26 February 2008

Feb 2008 links

Chicago-themed desserts (pix via jGerm)

New jSiberry/Issa tunes (MySpace-Flash)

Deepsea-trawling tracks visible from space (MsNbc w/pic via dy)

Stiglitz calculates true Iraq costs (UkG-long via gpost)

nGaiman's 'American Gods' free online (page-images via lf)
Japan's otaku fetish cafes (Reuters w/pix via Jez)

"Adults Must Be Accompanied by an Impending Sense of Doom" (tsia via lidia)

Ileana Douglas pickets paparazzi (Flash-80sec via Vh1)

20 best scifi novels? (list via Fim)
Airborne bacteria promote rain? (sciBlog)

Site identifies tunes by tapped rhythm (Flash via Vh1)
Random pi-music (Flash via iSthetcs)
There are broken slats in every tiny thing (vDaily-short)

Haunting illustration (flickr)

Nicholson Baker on Wikipedia (NYRB-longish)

Cowboy Deaths, in Descending Order of Degree of Dignity (McSwnys-short)

Rules for Roboticists (list w/pix via Make)

Earth's air/water visualised as spheres (pic via vBoat)
'read-alikes' = similar authors (dTongue)

Iraq 'visibly falling apart' (cPunch-pCock-shortish)

Cats are democrats, dogs republicans (jpg via proJo)
Fan review of ?doomed sJonze 'Wild Things' (AIC-spoilers)

Only Walmart sells more music than iTunes (MacW via jGerm)

New vid for remixed UtahSaints w/KateBush sample (yTube-3min)

Preview of iRoss's bugsex flick (yTube-2min via Vh1)

KamaSutra/Twister bedsheet/mashup (pix via Jez)

Kibologist builds saxophone from hollow log (pix, mp3)

My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants (AP via nWatch)

Diverse 'I Got You Babe' cover versions (15yTubes)

rNader explains/defends Hezbollah (yTube-5min)

The Myth of the Surge (rStone-long)

Worst pop songs approach 'torture' status (Vh1-long w/yTubes)

Meta-blogger colonizes alien comments-section (Fim w/link)

McCain-vs-Obama as Israel referendum (mWeiss)

Country-music refs determine US-state sizes (sMaps)

'Porsche' = $100k missile (GIs) (dTongue)

Dramatic clip from A&E meth-addict 'Intervention' (Flash-4min-nsfw?)

'IP tax' would discourage friv copyrights? (/. w/link)

And they were like candles, giving light / But the light came from the length of their bodies (vDaily)

LA landmarks Bukowski hovel (iJunk)

Jazz-improv brain-scans (sciBlog)

Elegant chickenwire 'ghost' sculpture (pix)

2008 candidates' Myers-Briggs? (MeMo w/link)

Decline of UK journalism analysed (LRB-stats)

Israeli journo documents Zio-speak (LRB-longish)

Simple algorithm to detect photoshopped pix (lOdor)

Euro breaks $1.50 barrier for 1st time (yHoo-5day)

Pretty new Morcheeba triphop tune (yTube-4min via Onion)

Early KateBush anniversary nostalgia (sfbG w/vid)

$1 diy solar easybake oven (short via Make)

My flickr faves (rss too)

$2 diy metal-detector (Flash-90sec)

Obama takes righteous risky step re Israel (pWeiss)

Dog meets porkypine (flickr-ouch)

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early (Onion-3min)

Nintendo porting C64 games to Wii (Ktku)

Where Iraq's oil-industry is at (Harper's-long)

JohnnyDepp-on-a-cracker (oDoffice)

Viking fashions reconstructed (sciBlog w/pic)

What the PoetryFoundation's doing w/$200M bequest (NYer-2007-long)

Same Stewart-Gaskin on yTube (4min-no-reg)

One Stewart-Gaskin tune on iMeem (Flash-reg-req?)

Stewart-Gaskin mp3s for sale, finally (yay!)

