06 March 2007

14Feb-09Mar 2007 links

Chaucer's back (arcane w/poems)
New NYRB (toc)
New Yorker adds rss feeds (multi)
Finnegans Wake in Basic English (arcane-vshort)
Backstory on Israeli 9/11 celebrants (cPunch via Xym)
9/21/2001 targets: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran (dNow via Sam)
Earliest uses of 'you haters' (GgG-arcane)
'skankie' = caribbean gigolo (dTongue)
'anti-fit' = fashionably poor tailoring (dTongue)
Rave for Wii bowling-sim (Dvorak)
World thinks Israel sucks (BBC-poll via Sam/NPR)
Mountain-biking as self-help metaphor (iGreed-short)
Daylight-saving switch scarier than Y2K (ZdNet via iGreed)
W promotes salmonella (AP w/graphs via eAard)
'free-bagging' = shoplifting w/checker's help (dTongue)
Hot new DeanBaker book $20 (Az)
Eloquent post-feminism (Sinfest)
Depressive-programmer life flowchart (Achewood-friv via pSang)
Cute baby orangutans w/baby tigers (AP w/pix, popup via eAard)
Red moon rising Sat night (Nasa via vBoat)
'snow nose' = dog-nose that changes color in winter (dTongue)
Fed blowing smoke at small investors (dBaker)
Roach-sized med-robot crawls under yr skin (pTent w/pic via rGossip)
Bumbling Ragtag Regiment Achieves Heartwarming Victory In Iraq (Onion w/pix)
Good day for vBoat (linkblog)
'plus box' = structured search result (GgOs via Waxy)
Steven Millhauser story (NYer-long)
NYer fiction archive (GgW-searchpattern)
New Sy Hersh on Iraq (NYer-long)
Belated vDay toon (Sinfest-sweet)
Huey Lewis bonds with the retarded (sfWkly via Utne)
"She's all kinds of polite." (oDinny)
Chimps use spears hunting bushbabies (SciBlog via eAard)
Short Terence Malick bio (pSang w/link, vid)
...a husband’s worth / of love... (short via pSang)
Thoughtful Chgo linkblog (pSang)
Freakishly long tongue, w/macaroon (oDinny-no-pic)
Wrong Font Chosen For Gravestone (Onion-vfriv)
Cool pic (mlCookies-arcane)
Real-estate bubble moves to Iowa cornfields (iGreed-vshort)
"It’s over. You lost." (new Riverbend)
Discussion of Flickr's structured 'machine tags' (flickr-searchpattern)
Ellen DeGeneres Prepares To Host Academy Awards By Spending Eight Hours A Day In Oscars Simulator (Onion-tsia)
New UN radiation symbol/cartoon (infsthtcs-pic)
Little boy: Evil brain? (oDinny)
Iraqi refugees in USA (Onion-mots-bleak)
Congressional zionists hoedown (Xym)
Backgrounder on defense contractor SAIC (vFair-long via Sam)
New visualisations of pre-humans (NatHist-2pg w/pix)
FBI loses 160 laptops, 160 guns (Onion-mots)
Baby sloth settles into uncanny valley (yTube-1min via eAard)
Hillary vs Rudy... or else (Sam-longish)
Photoshopped statistical visualisations (1pg-phat via infsthtcs)
Al Qaeda stronger than ever? (aAard)
Short funny crime fiction (dYeti)
Cuuuuute baby (flickr-2005)
Bush Cuts Off Diplomatic Relations With Congress (new Onion) [also]
'chiefing' = drawing/writing on sleeper's skin (dTongue)