26 October 2007

Cultural literacy: Music

Thelonious Monk

Kate Bush

Joni Mitchell

Hal Willner

Incredible String Band


Michael Hurley

Mary Coughlan

Marta Sebestyen

Cocteau Twins


Scott Joplin

Van Dyke Parks

Rickie Lee Jones

Michael Franks

Elvis Costello

Cyndi Lauper


Bob Dylan

Neil Young

Leon Russell


Michael Jackson

Dead Can Dance


They Might Be Giants

Alanis Morrissette

Tallis Scholars


Laura Veirs

The Most-of-Bjork jukebox

I admire Bjork's persona more than her music, so I compiled this exhaustive chronological iMeem playlist to search for goodies I might have missed:

'Poem Noir' by Bill Knott

[Denis Johnson writes in the author's note to his 1996 Already Dead (called somewhere the best Robert Stone novel not written by Robert Stone) "This creation is not my own. I owe the deepest thanks to the genius of Bill Knott [b.1940], whose 'Poeme Noire' [sic] provides the plot of this tale, and to his wonderful kindness in letting me elaborate on it as I've done." The poem is indeed full of spoilers for the novel.]

POEM NOIR [source]

(Braille Balls)
Angry at my wife I drove out to our
Cottage by the lake. Around 1 AM a March shower
Began to fall and when I went out on the porch
To see it I saw a young man lurch
Into the lake with all his clothes on. There
Was nobody else around, the other cottages were
Dark, as was mine. He kept walking straight out
And soon the water was over his head. I shout-
Ed but he obviously didn't hear. He was trying
To drown himself! So I swam out and grabbed him. Sighing,
I resuscitated him. He lay on our bed
Smiling. Thanks a lot but no thanks, he said.
Then he convinced me that no matter what I did
He was going to commit suicide.
I had an idea: Does it make any difference how
You do it? I asked him. No, he replied,
What do you mean. Well, what about the electric

(I Want My Friends In Woody Lots, With French Toast Up Their Nostrils)
Chair? Would you care if it was that? No,
He said. Well I'll send ten thousand dollars
To anyone you cite, if you'll kill my wife and
Go to the electric chair for it. Yes,
He said, I'll pretend to be a burglar, kill her, then get
Caught. Send the ten grand to N, who rejected me. She'll
Feel sorrier then when I'm dead. He grinned. I
Said, Great. The next night I slipped
My wife 2 sleeping-pills then drove to my brother's
To try to establish an alibi but he got drunk,
Passed out so that was no go—damn.
When I got home I went right to my wife's room where
I found her snoring. What the hell, I said. Then
The phone rang. It was my brother,
He said someone had murdered our father. Father!
I said. A hectic day followed. Police, the tax
Lawyers, not to mention, my worthless alibi.
Finally that night I sat up late waiting for the guy

(Eel-tripled Eyes and Freezing Initials)
Who was supposed to murder my wife. The phone rang. My
Brother had been killed! I was chief suspect
Since I inherited the family millions. Wake up, wake up,
I shook my wife, but the 3 sleeping-pills etcetera.
The police followed me all the next day
But I slipped them. They didn't know I was hitting all the joints
To try and find that young drown man. We
Had a few things to discuss: That night
Down by the deserted docks we fought.
I was slugged into the river and I drowned.
No-one ever saw him. When they found
My body the coroner ruled suicide over remorse at my terrible crimes.
He hbaad [sic?] done the murders but I got the blame.
My wife got all the money, and married him.

When I made the [imaginary] film of this poem I changed the ending: following Hitchcock's example in Vertigo, I added a flashback 2/3rds of the way through—- in which the young drown man (Tab Hunter) reveals her husband's scheme to the wife (Dorothy Malone): they then plan the other murders; the conspiracy inspires them to sex of course. Later after the husband (Rex Reason) is convicted, rich soon-to-be-widow Dot jets off to Acapulco, up into a penthouse suite where Tab, who had earlier mysteriously vanished, welcomes her with open sheets and champagne to celebrate their successful plot... Next morning they breakfast on the sunny balcony overlooking a swimmingpool; she goes in to take a shower, she leaves him gazing down at 20 storeys: she comes back naked with a turban towel on but he's nowhere there: she hears distant screams which draw her to the balcony railing where she leans over zoomshot to see his dark-robed body sprawled dead on the bottom of the pool below. Then she hears knocks and voices at the door: "It's the police, Mrs Reason... We have some questions for you." The End.


