31 July 2007

Blogger zen




no dates

no titles

no self-mirror

no self-censor

here are just all
the good things i've found

a million tiny lenses

short and sweet

why i liked them

why you may not


Esprit du sepulcre

"I suppose it's a good thing that most of the world has no idea about what fun hippies had. Otherwise, nothing would work." --Thomas McGuane Nothing but Blue Skies

in an awful way
theresa's suicide
was her generous last gift
to us her friends

we knew her

no one knows why

departing with a bang at 40
like marilyn (at 36)

she'd entered my life c1999
like norma jean in pigtails
in a webzine author photo
(wasn't it feedmag.com?)

an article i didn't link because
i imagined her beauty/brains combo
as rankly unfair
as if
she had all her dreams free
for the asking

but i missed that photo
after 'feed' popped off

so imagine my satisfaction in 2005
to find her blogging
in the closest esthetic tune

kate moss our shared iconess
lynch and pynchon our beacons
the sixties our promised land

she was ever pining
for the summer of love
never traded up that value system
of excess

"I'm kidding about the whiskey,
but I do drink it" she confided
when i fretted her
about her boozing-boasting
"People don't like female debauchery
or female egotism
and I deliberately magnify
both of these small-ish aspects
of my character
knowing I will annoy and alienate.

"I have never been particularly well-liked
by any social group of more than four people
in my life, including my family.
Though I have made up for this
by being intensely loved
by every man I have ever dated
(and reciprocating.)"

(her fave, i'm sure
of many links i slipped her
was KateM and LiLo
sharing a pole dance)

she pre-approved a possible web-tribute
based around her blog-name:

jb: "this article got me thinking
about asynchronous multiplayer games
for mobile phones

"suppose the game's goal
was to think of the wittiest phrase
for a given situation
with your playgroup voting blind on the entries
...wit-of-the-staircase games?" TD: "I love it"

or also this monthly-tribute possibility:

jb: "i've been watching fonda's 1967 'trip'
(for the first time)
and hoping you keep fleshing out the lunar society
because people need that fantasy"

TD: "Yes, this kind of bohemian/intellectual
vaguely sensual community
is the reason, I find,
that most people got into art.
Sadly there is nothing at all
in the contemporary art/film world
that supplies the kind of feeling,
though the longing is certainly still there."

of the sustainable party neverending
ever renewable fully imagined

so we'd honor her memory
if we imagine found find
our own local branches

eg minutes:

when: midnight +/-2 30-31 July 2007
where: the LegrandeMall Harmsway
in Karbomala, Middlewest
who: Peewee Benigno, Dustin Wind, Rollo Nuevo,
Blurtus and dTox Unitard, Anus Horribilis,
and Dr Hitler
themesong: "Just Lead the Christian Right On
(dance mix)" by the Frisky Coeds
proceedings: it goes without saying
a good time was had by all


Tagportal: jamesjoyce

[bottom post pending]

rather mysteriously
not to say sinisterly
joyce studies are in an
anti-meritocratic rut

ellmann's 'magisterial' biography
has errors on every page
and sytematically denigrates joyce

joyce's carefully designed
program of riddles
has been dismissed
as beneath scholarly notice


trilogy tetralogy


Ulysses: settings clocktime

worldtree: PoA FW

29 July 2007

50+ Joycean conjectures annotated

[original post]

Percentages in parenthese are my estimates of probability (100% = certainty).

  1. Joyce never, in fact, protested pandying to Conmee. (70%)

    Nobody remembered it happening, they did remember a comparable incident where Joyce protested not getting a pass to an exhibition, and while it would have fit nicely into the Turpin Hero paradigm, page 245 of Stephen Hero makes it clear it hadn't been used.
  2. The girl in 'Araby' was Hanna Sheehy. (80%)

    We know when the Fair was held, and the Joyces at that time were living around the corner from the Sheehys, so Joyce may have been able to spy on them as in 'Araby'. Further, an epiphany that must date to Hanna's wedding seems to specify her as an old flame.
  3. Yeats planted the seed of a modern Ulysses when Joyce was 16. (90%)

