16 August 2007

August 2007 links part2

DePalma's anti-Iraq-war doc (E&P)
Etexts of all GeorgeMoore's novels (pGut-toc)
Analysing poverty via complex graphs (SciNews w/diagrams)
World's most powerful women (Forbes-list via NPR)
My iMeem playlists, no registration required (I don't think) (RWx-phat)
Jukebox fave: Chomsky Spring Break (DeptOfEagles w/mp3s)
JodieFoster intvu-update (NyMag w/pic)
10Myo bee w/orchid-part in amber (NatGeo-pic)
Cut-n-paste penguin-doll (gif via Make)
BayArea couple open book-collection to public (itT)
Latest Joni gossip (CA)
Coherent Jewish critique of cAmanpour's series (jJourn)
Narrow GgW search to freshest content (GgOS)
More sneaky wBu bailouts (dBaker)
Documentary on jLennon's 40 ?fave tunes (GgV-48min via iGreed)
'piquerism' = stabbing fetish ()
Even whatter (blogsci) (RWx-GgSss-wiiiiide)
Decent franticfrenzy vid from Nico Vega (Ant w/QT, Flash)
Shamefully compelling 'Jackass' game previews (jStiq-4pg w/Flash)
Heartbreak-driven side-scroller (Jay w/Flash-link)
Prefab-housing gallery (Cnet-20pg)
Wikipedia = 750-vol not-Britannica (pic-friv via sValues)
'IGMFU' = i got mine f*** you (dTongue)
ee cummings' forgotten 2nd novel (laTms-bkrev)
pWeiss rave for Lobby book (mWeiss)
AFP story on IsraelLobby book (meTms)
GgBooks = shoveltext? (GgOS w/link)
Jes goofin (RWx-arcane)
Tearjerker trailer for jCusack 'Grace is Gone' (Flash-2min via iwStuff)
JamesBrown c1977 demos dancesteps (yTube-2min via jGerm)
PseudoGonzo arson burns BurningMan man (lSquid via tOccult)
Anti-Walt-Mearsheimer heavy artillery deploying for 04Sept (rss-able GgNews)
200k pdf sheetmusic for my fave Joplin rag, 'Bethena' (pdf via iJunk)
Wikipedia = 750-volume Britannica (diagram via Blgscpd)
A.I. looks (vclosely) at prepositions (varcane via dTongue)
By contrast, there will probably never be any massive multiplayer online Henry James novels (chE-don't-miss via eAard)
"More bailout, please" (DJIA-rout)
LOLfredo, et al (mnftiu)
Extensive Tegan&Sara sampler (iMeem-43tunes)
Google readies mobile Linux? (Engdgt-short)
Another online PhotoShop wannabe (fFlex-Flash)
Another analysis of wBu vs GrahamGreene on Nam (cPunch-long)
Great batch of new NYer toons (cBank-1pg)
Static electricity still full of surprises (PhysOrg-short-no-pix)
Whimsical MrScruff 'Fish' song (iMeem-4min)
Short demo of vvvvlo-tech multitouch interface (yTube-60sec via Waxy)
Unauthorised bio of Drudge (NyMag -long via wBench)
Postmortem on MissTeenUSA video (below) (WND via wSmirch)
Sad OwenWilson gossip (NyPost w/popup via wSmirch)
Potatofield from above (pic)
Pretty LauraVeirs tune, 'Magnetized' (iMeem-3min)
$8 ?canteen toprated (Slate w/pix via pJo)
Dainty bulls preserve Mythbusters' chinashop (yTube-4min via pJo)
Baby hedgehogs bond with scrubbrush (UkMail via gPost)
Fun yodelling from jukepick Stimmhorn (iMeem-reg-req?)