Rambling WillWright talk (Flash-30min)

Free SimsOnline (1Gb download) (site via Ktku)

New classic-comix pdfs incl Shakespeare (UkG w/link)

Wiiide scrolling graph of movie profits (Flash via jCharts)
Free keyboard piano (Flash)

'9'/ '99' = parent is/not watching (ttod-passim)

Black mouth of nothing / down which a barking / dog breaks loose (vDaily)

New JackHandey (NYer-longish)

$20 LittleThinkers dolls incl Marx, Che (wPlan)

SpiritualMidwifery update (AP-2pg via cS)

Staggering $$$-cost of Iraq war (UkTms-stats via Sam)

Barbie tarot (1pg via Jez)

Trading cards for literary Theorists (3pg-$11?)

'orthorexia' = extreme diet fads (UkTel-3pg via Jez)

How Flickr clusters tags (2005-short)

How the Japanese are different from westerners (FT-long)

Video of spysat shootdown (yTube-60sec)

ScarJo's music 'seriously weird' (no-audio via gpost)

10^122 as mystery-constant (Nature via gpost)

cLovers revels in infrared (1pg w/pix)

1950 synopsis of women's-magazine tips (Jez-etext)

'keming' = improper kerning (friv)
wBu's approval-rating plummets to 19% (stats via Vh1)

Emerging-disease-hotspots worldmap (sciBlog)

Venus's anomalous weather-patterns (sciBlog)

Promising FrancesMcD vehicle (5yTubes)

Sendak WildThings flick in trouble (iWatch)

3 degrees of aWine intoxication (3yTubes)

"We used to feel Jewish shame when three Jewish names showed up in the news in this sort of light" (mWeiss-short)

AmyWinehouse ?= Peanuts' Pigpen (Yeeah)

mGondry plagiarised AmandaMandaManda Show? (yTube-2min)

Grammy win doubles total JoniLetters sales (stats via Vh1)

Computer ages Britney to 36, 46 (2pg-yikes)

Nasa likes MIT's $1B lunar roboscope array (pic via /.)

New 60sec teaser for Gaiman's 'Coraline' (Cinem)

IPv6 as fubar as Iraq? (zdNet via /.)

EttaJames calls Beyonce 'bourgeois' (nyPost via Jez)

Zionist spin gradually recalibrated (Xym-longish)

Sam's presidents-mnemonic (repost)

Changing Obama from an Eisenhower to a Carter? (Sam-longish)

5yo's food pyramid (CulDeSac)

ClicheWatch: what we talk about when etc (GgW via cS)

2013 eco-bubble worth $20T? (Harper's w/graphs)

Charming $60 robot Elmo (yTube-3min)

Real explan of Iraq surge? (cPunch-shortish)

Classic story-AI 'TaleSpin' analysed (gTxA-etext)

"It's easy to be heavy, hard to be light" (blog via edV)

Track the falling spysat (links, slow)

$99 PS2 at Target (Ktku)

Righteous SharonStone anti-Iraq-war quote (AP-vshort)

2Gb USB2 drive $13 this week (OfficeDepot)

Impending world food crisis (graph w/links)

22 movie remakes compared to originals (OnionAV-1pg)

tBray on the personalities behind XML (long via /.)
New NYRB incl Sacks-on-music, Schnabel (toc)

Sam's presidents-mnemonic m.i.a? (GgCache)

Add-on turns PS3 into media center (Flash-5min via Ktku)

1890 'Science of Fairy Tales' (pGut-loong)

Sudoku and graph theory (sciNews-2007-short)

Web2.0 sites for novelists (RWW-links)
ISS at risk from spy-satellite debris? (NewSci-short)

Fed just pushing on string (pKrug-graph)

Imagining literary computer games (UkG-short)

US presidents mnemonic (Sam-vshort)

2ndLife stalls at 100k? (graph)

WorldOfWarcraft burying competition (graph)

French food-chemist Herve This (UkObs-longish)
New pHilton rated worst movie ever (IMDb-list via wSmrch)

"In 10yrs Krishnamurti will be as wellknown in China as the Buddha" (India)

College is a waste (FT-short via iGreed)

Seamy new SpikeJ vid for KanyeW (Flash-3min via Jez)

JaneFonda says 'c*nt' on TodayShow (3:10 on clock) (Flash-4min)