  4. Joyce propositioned E.M. Cleary by postcard in 1902. (50%)

  5. Also in 1902 he had an intense infatuation for Maud Gonne. (40%)

  6. His vision of the birdgirl happened on 15 Aug 1902. (30%)

    The date is hard to fix, but if we assume the experience was liberating, it might have set him free to approach AE and/or Maud.
  7. His intent that evening was to visit Maud Gonne, not AE. (30%)

    AE assumed the latter, but they were neighbors and Joyce's interest in AE was ambiguous.
  8. His book of epiphanies was arranged in autobiographical order. (50%)

    He writes Stannie from Paris that he's added some at the end, some in the middle, suggesting that some were current, some from memory.
  9. Richard Best took the National Library job that Joyce wanted in 1903. (50%)

    It might explain the hostility in Ulysses.
  10. Joyce's poems were dropped from "New Songs" because he demanded payment from AE. (75%)

    There's a letter of AE's that makes it clear he had planned to include them.
  11. Stannie's Dublin Diary is a forgery. (99%)

  12. Joyce never worked at Clifton School. (30%)

    Again, no one remembers it, and you'd think someone would.
  13. Gogarty was still at Oxford on 16 June 1904. (60%)

    He seems from his letters to have arrived back after Joyce was in the St Stephens fracas.
  14. The "man of Tone" in 'Holy Office' was Arthur Griffith. (90%)

  15. The two men Joyce offended on 15 August 1904 were Gogarty and Griffith. (50%)

  16. Nora's handjob was on 27 Aug 1904. (70%)

  17. 'Eveline' was explicitly written to persuade Nora to go to Europe. (95%)

    Ellmann never connects the dots, including an undated note Nora saved.
  18. Gogarty threw Joyce out of the Tower for masturbating. (25%)

  19. Lucia was named after the birdgirl Lucy. (50%)

    The name 'Lucy' appears in letters to Stannie.
  20. The manuscript Joyce burned in 1912 was "Portait" not "Stephen Hero". (90%)

    SH had been abandoned six years earlier, PoA was the manuscript that was giving him fits.

  21. He drafted the last two chapters of Ulysses in 1914 while writing Exiles. (75%)

    A letter seems to assert this date. [details]
  22. He also drafted the first chapters of Ulysses before finishing Portrait. (85%)

    Another letter seems to assert this date. [details]
  23. Mulligan's shavingbrush is chryselephantine. (99%)

    His autobiography admits this. (Trench later stole it.)
  24. Stephen in Proteus overhears his father's rant (in Hades) via ESP. (90%)

  25. Bloom's twelve adventures form six concentric pairs. (95%)

  26. The library chapter (Scylla and Charybdis) was first conceived as chapter two. (40%)

    The Telemachia was planned as four chapters, to correspond to Homer. When Gogarty threw Joyce out, he in fact went and waited for the library to open, then told Eglinton the story. The Homeric correspondence demands that Telemachus address the Ithacans.
  27. Eglinton is Scylla, AE Charybdis, Lyster both, and Best neither. (80%)

  28. Bloom telepathically intercepts the lust between Boylan and Molly when he's standing midway between them (in Wandering Rocks). (60%)

  29. The monetary value Boylan mentions to Miss Dunne is non-coincidentally identical to Bloom's Freeman pay. (60%)

    Maybe implying Bloom is pimping Molly. [details]
  30. Mina Kennedy is avoiding Boylan. (75%)

  31. Gerty is closer to 13 than 20. (50%)

  32. Gerty never really leans back. (40%)

    Female exhibitionism is approximately a billion times more common in male fantasy than in real life.
  33. Bloom was fired from Hely's for flirting with a nun. (40%)

    In 'Oxen' when Bloom's past is haunting him, Mulligan mentions a similar case.
  34. Bloom unwittingly gives his condom to Bannon. (85%)

  35. Macintosh set the fire in Beggar's Bush. (75%)

    His path fits, and in Circe he distracts attention by accusing Bloom.
  36. Bloom's lucky potato is 57 years old. (40%)

    Lucky because it recalls the Famine.
  37. Stephen hits Mulligan for sniggering about Bloom and the condom. (35%)