Daddy longlegs confirm continental drift (Loom w/maps)
Cuba-trip + fines < surgery in USA (Onion-mots)
Neocons target Arabic-language schools (Znet)
New 'Simpsons Game' sounds decent (Ktku)
Console sales trends (gSutra-1pg via Ktku)ToriAmos intvu/update (pMatt via nyMag)
Megalomaniac Dali on (vgenteel) What'sMyLine (yTube-10min via eAard)
DC megabucks behind Allawi 'coup'? (Harpers w/links)
Boring new Cassini pix (Saturn2day)
The Bible atop GgMaps/GgEarth (site via raMed)
Nice flower abstract (flickr)
7-letter 1965 poem still controversial (pFound)
Pic of 'hole' in universe (NatGeo)
Free classic-lit mp3s (site via lf)
Capablanca, Kramnik rated tops by algorithms (cBase-2006 via benoit)
WSJ embalms LOLcats (w/pix via AngusF)
How to tell coffee-drinks apart (chart via AngusF)
Mindbogglingly inarticulate Miss Teen USA runner-up (yTube-50sec)
Ikea merit badge (pic-friv via wLotta)
Seven fave WaxTailor tunes (iMeem-reg-req-oops)
Eight short memoirs about family dinners (NYer-toc)
Another soda/caffeine table (SciNews)
Interview w/sibling piano-freaks '5 Browns' (yTube-7min-arcane)
'Spore' p.s.: "The line WAS the ride" (Ktku)
'Spore' more toy-set than game? (Ktku w/Flash-2min)
Decent triphop vid from MassiveAttack (Karmacoma) (yTube-5min)
MemeWatch: 'zero friends' (GgBlogs-meh)
Kiwi, how-to (tiny-toon via nTndo)
Firefox's plans re microformats (arcanish via jGerm)
Some recent bumper stickers (Sam-vshort)
Backgrounder on crime-master Michael Connelly (NPR w/audio)
20 old games that were hard in interesting ways (gSutra-1ph-long via l4Next)
Montage of clips where Fox incites Iran-attack (yTube-3min)
Democratic Mob Censures Bush In Effigy (Onion)
Who-sings-what on hHancock Joni-tribute (jNews)
Scans of PeteDoherty's journals/snapshots (4pg-arcane-phat) [zips?] [via/rave]
Kubrick filmfest in Seattle (local)
Six mellow AlanWatts meditations animated (Flash-20min via MeMo)
Coffee-creaming for engineers (pic via iSthtcs)
Pencil graphite + car battery = emergency light (Flash-100sec)
Three little pigs 2007 (oDinny)
Rackham's PreRaphaelite 'Alice' (13pix via eAard)
Meh performance of Roches' supreme 'Hammond Song' (yTube-5min)
BttF timetravel graphed in time (gif via nTendo?)
Deconstructing wBu's GrahamGreene-abuse (E&P-arcanish)
A dozen mistakes newspapers' websites make (E&P-list)
Ringtone-ad-absurdam (dYeti-vshort)
PhilG's 2.0 approach to teaching compsci (blog)
oRedenbacher admen perish in Uncanny Valley (CA) [yTube]
Neat critique of WSJ-on-l33tsp34k (dTongue w/link)
Hollywood herpes contagion speculation (graph via lf)
Creepy update on bedbug renaissance (NPR w/audio)
Parents risk kids' lives on CBS reality-show for $5k (sGun-22pg w/summary)
Small towns passed through me (poems.com-short)
Surprising-to-me ranking of 100-best-ever games (pcGamer-2pg)
Long spoiler-free rave for Bioshock (pcGamer-1pg w/pix)
Cooking safely with aluminum (cEngnrs)
PinkFloydish homebrew from Oral Constitution (FMU w/mp3s)
Chessgames visualised in 2D/color (cBase-1pg w/pix)
Lunar eclipse Tues morning (US map)
Detailed analysis of Iraq oil-law scam (Znet-longish)
Detailed contrast of USA-vs-Venezuela democracy/constitution/history (Znet-long-arcane)
Upbeat update on low-power fm radio (itTimes)
Jorn Barger (Wikipedia template) (RWx-long)
Decent mp3 from 'Holy F***' (mRobots)