Maps with color-routes (cLovers)

at sunset, in the field. / In the last light we lie there alone (rJarrell)

Still I remember you humming / along as the ghosts / drank water in the kitchen (poems.com)

I receive the present like a treasure the pickaxe (poems.com-translation)

each breath's devotion to transparency fails to convert my flesh stop (poems.com)

You need mythos, which is to men / like you what starch is to white shirts (vDaily-dontmiss)

I've got naught, that's the beaut (vDaily)

for Craig Foster, who loved the poems of children (vDaily-short)

I phone / a woman and make things up. / I am never done. (vDaily-short)

not yes not no; / but Something from the world's incessant rain (vDaily-sonnet)

Thistle, thistle stop your purpling (vDaily-short-arcane)

Selections from HalWillner's Disney album (Flash)

Wellgroomed dates make bad lifepartners (Yahoo-longish)

Getting the most out of GgMaps (list via gpost)

Flash pdf-reader/alternative (RWW w/links via gpost)

Embedded journo delivers emotional story (E&P w/link)

1-liners w/'fake' (oDinny)

"Why doesn't everyone have the lastname 'Christ'?" (oDvrwhr)

'Balance of nature' really chaotic (sciBlog-shortish)

Poignant cryptic geek comic (xkcd-arcane)

New genetic reconstruction of Bering migration (sciBlog-meh)

ZippyThePinhead online archives (finally, creaky via Xym)

Ideal dildo dimensions (jpg-table via vBoat)
Autism linked to mothers' immune defenses? (sciBlog)

Netflix on Xbox2, PS3? (Ktku-rumor)

Some fulllength MST3K online (GgV-searchpattern)

Foot-Long Hoagie Used As Ruler (Onion-pic)

Foggy forest from above (pic)

Extract from new LyndaBarry graphic ?novel (4pg)

Esquire's fave US sandwiches incl McRib (1pg)

Vcute hedgehog, chewing (yTube-40sec)

Tiny flying dinosaur (newSci w/pic)

Some nice free fonts (1pg w/links)
Interesting graphs of US consumption (NyT via angus)
Brain stimulus revives old memories (dTech-short)
Britney volunteers at pre-tween dance studio (OK via Jez)

'wisebot' ?= web brainiac (dTongue)

RepoMan sequel graphic-novel only (Cinem w/links)

VVVbad reviews for new pHilton flick (dY-quotes)

Female anatomy determines orgasms? (LaT-short via Jez)

ADL wants Pope to reword prayers (short via dDuke)

CMB hints universe is dodecahedron? (sciBlog-arcane)

Zionism ?= Ibsen's poisoned baths (mWeiss)

Tesla-coil guitar-amp = '250kV of distortion' (yTube-60sec via Make)

Trying Twitter mirror today (test123)

Google does right thing re Israel '48 (Blgscpd-yay)

Legos timeline (Onion-friv)

What's in our 7-layer dip? (Onion-graphic)

HalfLife AI analysed (aiGameDev-arcane)

My current top40 fave (Paula DeAnda) (yTube-2007-4min)

New intvu w/Walt-Mearsheimer (cPunch-loong)

Cats w/bodypaint costumes (1pg-phat via lf)
Witty 'Yes We Can' parody targets McCain (yTube-90sec via Waxy)

Medical critiques of all 'House' episodes (toc via lf)
wBu's jobgrowth lie (dBaker-vshort)

Photog explores pink/blue toy stereotypes (1pg w/pix)

45 Oscar-winning toons on yTube (list via Fim)

proJo's on a roll (blog)

3rd-cousins most interfertile (sciBlog)

C code for wWright's 1st Sims demo (2pg w/pngs)

25 useful Firefox extensions (links-list via proJo)
Pepsi tests all-natural cola (Uk via proJo)

AmyWinehouse's Grammy performance (yTube-6min via Yeeah)

Grammy-best-album-nominee typology (Vh1-friv)

dCavett remembers BobbyFischer's heyday (NyT w/7min-Flash via proJo)

16 hi-res color microscope pix (Flash via proJo)

Clinton-vs-Obama character-traits (Sam-list)