    Based entirely on the theory that the Berkeley vignette in FW echoes this scene. [more]
  38. Bloom never knew his mother. (20%)

    His scant memories of her are entirely cliched. (Molly didn't know hers either.)
  39. The Circe episode embodies an inventory of rhetorical defense-strategies. (95%)

    Obvious when you look.
  40. Stephen's feet lead Bloom across Temple street, following the path Stephen used to take to Belvedere in 1894. (90%)

  41. Bloom awakens Stephen's altruism, while Stephen symmetrically heals an old injury to Bloom's egoism. (85%)

    Scribbledehobble (a Finnegans Wake notebook) makes much of characters swapping roles in midbook. This would fit, with Joyce's corresponding altruism awoken c1906 (leading to the kinder last stories of Dubliners), and Bloom's wound paralleling Shakespeare's in Scylla.
  42. The furniture was rearranged by the piano deliverymen. (90%)

    The wording very subtly implies the piano is new, and the livingroom is now ridiculously overcrowded. [details]
  43. Bloom had hidden the key to his bottom drawer among his books. (70%)

    Bella refers to the drawer, he freaks when he sees the books are re-arranged.
  44. He contemplates suicide before going to bed. (80%)

    The mention of 'carbon monoxide' is otherwise inaccountable.
  45. He misremembers the year of Rudy's birth. (90%)

    Rudy was born at the end of December, and survived into the new year. The Ithaca chapter systematically misses numerical values by one. [details]
  46. Molly's menstruation parallels the bloodied walls in Homer. (99%)

    Clear from a note. [details]
  47. Gabler's edition strips off Joyce's last layer of French polish. (90%)

    His method was to omit changes that weren't in Joyce's hand, which is way too radical. [details]

    Finnegans Wake
  48. ROC in the 1st-written vignette was a figure of Bloom-the-dreamer, rehashing Ithaca, so T&I must Bannon and Milly, and Berkeley is probably Mulligan. (60%) [more]
  49. The seven not-yets in paragraph 2 are in reverse order. (60%)

    It makes sense that they would be, since they haven't happened yet, and their themes make a more more coherent 'story' in reverse order.
  50. 1132 refers to the four cardinal vignettes: Roderick O'Connor and St Kevin are opposites (1-1), Berkeley betrays Leary to Patrick (3), Isolde kisses Tristan (2). (25%)

    Just a guess.
  51. Joyce's own encounter with a cad took place on 1 February 1922. (99%)

  52. The sin in the park depicted in III.iv took place in 1908, with one-year-old Lucia seeing Joyce's erection. (60%)

    An FW note makes no sense otherwise. [details]
  53. Joyce planned a short simple book about the sea as a symmetrical fourth member of the Portrait/Ulysses/FW/x tetralogy. (50%) [more]


[originally posted 29 June 2007]

24 July 2007

18 20+ miscellaneous conjectures

This is a companion to my 01Feb 2005 post on rec.arts.books, Fifty Joycean Conjectures. Percentages in parenthese are my estimates of probability (100% = certainty).