25 October 2007

Toward a unified model of information

[thoughtmesh edition w/extra links]

my whole life since
maybe 1969
i've been struggling to write
a single book

with an evershifting shape but always
a psychology text
that at least sketches an outline
of human motivation
viewed thru a literary lens

like 'the sims XVI'
in textbook form

like solace perhaps
a composition of extracts
of nuances

like brainfeathers or finnegans wake
everyman's everyhistory

like laws of form or antimath
built up elegantly
from a single bit

like a pattern language for literary patterns

like polti or roget
a classification of plots
of story skeletons

like knuth a catalog
of data structures and algorithms

like cyc
a knowledgebase of common sense

like adler's syntopicon
an inventory of philosophies
wisdom marked up for robots
like the semantic web

a hierarchy of metadata
most urgent first

a constitution
for some possible utopia

and now centered on
colored lines in spacetime

x normally longitude-space
y simply ordinary time

with one line per
true human lifestory

and now with a suggested
simple first coloring

white for happy familymembers
all alike

blue for sad
red for bad

yellow for sickly
or better
for enslaved?


08 October 2007

A 'pagetype' microformat (w/optional heraldic barcodes)


parallel processing : arts
serial processing : sciences

science blindly following
a narrow incremental logical/verbal path

while art makes grand intuitive leaps
on the basis of
rich broad spatial imaginings

even the poet's words
individually reset
into the space of sounds

the novelist's
into the space of everyday life


for the semantic web to work
someone (or some group)
has to come up with a
finite controlled vocabulary that captures
a significant portion of the
important meanings
on the web

and their intent
for microformats
is to break that task down
into manageable subtasks
by attacking
one domain of meaning
at a time

but they're having to confront
the paradox that every domain
is unruly
with a shifting core
of most-important themes
and an infinitely attenuating halo
of subordinate variations

that quickly nudge microformats
towards 'macro' territory

for which pathology i'll propose
an antidote in the form
of heraldic barcodes
that graphically/visually
summarise a domain

using three principal layers:
- a narrow frame of varying thickness and color
- a background pattern
- a foreground icon

and for my
i'll choose (ambitiously)


with heraldicbarcode backgroundpatterns
that symbolically schematise
the distribution of info on the page

simple text as a block of grey
(embedded media colored by filetype)

a heterogeneous list
as a stack of colored bars
(narrow topical range =
narrow spectrum of colors)

uniform list-granularity =
uniform bar-size

ordering principles for lists
(alphabetical newest-1st best-1st
rhetorical didactic ontological)
indicated somehow

one edgerow of icon pixels
could be a logarithmic timeline/changelog
1st pixel = 1992-2000 (8yrs)
(black until the page's creation)
2nd = 2000-2004, 3rd = 2004-2005, 4th 2006
5th 6mos 6th 3mos 7th 45days 8th 20days
9th 10 10th 5 11th 2 12th 1

major/minor content changes
(or even changes of url)
differentiated by color

other edgerows possibly capturing
pageweight, % cruft
topical breadth, completeness, necessity

and finally a foreground icon
shaped to represent the primary
(range of) topic(s):
tech news, celeb gossip, etc
(with colorfill representing... what?)


and if some of this
proves less valuable
than other missing dimensions

one should
in the belly
and tweaks should almost suggest themselves


% cruft
topical scope
% original text
% copied/quoted text
% new images/audio/video/code
% copied ditto
# custom links
# link sources


04 October 2007

La Vita Nuova... not?

for my money
dante's 'vita nuova' outshines
his 'commedia'

and i think everyone agrees
rossetti's versions of its sonnets
beat all

but where on the web
is a simple plain text
downloadable rendition???

norton translation

kline translation

rossetti translation doc


well #-buried


01 October 2007

October 2007 links

Pretty newage glitchmix vid from gIvankevicius (yTube-5min)
Opera-with-a-beat from jRalph (2mp3s, link)

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EarlyNeilYoung-alikes GreatLakeSwimmers (yTube-4min)

'dubstep' = slow buzzy music eg Distance (below) (yTube-8min)

Don't-miss buzzy artvid from Distance (yTube-2min)