'glitterlung' = art-teacher occupational hazard (CulDeSac)

Cute aerial pic (blog)

ScottRitter predicts Iran war by April (local)

Scorsese planning BobMarley doc (Cinem)

Words that can be ?sp3113d in hexadecimal (arcane via lOdor)

Pick a candidate by issues (form via i38)
Iraq ceasefire growing shakier (aAard)

Category Theory expressed in Java (1pg-vvvarcane)
Many 6-word auto/biographies (1pg-longish)

Botox diminishes film-art (UkInd-short via Jez)

Learning to love Ron Paul (mWeiss)

Street stunts w/soccer ball (Flash-60sec via vBoat)

Nifty gWarming visualisation (iSthtcs w/pic, links)

Signs tide has turned against conservatism (mWeiss-short)

Brainaching moebius-D comic (xkcd-arcane)

GuitarHero tricks used to teach real guitars (Gzmdo via proJo)
Wired's 1st issue deconstructed (Fim w/pix)

Social scientist ranks all-time US celebs (iSteve)

20 2007 prize photos (1pg-dontmiss)

Marriage harms creativity (sciBlog)
DNA w/ESP? (cEmpt)
Fun Russian world-rocker (yTube-4min via mlCookies)

Reuters software extracts metadata (RWW-arcanish)
Dumb b-list-celeb food endorsements (OnionAV-2pg)

Loong list of suggestions for GgReader interface (1pg)

Cancelled PoliceSquad, ?Barbarella adventure games (2pg)

Collider experiments may destroy Earth? (arcane, anon)

Reversing burned-in lcd ghost-images (how-to via gpost)
Other Things There Will Be (in Addition to Blood) (McSwnys-vshort)

CNN interviews aJo in Iraq (Flash-7min via wSmirch)

Cheney still has hardon for Iran war? (wakeUp)

How 13 tech-logos evolved (1pg via Blgscpd)
Neocon 'myths' de-debunked (mWeiss)

Cute sexpert lacks Wiki page (sciBlog) [Wayback]

Trailer for 2ndLife doc (Flash-3min via Cinem)

Target carrying MillaJ's fashions (Jez-1pg w/pix)

jmKeynes's cryptic sex diaries (arcane via Jez)

Japan's 'Keyboards Hero' cult (yTube-2min)

CNN's new touchscreens emulate MinorityReport (yTube-60sec)

Obama's more electable than Hillary (Sam)

US pressures Egypt to restore Gaza concentration camp (gRm-short)

Mummy's headlice genetic anomaly (sciBlog)

Recognising pitchcorrection overuse in pop (list w/audio via Fim)
Use GgSpreadsheets instead of html forms for data collection (GgOS)

Israel documentary touring USA (mWatch w/link)

Hogbrains make butchers sick (NyT via dTongue)

Comparing newspapers' SuperTuesday infodesign (1pg via iSthtcs)

8 boardgames that can ruin friendships (dYeti)

Popcan popcorn 'popper' (Flash-2min)

Newest game-industry bigwigs' bios/pix (1pg via /.)

US kids deluded by peecee? (iSteve)

Hacking a $20 mini-dvd player w/lcd (1pg w/link via Make)

Math-savvy landscaping (eT -arcanishw/pix)

"Icecube icecube in the pot..." (CulDeSac)

GetYrWarOn on campaign '08 (mnftiu)

Extreme inkless tattoos (pix)

"I just walked into Barnes and Nizzle to take a wizzle" (oDinny-tsia)

Excellent expose on faked viral videos (3pg w/yTubes)

Game-logic explains suicide bombers? (Wired w/popup)
Wall of slightly-offset video monitors (Flash-3min)
Longish jCleese intvu (OnionAV)

Maharishi dies at ?91 (AP via lf)

HeathLedger accidentally od-ed on prescription downers (Cinem)

Mideast cable-cuts more suspicious (vshort w/links via /.)