  1. An atmosphere of one molecule will have an identical temperature profile, and a similar pressure profile, to atmospheres of any number of molecules. (95%)
  2. Snowflakes are acoustic standing waves. (85%)
  3. Any pure gas in zero-G can freeze into hexagonally symmetric flakes. (50%)
  4. ATP is like a blasting cap, and enzymes are springy. (80%)
  5. Muscle fibers don't need ratchets, they just use ATP's recoil. (70%)
  6. The pattern of punctuated equilibria is a consequence of sexual stereotyping. (60%)
  7. ESP involves sexuality, scent and low-frequency sound. (50%)
  8. (added Oct2005) The ear is a megaphone/transmitter as well as a receiver. (20%)
  9. (added August 2007) Eyebrows are 'virtual' representations of the shoulders, for signalling purposes; the mouth corresponds to the genitals. (80%/30%)
  10. (added August 2007) Humans retain light body hair to amplify the movements of vermin. (50%)
  11. Human males are closer genetically to chimp males than to human females. (80%)
  12. The first firestarters used meteoritic iron. (30%)
  13. Humans lost most of their sense of smell when they started cooking their food. (40%)
  14. Preverbal language is wiser than verbal. (60%)
  15. Science begins with play, description, and classification. (99%)
  16. Minoan Crete was a brothel of sex slaves, not a goddess culture. (75%)
  17. The Iliad recalls a quixotic Minoan attack on Egypt, not Troy. (25%)
  18. Josiah founded Judaism in 621BC, based partly on Greek models. (40%)
  19. Ezra c400BC reconciled (by duplication) the Jerusalem and Babylonian variants on creation, Adam and Eve, Deuteronomy vs Leviticus, and Kings vs Chronicles. (50%)
  20. These represent the only pre-600BC Bible texts. (30%)
  21. (added Oct2005) Jesus wasn't taken seriously, even by his acquaintances, until they seemed to be getting communications from him, after his death. (30%)
  22. (added August 2007) The gospels confuse Jesus the Galilean with Jesus the Egyptian. (25%) [more]
  23. could deodorant increase the divorce rate? [post]
  24. (added August 2007) Phonographs incidentally record ambient sound as they play. (40%)
  25. Von Neumann was wrong about hidden variables in QM, and he plagiarised Eckert and Mauchly's cpu-architecture. (75%)
  26. A simple line is to orthogonal cartesian n-space as a simple hierarchy is to a fractal thicket. (100%)

[original date 24 sept 2005]

Short quote

"He's afraid of failure, you know. It's a Jewish trait. They would rather not try than try with a possibility of failure." Nixon on Kissinger in Ehrlichman's novel "The China Card"

20 July 2007

The republic of dishonor

how far
is the global war on terror
really a global war on

Joyce's unfinished tetralogy

given joyce's attachment to symmetry
a portrait/ulysses/wake trilogy
would have seemed lopsided

    _ _________ _________ .
| | | | :
|P| | |S:
|o| | | :
|r| Ulysses |Finnegans|S:
|t| | Wake | :
|r| | |A:
|a| | | :
|i| | |T:
|t| | | :
| | | |S:
| | | | :
~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ .

unless he hoped to append
"something simple about the sea"


19 July 2007

Links On The MF-ing Page: a hypertext abc

as we observe the 10th anniversary of 'blogging'
and debate the precise definition of that term

i'll go on record as claiming not only that
rwwl was the 1st proper weblog
but that it's still the
proper weblog

an early product of the only proper
hypertext lab on the web

because properly designed experiments
(here, experiments with links)
need to minimise independent variables
(here, like columns and styles)
and pare down each design prototype
to its barest essentials

how best to
  • craft linkable pages
  • craft links to these pages [more]
  • arrange links on a page
  • embed links in prose
  • accommodate prose to embedded links

it seems wholly bizarre to me
ten years on
that web trendsetters
have barely begun these experiments

obsessing instead on
and hypothetical semantic 'structures'

some abcs:

  • one chapter per page
  • escape-links at the start of each page for lost visitors
  • related links at the end of each page for happy campers
  • similar links gouped, with major differences emphasized
  • linktext that minimizes disruption while reading
    (eg isolated in 'text buttons' at the end of a sentence)
  • linktext that tries to manage readers' expectations
    (eg text buttons that specify the filetype, the site, or special warnings)
  • page metatdata in the headers (not embedded)
  • pages that thoroughly massage all raw search results on some given topic
  • timelines or best-first as better organising principles than alphabetical


Joyce's Odyssean trilogy

we know joyce determined in 1907
to rewrite 'stephen hero' as the prequel to ulysses
because he needed stephen dedalus
to reach the end of that book
in just the right shape
to serve as bloom's telemachus

and in fact
joyce couldn't finish 'portrait' in 1914
until he'd drafted the opening of ulysses
so the intervening gap would be minimal

(if scylla and charybdis really was conceived
as chapter two
and not relocated until after 'portrait'
had gone to press
that original plan may have left
discernible footprints
in the last chapters of the earlier book)

but if, now, finnegans wake
is really the key to ulysses
with bloom the dreaming everyman

then these three works
are a true trilogy


18 July 2007

Jesus B

the talmud includes some scurrilous gossip
about jesus the galilean
(eg that his real father
was a roman centurion called 'panther')

but also about
an egyptian healer
of the same name
about the same time
who had magical tattoos

so is it possible that 'mark'
in gathering stories a generation later
for his authoritative gospel
managed to confuse these two
in fact to conflate them

'jesus a' the uncharismatic loner
at odds with jewish law
(his only 'disciple' a backstabbing judas)
whose execution was shattering as john brown's

'jesus b' the crowdpleasing miracleworker
who called gentiles dogs?