Snarky old WoodyAllen interview w/Billy Graham (vVoice w/2yTubes)
Sublime-to-ridic 'Brazil' score-abuse (NyMag-1pg-5yTubes)
Comparing classy NYC frozen yogurts (NyMag-table)
Complete scifi graphic story, 'The Workman' (NyMag-1pg)
Amusing bEhrenreich on recession (Nation-shortish)
You vote for 25 alltime best foreign films (nominees-list via cMonk)
IraqWar runs on RedBull (cPunch)
"How does this work?" (oDoffice)
MartaSebestyen's homepage has some tunes (HU w/mp3s)
Funny retro/music yTubes (WFMU)
KanyeWest gets back to his cracker roots (Flash-5min via FMU)
WaPo employs 4 fulltime cartographers to draw maps (ET-thread)
NPR zionist bias (RWx-vshort)
Summary of mortgage bailout scam (dBaker-shortish)
Some yTube vids now have clickable crawl-ads (eg via Blgscpd)
Sun's vvvlo-pitch sounds resonate on Earth (NewSci-arcane)
More uncanny-valley girls (nwNotes-1pg-phat)
PopMusicTheoryGeekBlog #1 (iMeem w/tunes)
GirlFrenzy musicfest w/sCrow, aLavigne, fApple (GgNews-latest)
The Wreck of the F. Scott Fitzgerald (oDoffice)
My faves from giant CocteauTwins jukebox (iMeem-14tunes)
Tabloid-headline generator (jpegs via lmg)
Nicely-done catalog of music-vid cliches (sMouth-1pg-phat w/yTubes)
Update on mysteries of Titan (Saturn2day-short)
Labor-oriented view of Utah mine disaster (Znet-shortish)
Generate ?chladni patterns w/old speaker and cornstarch (1pg via Make)
15of108 foreign-policy experts cite Israel as worst problem (jPost) [more]
"I thought that was metaphorical" (toon via Xym)
Long summary of tDunc suicide gossip (NyMag-1pg via Fim)
How to store fruits&veggies (rSimp-1pg via digg)
CocteauTwins jukebox (iMeem via sMouth)
Semi-obscure videos from bands-we-miss (1pg w/yTubes via digg)
Drudge the millionaire (LaT-hk via Sam)
Dark matter visualised (AstroPic)
Bureaucracy invades Wikipedia-process (blog via eZ)
BitTorrent brainiac ponders dirtybombs (bCohen-arcane)
Causes of bird deaths (graph via hAnklet)
Rummy booted for opposing surge? (Cnsrtium-Parry)
Hard To Tell If Wikipedia Entry On Dada Has Been Vandalized Or Not (Onion)
$40 recharger resuscitates alkaline batteries (kKelly via Make)
Earbud cable doubles as tape measure (1pg via Make)
'BioShock' for Xbox2 gets best reviews evar (jStiq w/links, pix)
NyT publishes op-ed by antiwar GIs (NyT via E&P)
Ghastly video for stunning Stewart/Gaskin LeslieGore cover (yTube-4min)
Pinsky two-liner 'XYZ' (Atlantic-yes-that's-all)
Spike Jonze's "How They Got There" (yTube-fave-3min)
cAmanpour outs 'God's Jewish Warriors' on CNN tonight? (blurb)
cAlexander in 1996 on origins of pattern languages (1pg-loong via Anrchia)
Fed chair held to lower standards than janitor (dBaker-short)
Rave for 1968 'Boston Strangler' flick (blog-shortish)
Arty portrait (flickr)
'Goodfellas' original hHill doing outsider art (vVoice w/pix)
UnderexploitedMemeWatch: 7yr beer blessing from LotR (GgW-9hits)
Sweet lo-tech French vid from MlleK (yTube-3min)
'Surge' a bust (vVoice)
ABCnews backstory on convicts dancing 'Thriller' (yTube-7min via Vh1)
Wallpapering fog (Dilbert)
gWarming intensifies forest-fires qualitatively too (MT via Sam)
Hoaxtop connectivity-cost estimates soaring (OLPC)
Hedgefund apology-letters 2.0-ified (iGreed-don't-miss)
'Texas bull's eye' = postfacto target (dTongue)
Too old for particleboard (oDinny)

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