'lifting' = staging remote (eg) dogfights in elevators (dTongue)

'long day lighting' = tricking biological clocks (dTongue)

Blackbox approach simplifies bio modeling (sci-Blog-arcane)

Sam decimates Obama music video (longish)

Pressure changes magnet to conductor (sciBlog-short-arcane)

Obama's Israel problem (mWatch)

Myth of farm labor 'shortage' (iSteve)

Critique of prizewinning StarWars RPG (GTxA-arcanish)

rCrumb calls him 'twisted dude' (links)

$30 Oscars pigout at AMC theaters (23Feb)

Gifted illustrator, Kelly Vivanco (flickr-eg)

Alternate NYer cartoon interface (toc w/o captions)

17 types/schools of litcrit (list)

9yr graph of euro-vs-dollar (2007)

Funny NYer toons this week (cBank-toc)

One week's food for different cultures (1pg-pix)

'barcode gene' = efficiently differentiates range of species (sciBlog)

Obama's Israel Shuffle (mJones-longish)

Detailed Iraq-invasion conspiracy theory (bkrev-loong)

The lesser of two Elvi (MrFish-toon)

Japanese words and phrases w/cat imagery (e2 via eAard)

9 gWarming factors ranked by unpredictability (sciBlog-list)

Devilishly simple timing-game, Spin The Blac Circle (Flash via Waxy)

'slow design' = slow food, et al (dTongue)

2009 budget includes climate satellites (newSci)

Obama too slick? (mWeiss-shortish)

Minimalist 'read later' bookmarklet/site (Steve w/link)

Worst recent-movie blurbs (dY-short)

New syHersh on Israel/Syria/Iran (NYer-long via Xym)

Dems have big lead on all issues (Steve-stats)

Critique of iShahak (jPost)

EvaCassidy videos (4yTubes)

I don't think I have ever been out of love (flickr)

"Maybe if you lost some weight, you could" (oDinny)

Ultracapacitors may outperform batteries (Ecnmst via dy)

Silly out-of-context movie clips (yTube-90sec via Waxy)

Pretty 2002 nova anomaly (AstroPic)

Reading styles have gotten more aggressive? (WaPo-shortish)

Meat-eating causes gWarming (NYT-stats)

Texting abbrevs daily (blog via mshook)

'To clarify add detail': Tufte rave for iPhone (yTube-6min)

Where the undersea cables are (1700*1000 jpeg via vBoat)
$200 touchpad synth (yTube-3min via Make)

Rave for HannahMontana 3D concert flick (Cinem)

MS evades $500M taxes (WA via /.)

Twitter tagcloud (arcane via Fim)
ChloeS and MillaJ diss runway show (nyMag)

Vonnegut on USA's war-addiction (1983-longish)

Gandhi's grandson bounced by Lobby (Iran via dDuke)

Successful conspiracies have kinship factor (iSteve w/link)

Tapdance showdown: SteveMartin vs gHines (yTube-5min via lorbus)

Circus vs briefcase (postSecret-temp?)

...pray childhood makes sense... (postSecret-temp?)

Oddish clips from early teevee (FMU w/links)

WaPo's false USA/Japan contrast (dBaker)

Allstar Obama music video (yTube-4min via mWeiss)

Condi: wBu is Israel's best friend evar (pWeiss-passim)

'juicy committee' = one w/bribe potential (dTongue)

SibelEdmonds overview (AmCon-long via dDuke)

IntoTheWild vs ThereWillBeBlood (mWeiss-thoughtful)

Nixon confronted Lobby in 1969 (mWeiss-short)

Language-evolution shows punctuated equilibria (sciBlog-short)

Passive current-monitor concept (infoSthtcs)

Mideast cable-cut coincidence/conspiracy (Xym)

pKrug wrong about Obama-on-healthcare? (dBaker-longish)

Milla Jovovich Inducted Into Basic Cable Hall of Fame (Onion-short)

Superb impressionist, Ron Diorio (flickr-1200pix)

Cute catpic (friv via dCol)

Interesting issue of Risks Digest (tech snafus) (1pg, lousy rss)

Healthcare is the #1 issue, and Obama is dead wrong (pKrug-multipost)

Joycean conjectures for 02Feb (RWx-2007)

Birdpoop video was prank (Flash-4min via Waxy)

Thoughtful tagging strategy (del via del)

Nice US agriculture maps (1pg via tHow)

'Talking' dogs (yTube-90sec via vboat)

MS+Yahoo = big yawn (iGreed-vshort)

AnnCoulter: Hillary more conservative than McCain (yTube-4min via Vh1)

Pix of $6 cheeseburger-in-can (phat via bS)

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19 February 2008

Wikipedia Category: alleged anti-semites

Judaism teaches an ethical system that differs dramatically from the universal consensus (fairplay, honest dealings, equality). To criticize Jewish ethics is honorable-- the opposite of racism-- but requires infinite personal courage.