Halloween sound-effect samples (2mp3s-30min)

England's Mason-Dixon line (sMaps)

Young Kate Bush (many mp3s)
YoungKateBush-alike Oonagh Ryder (mp3, pic)

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Forgotten NES game-music a sleeper hit in Japan (6yTubes-30min)

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the heron standing on one leg in the bog / Drinks his dark rum all day (NYer-Bly-vshort)

Okay vid for jukepick Nous Non Plus (yTube-3min)
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Dinosaur burrow discovered (SciNews w/pix)
Lots of ISS spacewalks scheduled (NasaTV-multiformat)
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Toward a unified model of information (RWx)
Indiana's Ween-wannabes (17 mp3s)
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Vrare HarryPotter 1st edition (UkG-short)
Iraq revokes Blackwater-et-al immunity (AFP via Harpers)
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Iowa hs paper can't print racism-poll (E&P)
Graphics cards crack passwords fast (NewSci via Sam)
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NyT's idiosyncratic metadata (table via mbox)
188 chronological Bjork songs and remixes (iMeem-reg-req)
Wolfram awards $25k prize for turing proof (arcane via gpost) (65)
UltraHal wins Loebner pseudo-turing contest (pr-arcane w/links)

Kidpic (flickr)
Monitoring JimWatson-on-iq bashing/defending (iSteve)
Lovely 60sec animation of birth (yTube w/notes via pGen)
LA fires atop GgMaps (GgMaps via pGen) [alt]
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Tapestries as pixel-art (NYer-shortish) [GgI]
the quiet boy / wondered how he would remember the scene (NYer-short)
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Synopses of 7 hpLovecraft flicks (Cinem)
Arcane overdubbed 10min Irish self-parodies (Wiki) [7yTubes via eAard]
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Mormons for Equality and Social Justice (UT)
ImogenHeap live acapella multitracking (yTube-5min via cMonk)
'COMFY' = porting C back to machine language? (txt-arcane via Anrchia)

Nice graph of Repub candidate polling (mYg)
TSA hopeless at detecting bombs (USA2 w/popup via gpost)
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New mp3s of Mearsheimer, Finkelstein, Chomsky et al (mWatch w/links)
IMF ignores unflattering stats (Znet-Weisbrot-short)
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Updike on 'Peanuts' (NYer-longish)
the smell of sun and wind, the hotel smell, fresh and sweet (NYer)
Big chunks of Linklater's 'Waking Life' (yTube-search)
'jDub' = jew (dTongue)
'hard dog to keep on porch' = oversexed man (dTongue)

Likeable UK rock vid from Remi Nicole (yTube-3min)
Uterus piñata (flickr)
mAmis vs tEagleton re Islam (UkG-short)
Hip fashion/gossip blog, Jezebel (enjoying)
Respectful Yoko intvu (Arthur-long)
Knit a skunk (pic w/pdf)
Scanned archive of 70s fashion mag 'Rags' (blog via tOccult)
Moon-Venus-Saturn-Regulus (AstroPic)
Return of pjHarvey (nyMag-short)
Pretty new hi-res color Mars pix (NatGeo-5pg)
Gecko-inspired tape stays sticky? (NatGeo-2pg)
Pullman trilogy trailer, posters (Flash-3min) [posters]
MemeWatch: Odd periodic table variants (Make-1pg w/pix)
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All that and a bag of chips (Sinfest)
Zombie-yoga flashmob party in NYC (annc via ttWire)
Iraq chaos facilitates stealing their oil (blog w/link via pGen)
VisualComplexity blog (blog w/rss via iSthtcs)
Lo-tech stove optimised for Darfur culture (Flash-2min via /.)
Lo-tech wind generator uses 'flutter' (Flash-2min via /.)
Awesome highschool idealist brainstorms pollution (Flash-2min via /.)
'meretocracy' = government by the most meretricious (tsia-neologisms)
1997 dLessing story (NYer-longish)

dLessing underwhelmed by Nobel news (Flash-2min)
JohnCusack interviews NaomiKlein (Flash-17min)

