06 April 2007

01-23 April 2007 links

'ciclovia' = bikepath (Spanish) (dTongue)
Neocons' declines tallied (Economist via vBoat)
Authorised DarthVader giant helium balloon (pic w/site via tHow)
aGopnik on kAmis (NYer-long)
Dorothy Parker on Aimee Semple McPherson (NYer-1928)
Fabric simulation (Java via mshook)
Long time no Riverbend (blog-no-update)
Nikki Giovanni vs Cho Seung-hui (iSteve)
I'd hit it... (Sinfest-vfriv)
Graph of declining computation-costs (flickr via iGreed)
Bjork's latest video(s) (2 yTubes)
Music-performance biz as con-game (eAard-arcane w/links)
Even CEO Can't Figure Out How RadioShack Still In Business (Onion)
'powwow bunny' = native-american groupie (dTongue)
Backgrounder on Nokia 770 Linux tablet (long via dy)
New NYRB (toc)
One of these is false (oDevrwhr)
PBS/Moyers special on pre-Iraq disinfo (E&P via dy)
Dell snubs Vista (ZdNet via iGreed)
TAL trashed (Onion)
Mellow linkblog (cMonk)
"I've become a running joke" (oDoffice)
No rides in St. Patrick's Cathedral (oDinny)
Kate Beckinsale is new Barbarella (UK-no-pix via Fim)
VirginiaTech killer's one-act play (8of10pg via Sam)
Israel/Palestine sim (gSutra via Waxy)
2005 interview w/Calvin&Hobbes' Watterson (short via Steve)
Google tests categories for search results (Blgscoped)
'Matthew effect' = rich get richer (iGreed w/links)
New TomWolfe on hedgefundmanagerculture (looong via iGreed)
Cellphones blamed for bee die-off (UkInd via Sam)
Brazilian chanteuse Ceu (NPR w/RealAud)
'Pokemon test' = standard for Wikipedia 'fan-cruft' (Wiki via tHow)
'manu militari' = wanking (dTongue)
I [skull] LA (tee via Fim)
250k US bullets per Iraqi killed (UkInd-CD via Sam)
Residential-treehouse movement (IHT-3pg w/pic via dTongue)
GgMaps map-view adds 2.5D buildings (GgOS)
Javascript 6502 trainer (whee via Waxy)
More toon snark (cCrmdgn)
"All I pray for is a gay son" (oDoffice)
"I found them dancing around in a little circle for some drunk guy" (oDevrwhr)
'wilfing' = what-was-i-looking-for surfing (dTongue)
BSOs = 'bright shiny objects' (dTongue)
"A proposal to classify happiness as a psychiatric disorder" (1992-abstract via dy)
Dappled light (ET-pix)
Cosmetics ROI theory (iSteve)
"Bless you." "You don't know me!" (oDinny)
Discouraging stats on dieting (Med via dy)
WaPo rewrites history on the fly (Xym w/links)
Review of "I Am a Strange Loop" (tBray)
New NYRB (toc)
Roller-coaster pov for viewing graphs (GgV-4min)
Bloomies to NyPost: Your readers are our shoplifters (GgW)
1910 ?encyclopedia on 12M index cards (Kircher via Sam)
GoogleEarth for deep space (Flash via vBoat)
Nifty trick for graphing polynomials (arcane via mshook)
GoogleMaps now customizable (ORA via Waxy)
Water-misuse stats (iGreed w/link)
'Overton window' = political-spectrum con-game (Wiki via eAard)
'to seagull' = to slipstream (dTongue)
Realworld Cheney sightgag (yTube-20sec via Steve)
'playdar' = gaydar for swingers (dTongue)
Ruth Rendell resources (recent project)
Radial ontology visualised (pic w/pdf-links)
Recycle your soul (Sinfest)
The alcoholic Easter bunny (oDinny)
Loooong profile of Wolfowitz (NYer)