(The first draft of this list was compiled incrementally by searching on likely phrases, then gleaning more phrases)

Henry Brooks Adams "Jews controlled" [16]

Adbusters "Accusations of Anti-Semitism" "accusations of antisemitism"


Spiro Agnew "anti-Zionist statements" [2] "remarks about Jews" [5]

St. Agobard

Salvador Allende "anti-semitic views" [57] "supposed 'anti-semitism'" [1]

American Friends Service Committee "anti-Jewish bias" "virulently anti-Israel, anti-Semitic group" [cite]

Kingsley Amis

Amnesty International


Thomas Aquinas

Yasser Arafat

St. Augustine

Johann Sebastian Bach

Alice Bailey

Roseanne Barr

Jorn Barger "accusations of anti-Semitism"

Hilaire Belloc "Accusations of anti-Semitism" "charged with anti-Semitism" [2] "against Jews" [415] "philosophical anti-Semitism" "allegedly anti-Semitic" [12]

George David Birkhoff "anti-Semitic views" [57] "anti-Semitic tendencies" [8]

Marlon Brando "accused of anti-Semitism" "run by Jews" [7]

Joseph Breen

Pat Buchanan "accusations of anti-Semitism" [42] "accused of anti-Semitism"

Judith Butler

Hodding Carter

Jimmy Carter

Fidel Castro

Catherine the Great

Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Coco Chanel [eg]

Hugo Chavez "accused of anti-Semitism" "anti-Semitic themes" [12]

GK Chesterton "accusations of anti-Semitism" "tirades against Jews" "Jewish Problem" "charge of anti-Semitism" [22]

Frédéric Chopin

Wesley Clark "accusations of antisemitism"


Alexander Cockburn "accused of anti-Semitism"

Coen brothers [cite]

Juan Cole "anti-Semitic theme" [14] "anti-semitic writings" [13] "antisemitic tract" [8]

James Bryant Conant "virulent anti-semite" [6]

Constantine the Great

Rachel Corrie

Father Charles Coughlin

Ann Coulter "anti-Semitic remark" [52] "labeled anti-Semitic" "anti-Semitic comment"

R Crumb

Roald Dahl "Anti-Semitic remarks" [48]

Paul de Man "anti-Semitic writing" "anti-Semitic writings"

Walt Disney

Fyodor Dostoevsky "anti-Semitic views" "expressions of anti-Semitism" [6]

John V. DuBois [cite]

TS Eliot "charged with anti-Semitism" [2] "blames the Jews" [5]

Rahm Emanuel "auto-anti-semite"

Louis Farrakhan "wicked Jews"

Norman Finkelstein "antisemitic purposes" [4] "anti-Semitic prejudices" [9]

Bobby Fischer "Jewish conspiracy" "Jew-controlled" [17] "hatred for Jews" [6]

Hamilton Fish III "accused of anti-Semitism"

Henry Ford "anti-Jewish articles" [6]

Ben Franklin

Frederick the Great

Gottlob Frege

George Galloway "anti-Israel statements" [6]

Mel Gibson "Allegations of anti-Semitism" [] "accused of anti-Semitism" [46]

Virginia Gildersleeve

Jean-Luc Godard []

Arthur Godfrey "Allegations of Anti-Semitism" "Accusations of anti-Semitism" "No Jews" [74]

Richard Goldstone

Ulysses S Grant [cite]

Family Guy "perceived anti-Semitism" [6]

Billy Graham "Anti-Semitic charges" [4]

Graham Greene


John Hagee

Knut Hamsun

Howard Hawks "anti-semitic comments"