New SyHersh video intvu (NYer-Flash-long?)
Zsaj keeps blowin my mind (flickr)
tMonk videos (GgV-search)
Wordless graphic novel of dog and robot (1pg-excerpt)
Online checkers-AI (Chinook)
Zillions of new hi-res Jupiter pix/vids (toc via /.)
GoGos-like 'Teenagers in Tokyo' vid (yTube-4min)
Oktoberfest from above (pic)
Nifty homerun-records graph (NyT-Flash via ET)
42 pix of hippies-in-exile (1pg-phat via lorbus)
Sony accepts iMeem's free-music model (short-pr)
I guess I'm right-brain-dominant (don't-miss-animated-gif)
mostly righthanded though
Mearsheimer on Lehrer/PBS (audio/transcript)

Another luscious colorist (flickr-eg)
Short excerpt from sColbert's new book (ABC via E&P)
NorthernLights panorama (AstroPic-wide)
Achingly hip Kiwi vid from The Veils (Flash-4min)
Beatles albums compressed 8x... then re-expanded (FMU w/mp3s)
Top 50 sites of 2001 revisited (table via gpost)
Random 'grand truths' about human behavior (ET-thread)
Human pee is great fertilizer (sciBlg-short)
Proof-of-concept demos for Flash 1stperson shooter (Flash-2pg via Ktku)
25 yTubes of vstacked actresses (4pg via Cinem)
CharlesSchulz gossip (E&P-longish)
to inhabit the shocked / meadow for a time as one of them (vDaily)
A fave tune from hNilsson's 'The Point' toon (yTube-2min)
Eastern USA bakes while Western shivers (jMast w/map)
Original sSteinberg NYC map (cf yesterday) (1300*1700 jpg)

Newsweek does 'women of power' (multipage via Jez)
Predictable list of best-ever documentaries (list w/links via Cinem)
aFoxman vs rDawkins (yNet-short)
A microformat for webpagetypes (RWx-long-arcanish)
Cool pic (flickr)
PetShopBoys video embeds barcoded info-URLs (short-no-links) (yTube-4min) [more-3min]
anWilson rave for Pullman trilogy (UkTel-short)
Oxford: 'Every aspect of war on terror has been a disaster' (AFP via Sam)
NewRepublic cover Steinberg-izes Walt-Mearsheimer (small-pic)
Kids torture-test $350 Pleo robot dinosaur (yTube-5min)
4 childlike bands at Montreal show (sGram w/mp3s, vids)
Giant list of nonfriv web2.0 generators (1pg via angusf)
NicoleK's annus horribilis (Cinem w/links)
Cspan reveals support for Walt-Mearsheimer (mWeiss-short)
Israel Lobby = 'cosa nostra' (mWeiss)
Mnpls play parallels 'Ulysses' (local)
Religious experiences induced electromagnetically (SciAm-long via /.)
Borges story read by pTheroux (20min-mp3)
Backstory on 'Young Frankenstein' musical (NYer-short)
Lawrence the handyman is singing the blues / in a soft falsetto as he works (NYer-shortish)
Brainscans reveal consciousness behind comas (NYer-long)

Pretty/fey Israeli chanteuse (blog w/mp3s)
SmothersBrothers teevee family history (FMU-long)
YellowBrickRoad yellow = C0B352? (friv)
1000*700 skymap of galaxies-density (multiformat-arcane via AstroPic)
Big sites use Linux/Apache/MySQL (table via kasei)
Elegant Lego-for-engineers pixbook (80Mb-pdf via ET)
?Best-ever pix of dolphin birthing (1pg via proJo)
Cosmic filling station (Sinfest-sunday)
(Was Catch-22 written by Dr Seuss?) (oDinny)

Flickr faces (pool w/rss)
Autistic ClockworkOrange vid from frYars [sic] (yTube-4min via ant)
Wild new anomaly in astro speed-of-light (ucDavis via U2)
73days to RWWL's 10th birthday (custom clock)
Cool night cityscape (flickr)
You ascertain the weather with a fork / and an empty bottle of port (Poems.com)
Topnotch del.icio.us feed (getpost)
5witty preppyrock vid from The Hives (yTube-4min)
'5*' = semi-* = *ish
Classical movie-music cliches (UkG-Queenan via l4Nxt)
Scholarly 30min podcast on StPaul (RelAncMed w/mp3)
CrowCams reveal tool-creativity (NatGeo-2pg-no-vid) [yTube-60sec]
Nice free downloadable Halloween skulls-font (TrueType/OpenType via Make)
SineadOC on Oprah today (short via Vh1)
PrinceHarry sculpted dead as Iraq protest (pic via wSmrch)
tBurton's jDepp-as-SweeneyTodd trailer (Flash-3min via Cinem)
jSiberry/Issa update (Can) [tourdates]
New NYRB incl jMalcolm on GertrudeStein (toc)
Sublime kdLang cover of Joni's HelpMe (UkTel-asx)
Sinfest does AntiMath? (don't-miss)

