24 July 2007

18 20+ miscellaneous conjectures

This is a companion to my 01Feb 2005 post on rec.arts.books, Fifty Joycean Conjectures. Percentages in parenthese are my estimates of probability (100% = certainty).

  1. An atmosphere of one molecule will have an identical temperature profile, and a similar pressure profile, to atmospheres of any number of molecules. (95%)
  2. Snowflakes are acoustic standing waves. (85%)
  3. Any pure gas in zero-G can freeze into hexagonally symmetric flakes. (50%)
  4. ATP is like a blasting cap, and enzymes are springy. (80%)
  5. Muscle fibers don't need ratchets, they just use ATP's recoil. (70%)
  6. The pattern of punctuated equilibria is a consequence of sexual stereotyping. (60%)
  7. ESP involves sexuality, scent and low-frequency sound. (50%)
  8. (added Oct2005) The ear is a megaphone/transmitter as well as a receiver. (20%)
  9. (added August 2007) Eyebrows are 'virtual' representations of the shoulders, for signalling purposes; the mouth corresponds to the genitals. (80%/30%)
  10. (added August 2007) Humans retain light body hair to amplify the movements of vermin. (50%)
  11. Human males are closer genetically to chimp males than to human females. (80%)
  12. The first firestarters used meteoritic iron. (30%)
  13. Humans lost most of their sense of smell when they started cooking their food. (40%)
  14. Preverbal language is wiser than verbal. (60%)
  15. Science begins with play, description, and classification. (99%)
  16. Minoan Crete was a brothel of sex slaves, not a goddess culture. (75%)
  17. The Iliad recalls a quixotic Minoan attack on Egypt, not Troy. (25%)
  18. Josiah founded Judaism in 621BC, based partly on Greek models. (40%)
  19. Ezra c400BC reconciled (by duplication) the Jerusalem and Babylonian variants on creation, Adam and Eve, Deuteronomy vs Leviticus, and Kings vs Chronicles. (50%)
  20. These represent the only pre-600BC Bible texts. (30%)
  21. (added Oct2005) Jesus wasn't taken seriously, even by his acquaintances, until they seemed to be getting communications from him, after his death. (30%)
  22. (added August 2007) The gospels confuse Jesus the Galilean with Jesus the Egyptian. (25%) [more]
  23. could deodorant increase the divorce rate? [post]
  24. (added August 2007) Phonographs incidentally record ambient sound as they play. (40%)
  25. Von Neumann was wrong about hidden variables in QM, and he plagiarised Eckert and Mauchly's cpu-architecture. (75%)
  26. A simple line is to orthogonal cartesian n-space as a simple hierarchy is to a fractal thicket. (100%)

[original date 24 sept 2005]