Joseph Haydn

Ernest Hemingway [cite]

Herge/Tintin "accusations of anti-Semitism" "instance of anti-Semitism" [2]

Patricia Highsmith "sometimes labelled antisemitic" [1]

Nicholas von Hoffman

Nick Hornby

David Icke "Allegations of anti-Semitism" "attacked as anti-Semitic" "Jewish clique" "suspicion of anti-Semitism" [2]

David Irving "controlled by Jews" [16]

Ivan the Terrible

J Street

Jesse Jackson "Remarks about Jews" [5]

Michael Jackson

Leonard Jeffries

Jewish Voice for Peace "virulently anti-Israel, anti-Semitic group" [cite]

Justinian the Great

Immanuel Kant

Jack Kerouac

Nikita Khrushchev

Rudyard Kipling

Ku Klux Klan

Naomi Klein

Dennis Kucinich

Lyndon LaRouche "Allegations of Anti-Semitism" "'coded' anti-Semitism" [2] "anti-Semitic writings" [13] "anti-Semitic jokes" [4] "Holocaust denial" "anti-Semitic tracts" [6] "controlled by Jewish" [3]

Anthony Lewis

Rush Limbaugh

Charles Lindbergh "labeled 'anti-Semitic'" "anti-Semitic beliefs"

Ken Livingstone "accused of anti-Semitism"

HP Lovecraft "hostile towards Jews" [3] "anti-Semitic remarks"

Martin Luther "anti-Jewish works" [4]

Kevin B MacDonald "portrayal of Jews"

Maria Theresa "expelled the Jews" [40]

Christopher Marlowe "accusations of anti-Semitism"

Karl Marx "Alleged antisemitism" "anti-Semitic stereotypes" "anti-Jewish feelings"

Joseph Massad

Glenn McCoy [cite]

Mary McGrory

Cynthia McKinney "Allegations of anti-semitism" "anti-Semitic statements" [41] "anti-Semitic beliefs" [8] "anti-Semitic campaign" [40]

HL Mencken "Alleged Antisemitism" [10] "anti-semitic statements" "indisputably anti-semitic"

Michael Moore

Oswald Mosley

Brian Mulroney "anti-Semitic views"

John Forbes Nash "anti-Semitic remarks"

Nicholas II

Friedrich Nietzsche

Richard Nixon "run by Jews" [7]

Barack Obama

George Orwell

Sarah Palin [cite]

Ron Paul

Fred Phelps

Ezra Pound "anti-Semitic statements" [41]

Tariq Ramadan

Judith Regan "anti-Semitic comments" [28]

Scott Ritter

Pat Robertson "anti-semitic beliefs" "Jewish conspiracy" "anti-Semitic works" [6]

Mary Robinson

John Sack

J.D. Salinger []

Jose Saramago

Dorothy L Sayers "anti-semitic views" "consciously anti-Semitic"

Peter Schumann "Accusations of anti-semitism" "Holocaust denying"

Frederick Seidel

Israel Shahak "Accusations of antisemitism" [10] "accused of antisemitism" [9] "leading anti-Semites" [1] "Jewish antisemite" [1] "abetting anti-Semitism" [2] "accused of anti-Semitism"

William Shakespeare

Israel Shamir "Anti-Semitic stereotypes" [23] "radical anti-Semitism" [5] "promoting anti-semitism" [2] "pushing anti-Semitism"

Cindy Sheehan

John Simon [cite]

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn "anti-Semitic views"

Susan Sontag [cite]

Peter Stuyvesant [cite]

Andrew Sullivan


Matt Taibbi

Mikis Theodorakis "anti-Semitic comments" "alleged 'anti-Semite'" "controlled by Jewish" [3]



Hal Turner

Desmond Tutu "anti-Semitic statements" "labeled anti-Semitic" [6]

Gore Vidal


Thomas E Watson "anti-Semitic comments"

Evelyn Waugh

Otto Weininger

Philip Weiss

H.G. Wells

Virginia Woolf "criticized by some as an anti-Semite"

William Butler Yeats

Vladimir Zhirinovsky "accused of anti-Semitism"

Slavoj Zizek