22 March 2007

Web3.0: Ego abhors a vacuum

the challenge of meditation
is not to think

the mind normally filled
with neurotic habits

and the challenge of artistic creativity
is to subvert cliche
(vs nabokov's gap-fillers)

and the scandal of philosophy
is the sophomoric sophistries
like free will or epistemological solipsism
tying innocent minds in useless knots

and usenet newsgroups often used to
suffer from negative intelligence
flamewars displacing constructive discussion
like coinage under gresham's law

or kneejerk techno-utopianism
urging (eg) educators
to squander their budgets on digital multimedia
when the real problem as always
is rewarding the best teachers

so the semantic web movement
for its earliest days
jumped the track
seduced by the shiny
techno quick fix
of xml
and its pie-in-the-sky promises
about embedded metadata

delivering only a flatline
adoption curve
while (eg) wikipedia
keeps rocketing up exponentially

and while journalistic coverage
of 'web 3.0' increases
the hype sounds more and more
hollow and anemic
rdf topicmaps microformats blahblahblah

endless jargonmania
but no 'there' there
never jam today

so i'll suggest again
that metadata belongs in the file header
(not in embedded markup)

and that wikipedia article titles
have solved one semantic problem
by automatically redirecting visitors
when an article title has changed
(i wish blogger did this)

so webpages can begin painlessly
categorizing themselves in their headers
with the closest wikipedia article title/s

and google should index these
with a special keyword
eg "wikiarticle:Ajax_(programming)"

but even more
we can categorise filetypes

and even more, i now propose
an ontology wiki
eg "ontoclass:business/merger"

that encourages experiment
and redirects changed classnames automatically

and that uses storycycles
as the macroformat

allowing description of
any random news story
any random wikipedia article
any random web resource

by sketching a universal
usual story

of everyperson (eg their wikipedia biographies)
of everyproduct (eg their history and web resources)
of everyprogram (eg the software lifecycle)
of everyenterprise (eg their corporate history)
of everyfile (its creation and dissemination)
ov everyword (its etymology)
of everyidea (its genesis and evolution)
of everyspecies (its selection pressures)

so that the metadata
for any given object
can emphasize precisely
those 'slots' in the usual storycycle
where the object's particular history
deviates from the usual expectations

these storycycles being compiled
incrementally, wiki-fashion
by storytellers who understand
the usual range of details
(a storycycle storycycle)

with an ongoing appreciation of the impermanence
of particular wording
or particular orderings

software storycycle
biography storycycle
business storycycle
hardware storycycle


09 March 2007

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06 March 2007

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05 March 2007

The filetype storycycle

in robotwisdomese translation
the 'mirror neurons' meme
looks like:

robot views (external) video of robot action

robot refers to
reflects on
subjective (internal) knowledge
of how and why
any robot might act that way

but while aristotelian
euclidean newtonian
hierarchies of features
work smoothly for external views

they don't
for internal
subjective reflexive views
of actions-in-action

every opcode or function call
in whatever context
changing some particular values
among all possibilities

so instead of aristotelian hierarchies
we need instead
joycean storycycles
like finnegans wake (or solace)
tracking an everyman's
usual universal
branching storypath

and unexpectedly
this can be neatly illustrated
using the aristotelian 'filetype' category

filetype: text
filetype: image
filetype: audio
filetype: video
filetype: data
filetype: code

and a filetype storycycle

bored curious ignorant interested

knows repertoire of search strategies
(peculiar to each filetype)
engines archives indexes blogs forums fringes
searchpatterns query-etiquette

accessing textlists of file urls
(with brief descriptions)

using file-viewing tools peculiar to filetypes
formats metadata compression bundling
internal structures and sequencing

winnowing useful from useless
identifying masters and wastedumps
retracing others' search skills
comparing their ratings
sharing one's own skills and ratings in forums

identifying gaps among useful files
of a given filetype
and choosing to author a new file
to fill that gap

using file-authoring tools also peculiar to filetype
skills standards practices masters
structures objects sequences

and finally file publication
injecting into others' searchstreams
for free, or not
maximising visibility
monitoring feedback channels...

[fill in the blanks]