global BurningMan spinoff (via Tchnoccult)
Brecht poem vs "The Life of Others" (Harper's-2pg-arcane)
Short Wolfowitz/WorldBank faq (Harper's)
On pentacles at Arlington (Onion-mots)
Hide the silver (thx)
Update on music-transcription algorithms (SciNews)
Baghdad finally too burnt for Riverbend (blog)
91% of Egyptians approve attacks on GIs in Iraq (aAard-stats)
Sinfest meets Cute Overlords (vfriv)
From Milton to cuddles (oDinny-1-liners)
"I think the problem is in my brain" (oDevrwhr)
Termites are just sneakier cockroaches (BBC via iJunk)
Hollywood scraping bottom of pkDick barrel (NyPost via Fim)
Middle East Conflict Intensifies As Blah Blah Blah, Etc. Etc. (Onion-longish)
Goldfish Teetering On Edge Of Sanity (Onion w/pic)
IQ-vs-wealth scatterplot (iGreed)
Airline humor (oDinny-1-liners)
President Bush Reaches Out To Nation's Fallen Bees (Onion-Flash-audio-only)
WallStreet hungry for faster numbercrunching (iWeek)
David Lynch self-interview (Utne-excerpt)
Humans optimised for hot-weather marathons? (Barista)
Five Reasons Why iPhone Will Win (iGreed)
GIs shun 16-lb robowarrior system (pMech-4pg w/pix, popups)
Hackle-based video (Infsthtcs)
Water too watery (oDinny)
Short list of bicyclers killed by car-doors opening (ouch via iJunk)
Huge list of pharma-linked violent crimes (looong via Sam)
ClicheWatch: "generous mouth" (GgBooks-600hits)