23 February 2006

Visualising calorie consumption

that drop of gasoline
that generated a hypothetical
watt-hour of electricity

contains 0.86 Calories of energy

a sugarcube, ten times that
(ten drops of gas)

an egg, 100 times (100 drops)
(you burn this much energy in an hour
just sitting)

a bowl of Oreo-flavored breakfast cereal
or a cup of whole milk, 150
(an hour at the computer)

a 16oz soda 200
a Krispy Kreme, a Dove Bar, or a cup of rice(!?) 300
(an hour walking)

a Big Mac, a large fries, or a large shake, 600
(an hour jogging or biking)

a cup of roasted nuts, 1000
(an hour racing)

a cup of peanut butter, 2000
a pound of waistline fat, 4000

a cup of 2800 drops of gasoline
equals 2400 calories
a cup of sugar about 800 calories
so 3 cups sugar = 1 cup of gas