18 June 2007

01-30 June 2007 links

What Jack Handey looks like (Seattle w/popup)
Google's own list of 'refinement labels' for search (GgCoop-arcane)
Nice gallery of 50-or-so digerati (Biz2-50pg-arcanish)
GoogleMaps directions now support drag-n-drop (Blgscpd-short)
Follow-your-bliss 2.0 (Dilbert)
Montage of filmclips counting down numbers from 100 (yTube-10min via Fim)
Google eBooks (custom search) (GgCoop)
Meth now comes in fruit flavors (local via dTongue)
Custom search-engine for best-books/canons (GgCoop)
GoogleWeb not just blue links anymore (Blgscpd-friv)
Now the visible confirmation of what I knew by instinct / But had never seen: that only strange things could be beautiful (NYer-longish)
Genuine aphrodisiac in pharmco pipeline (sfGate via Fim)
Birdseye-frame-samples views of famous movies (1pg-phat via Fim)
NyT never learns lessons of 1997 Asian financial crash (dBaker)
How much peyote is too much? (NYer toon)
Unsolved mysteries of Rubik's Cube (short via dTongue)
Chomsky vs Mamet (mWeiss)
Suze Rotolo to finally kiss-n-tell... next year (Az via Steve)
Short update on game AI (Boston w/popup via Herself)
New leaks on AmericanTaliban jwLindh torture (Harpers)
Yet another custom Joyce search-engine experiment (GgCoop-looks-promising)
'puddle' = clothes piled for quick donning (dTongue)
'nebulite' = any unidentified rock/mineral (dTongue)
Three Joseph McElroy essays/story (site w/PDFs) [fan]
Foxman/Lobby update (jPost w/pic)
Some useful search tricks (Blgscpd)
Homemade 'digital' DaftPunk video (yTube-4min via eAard Fim)
Rightous NPR show on creativity (esp) in music (ArtOfTheSong w/m3u's)
Only six news outlets mention name of Charleston firetrap's owner (GgN)
'collector of injustice' = (criminal profile) (dTongue)
'precariat' = proles w/precarious jobs (dTongue)
'monday jetlag' = still wants to sleep late (dTongue)
'box office' = cockpit for feminists (dTongue)
That's j-as-in-jeans, o-as-in-oedipus... (alphabet via dTongue)
'Barger Canon' tops 100 items (RWx w/new links)
USA 'detains' Iranian diplomats in Iraq (Harpers w/link)
Spore mysteriously delayed (why doesn't this game excite me?) (short via Fim)
AynRand praises smoking (quote-short)
Less-known iPhone features (Onion-friv)
New GetYrWarsOn (mnftiu-2pg?)
GgNArchive timeline clusters ten IsraelLobby stories since 1980 (GgN-archive)
Short faq on Hamas/Fatah/Gaza/etc (Harpers)
New Hersh on Abu Ghraib (NYer-looong)
GgN: hamas fatah +democratically.elected 200 hits -democratically.elected 20k hits
'chook tractor' = let the chickens plow (dTongue)
New 'Sicko' at GgV (GgV-2hr via Waxy) updated
Canon 2.0 (repurposed-Blogger)
Cut it out, we're white (oDinny)
Hawt chyx who can kick yr ass... at chess (1pg-phat via iJunk)
Tufte profile (NyMag via Fim)
Ribbon-magnets we'd like to see ($8)
News outlets recently mentioning 'Israel Lobby' (GgN-83hits)
'take a zero' = miss a day of metered project (dTongue)
Recursive islands-with-lakes-with-islands (1pg-friv w/pix via Fim)
Stats on recycling's effectiveness (Econ via vBoat)
Where did you learn that phrase?! (oDinny)
New solar power plant in Nevada (pic via Sam)
Little US coverage of USS Liberty 40th anniversary (GgNews-53hits)
USA vs world GDPs (map via StrangeMaps)
New NYRB (toc)
Staples staples (oDinny)
Writing-software real authors use (NyT w/popup via Fim)
Kevin MacDonald's critical articles on Judaism (links via Xym)
Unexploited excrable pun: W = 'Pere wBu' (no hits)
Visualising world diets (Time-16pg via iSthtcs)
Old 'Realist' magazines scanned (site via Xym)
World peace map (via Sam)
Don't-miss animated worldmap of human origins (Flash via tHow)
Soy idolo (spanish)
Killer robots deployed on Gaza border (dNews-no-pix via rGossip)
(Not enough) Jewish soul-searching on Iraq (mWeiss)
West Bank map (FT via Xym)
To better serve our customers construction will be going on for the rest of your lives (oDinny)
That includes annoying little girls with dark brown, curly hair (oDinny)
Crystal skulls, new and less new (blog w/pix via Fim)
Funny Dilbert (Sunday)
New improved Dublin Core, now with added a.i. (varcane via catBlog)
TB-vector conspiracy theorising (Xym-1) (Xym-2)
Documentary on Wiles' solution of Fermat theorem (GgV-45min via iGreed)
Neologisms-list on steroids (RWx-99terms)
Freaky robot toddler (Jp-short w/pic via rGossip)
Was 1976 Entebbe rescue staged? (BBC via Xym)
Profile of UTex lit archives (NYer-loong)
They don't have your ghetto-ass name on a key chain (oDinny)
Do I look like I like to laugh? (oDinny)
Tell me something I don't know (oDvrwhr)
The P. Diddy of 19th century German philosophy (oDvrwhr)
Crazy guy looking at reflection in store window... (oDvrwhr)
'spoon' = person too scary for knife or fork (dTongue)
'redshirt' = small child held back a year (dTongue)
Zappa quote on 'artifact children' (uDict)
Semi-arcane experiments in visual comparison (15pg via iSthtcs)