09 March 2007

10-31 March 2007 links

Academic rave for del.icio.us (blog via mshook)
G-rated preview of GTA4 graphics (Flash-2min via jm)
Mossad suckers top Iranian (WaPo via dTongue)
Britta's pretty hair (flickr via mlCookies) [arcane]
All known local ?planetoids (11000*1000 via Waxy)
Chomsky classic 'Manufacturing Consent' (GgV-3hr via Fim)
gWarming clobbers baby seals (NewSci via Sam)
Correct url for Philip Weiss's relocated blog (pWeiss via mWeiss) [rss]
'shut up and color' = mind yr own beeswax (dTongue)
Jeffrey Sachs' quick fix for world poverty (SciAm-shortish)
The Economist on The Lobby (shortish via gRm)
Mathematics of juggling (Boston via dTongue)
ClicheWatch: no-news-is-[not good news] (GgW)
Israeli landgrab timeline (maps via Xym)
'Nashville number system' = key-independent music notation (dTongue)
Useful color-similes searchpattern (GgW-eg-yellow)
Full video version of ThisAmericanLife (flash-?30min via Waxy)
New NYRB incl Soros, LeCarre (toc)
Orwellian experience with 'national security letter' (WaPo w/popup via dy)
I want to be a Gummi Bear (oDevwhr)
Pain-intensity scale (tHow w/link)
New profile of Edward Tufte (1pg-page-images)
Interactive map of Baghdad violence (BBC-Flash via iJunk)
Impressed by Edwards (Sam-short)
'breed' = intentionally infect with HIV (dTongue)
Al Qaeda using chlorine bombs in Iraq (dTech via Sam)
Interesting paper airplane (pic w/links via mshook)
Excellent tween NumaNuma-ization of Crazy Frog (yTube-3min via dY)
Looooongshot evidence of Jesus's genealogy (Ralph-arcane)
New adult trike design (pic via Sam)
Special Iraq retrospective (Onion)
New GeorgePacker on Iraq (NYer-loooooong)
Democracy of the Spectacle? (Sam-don't-miss)
Melancholy Madeleine Peyroux video (yTube-4min via eAard)
Pakistan tinderbox update (FT via dy)
A kind word for Walmart's banking dream (iGreed-short)
'Marxist glue' = poster paste (LA via dTongue)
Thermopylae reality-check (Star vis Steve)
NYer adds recent poems (rss)
5yo boy throwing wad of trash at younger brother: Say hello to my little friend! (oDinny)
also: 8yo boy to younger kid: If we were in prison you'd be my b*tch! (ditto)
US-sponsored network learning from al Jazeera? (aAard-longish)
Four (nonzionist) hoaxes revealed (Xym)
Bloggers vs the Lobby (amCon via gRm)
Hillary Clinton Tries To Woo Voters By Rescinding Candidacy (new Onion)
also this: "Florida caught on fire and sank on Tuesday."
'hajji juice' = Iraqi moonshine (dTongue)
MemWatch: "love's lies" (GgBks-arcane)
The blankets they give the Indians / Only make them die (lyrics-1977) [Az]
Contrarian theory that nerves transmit by sound (CBC via eAard)
Hidden Iraq costs to top $2T (nStats via dy)
Natty lullabyes (tBray)