if you can read this my backpack fell off (tsia-toons)
Grim economic analysis of sexiness's value (NyMag)
'Clueless' script (GeoCities)
Opensource GNU radio update (FMU-arcane)
Another view of the Barger Canon (LibraryThing)
TheyMightBeGiants jukebox w/87 full tunes (iMeem-flash)
Funny old new yOno collaborations (sGram w/mp3s)
Many mini-games on theme 'ball physics' (Jay-blog)
Ten most incomprehensible Dylan intvus (1pg w/yTubes)
dPogue loves the hoaxtop?!?!? (NyT via hAnklt)
Hillary making Sam lose heart (longish)
Giraffes slapping each other w/necks-heads (Flash-3min via Yeeah)
No web-etext of Dante's Beatrice-memoir? (RWx-short w/links)
Undisclosed food ingredients (itTms-shortish)
Top universities are vvvvvrich (iSteve-short)
Forgotten wBu/Gore posturing against Arab racial profiling (iSteve-2000)
Chinese had PIE roots 5ky ago (3Mb-pdf-varcane via eAard)

Small hot critters evolve faster? (PhysOrg-arcane)
10mm frog (SciDaily-pic)
Gentle HandsomeFamily-sounding vid from Scout Niblett (6min-multiformat)
Effortlessly inventive German rap video (yTube-4min)
UCBerkeley posting full lectures on yTube (10pg via Cnet)
Insane pixel-art trick using HTML tables (yTube-2min via lorbus)
Jukepick JoseGonzales in concert (NPR w/wma-Real)
WholeFoods = 'terribly benign kind of evil' (SF-CD)
IMF spreads AIDS in Africa (cPunch)
$300 robot-boy w/facial expressions (blog w/yTube-90sec)
SyHersh blames 'Jewish money' for Iran warbeat (mWeiss) [source]
jStewart to cMatthews: "I'm trashing your PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE" (yTube-7min via proJo)
DePalma defends his Iraq doc (vVoice)
rScheer's Blackwater critique (Nation-short)
New Heart Device Allows Cheney To Experience Love (Onion)
Vdisappointing Colbert/Mearsheimer (Flash-5min)
'Extreme' Jungian personality archetypes (1pg via eAard)

MillaJ at 193 lbs (pregnant) (pic via Yeeah)
2ndLife stickiness = 12 or 329 mins/month (nwNotes)
#7 (Two Rainbows) by Daisy DeBolt still knocks me out (wma-5min)
Mearsheimer/Walt on Colbert tonight (site)
Weird retro expressionist vid from cDargel (4min-QT)
Lovely ballad from Missy Higgins (yTube-4min)
Protein-fold comparison refines evolutionary tree (sRef-varcane)
Roomba owners tolerant of flaws (AP-yHoo via Engdgt)
1% of all wildebeests accidentally drowned (NatGeo)
More beauties from Zsaj (flickr)
Best entries in Nasa-slogan contest (Wired-blog)
Previews of all tunes on Joni's 'Shine' (Flash-?20min)
ABC-gum + makeup = halloween 'scars' (Flash-60sec via Make)
Awesome SimpsonsGame EverQuest-parody (Flash-60sec)
Subtly electrifying dLynch Gucci ad (yTube-60sec via iWatch)
Trompe l'oeil 'wireframe' car (1pg-pix via iSthtcs)
The Journal of Actual Imaginary Friends (LJB-toon)

3 tunes from new Joni (NPR w/wma/Real)
Melodic mideast rap from Ian Brown (yTube-4min via ant)
An illustrated 1899 'alphabet of celebrities' (pGut-1pg-phat)
US inflation stats omit food and energy (Slate via iGreed)
50 best movie dystopias (1pg-loong via Fim)
Sweetpotato burritos (recipe via eAard)
New Hersh on Iran (NYer-long)

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