17 July 2007

Robot Jenny lyrics

80-80, 2-10-0-10-2
Jenny Jenny who can I turn to?

2-6-3-60 5-10-4-10-2
You give me something I can hold on to

I know you think I'm like the others before

Who saw your name and number on the wall

80, 9-1-4-13
Jenny, I got your number

I need to make you mine

80, 9-8-4-13
Jenny don't change your number

(weight these rhythms be-tween the li-i-i-ines)

(weight these rhythms be-tween the li-i-i-ines)

80-80, 4-3-2-4-3
Jenny Jenny you're the girl for me

You don't know me but you make me so happy

5-5-2-4-2-3-4 8-5-6-5-12
I tried to call you before but I lost my nerve

0-5-5-1100 8-0-12-1/3
I tried my imagination, but I was disturbed

200 (200) 200
I got it (I got it)I got it

I got your number on the wall

200 (200) 200
I got it (I got it) I got it

4-0-1-5 4-0-1-5-4
For a good time, for a good time call

80, 5-8-4-19
Jenny don't change your number

I need to make you mine

Jenny I called your number
80, 9-8-4-19

(weight these rhythms be-tween the li-i-i-ines)

(weight these rhythms be-tween the li-i-i-ines)

80-80, 2-10-8-10-2
Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to?

4-3-5-0-8-9 9-10-40-10-2-2
For the price of a dime I can always turn to you

(weight these rhythms be-tween the li-i-i-ines)
(weight these rhythms be-tween the li-i-i-ines)

12 July 2007

Tagportal: worldtree

mirror neurons
must be tasked by the brain
with establishing a ratio
between two 'cultures'
two kinds of knowledge
two points of view

one: the 'external' world
as revealed by the senses
where knowledge naturally
indexes itself
into a 4D cataloguing system

and two:
the internal world
of the psyche running free
(or running constrained)

natural programming-code
trying to monitor itself

indexed only to the shared insights
of the wisdom tradition
the poets and prophets

with no overall shape
no hierarchy of definitions
no formal interrelationships

like a Magic Eightball
mysteriously offering
possibly random fragments of advice

my worldtree visualisations
are an attempt to
such wisdom
against the framework
of a standardised graph

a trellis
to hang literature from
and thence to read off
the parameters and dimensions
of complex ideas

interface design
scanned speeches
videogame music
origins of music
music perception
poetic logic more
open-vs-closed code-ensembles
usual stories
Joyce's 'Portrait'
transparent things
human factors
zipless blogging
billion-year-old carbon
search engines
documented emotion
web 2.0
finnegans wake
yahoo zodiac
representing stories in web2.0
dynamic radial ontologies
brainmaps, ulysses, and the yahoo zodiac
adler's syntopicon
masks-of-self on the yahoo zodiac
ego and injustice
polti vocabularies
why graph it
family trees
quality time
blessing/cursing (as modalities)
atop googlemaps
influence (as modality)
orthodoxy/heresy (as modalities)
judgment (as modality)
mirror neurons
the ESP watch

09 July 2007

Tag says it all

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05 July 2007

Bremer bales

i've been (mildly) haunted
by the image of GIs in Baghdad
playing football with shrinkwrapped bales
of $100 bills

if each bale was indeed $400,000 [cite]
this is a seventeen-inch stack
17.2 * 2.6 * 6.1 inches (footballs are 11 inches long)

or an 8" double-stack (8.6 * 5.2 * 6.1)

but it weighs 8 lbs (footballs weigh 1 lb)

bill gates has 150k such bales