01 May 2007

24 April - 10 May 2007 links

SCTV's Doug'n'Bob McKenzie update (Maclean's-no-pix)
Overelaborate overobscure pun (ark-2002)
RW>JB (GgBattle)
Global watersheds map/s (?Flash-clumsy)
Survey of great long cinematic tracking shots (1pg w/yTubes via Fim)
More proof DU is deadly (UkG-CD-short via Sam)
World's Emotionally Strongest Man Competition (Onion)
'zero one zero' = no breakfast or dinner, just lunch (dTongue)
'pebbling' = throwing ?ideas out to encourage kids to ask questions (dTongue)
Tom Wolfe's prosodic inspiration (GgBooks-extract) via [Nwswk-short]
Zadie Smith story (NYer-shortish)
...Put them together and you get domestic abuse (oDvrwhr)
Nothing is more powerful than Jesus! He die; he get up! (oDvrwhr-tsia)
Underexploited meme: "distressed muffin-man" (GgW-9hits)
Special women's issue (new Onion)
Banksy profile (NYer-looong)
eKolbert on CERN collider (NYer-looong)
Update on anachronistic 2kyo Antikythera Mechanism (NYer-looong)
Short profile of performance artist Chris Burden (NYer-schj)
McSweeney's-worthy list (dYeti)
Fascinating obscure tome: "Child Effects on Adults" (Az-oop)
Visualising music-faves histories (pix via iSthtcs)
Raven psych (Spiegel via Brsta)
Iron John Junior? (iSteve)
Extra-Slanty Italics Introduced For Extremely Important Words (Onion)
Ongoing personal neologisms list update (RWx)
Punk rock yoga (Macleans-shortish)
Julie Christie update (NYer-shortish)
Fancy graphs of Wikipedia's most-visited (1stMonday via iSthtcs)
More childhood ulcers, less asthma and allergies (iGreed w/link)
Take control of your life... (oDoffice)
5 reasons Vista sucks (list via Anrch)
Conway's Game of Life in one line of APL (via Anrch)
RWWL as Tumblr tumblelog (RWt-experiment) [nevermind, too restricting]
Brainy hacker blog (Anarchaia via dTongue)
New Pizza Lover's Pizza Topped With Smaller Pizzas (Onion-pic)
Interesting Wikipedia-authoring visualisation (iSthetcs w/links)
Good batch of NYer toons (cBank-1pg)
Dilbert on origins of 'My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable'? (friv)
Rummy, Condi cited parody as historical fact (iSteve)
CBS To Release Own Version of NBC's The Office (Onion)
CircuitCity's CEO's dumb move (dBaker-arcane)
Who told thee that thou wast naked? (short-extract)
"Apprentices. You know, the bracket things." (oDoffice)
TomTomorrow's pre-Iraq neocon quotes (jpg via gRoom)
Transcript of Moyers on pre-Iraq disinfo (PBS-looong via Sam)
White-on-white violence claims columnist Herbert Kornfeld (Onion)
'declare email bankruptcy' = delete unread backlog (dTongue)
'kuf' = non-Muslim (dTongue)
Iraq GIs carry superbug to USA via VA hospitals (Feb-Wired-5pg)
WmFBuckley defects on Iraq (NatRev via Steve)
New CDs from Bjork and Tori Amos (NYer-sfj)
Patti Smith poem on Virginia Tech (NYer-short)
conde nast is still by far the most net-illiterate publishing giant
Cellphones-kill-bees was a hoax (UkG via jm)
"I deserve someone that I won't cheat on" (oDevrwhr)
"when they own the information They can bend it all they want" (hip vpop lyric)
'bye-bye syndrome' = toddlers killed sneaking out to say byebye (dTongue)
Freeware deletes (eg) Dell startup junk (site via GgOS)
Little boy, proudly: That's because I'm more into girl stuff than boy stuff! (oDinny)
1000s of Wikipedia articles cribbed from public-domain 1911 Britannica (list-200pg)
"This [Simpsons] movie has been rewritten more heavily than any human document" (Newsweek-passim)
Yuri Gagarin's global BurningMan spinoff (via Tchnoccult)
Brecht poem vs "The Life of Others" (Harper's-2pg-arcane)
Short Wolfowitz/WorldBank faq (Harper's)
On pentacles at Arlington (Onion-mots)
Hide the silver (thx)
Update on music-transcription algorithms (SciNews)
Baghdad finally too burnt for Riverbend (blog)
91% of Egyptians approve attacks on GIs in Iraq (aAard-stats)
Sinfest meets Cute Overlords (vfriv)
From Milton to cuddles (oDinny-1-liners)
"I think the problem is in my brain" (oDevrwhr)
Termites are just sneakier cockroaches (BBC via iJunk)
Hollywood scraping bottom of pkDick barrel (NyPost via Fim)
Middle East Conflict Intensifies As Blah Blah Blah, Etc. Etc. (Onion-longish)
Goldfish Teetering On Edge Of Sanity (Onion w/pic)
IQ-vs-wealth scatterplot (iGreed)
Airline humor (oDinny-1-liners)
President Bush Reaches Out To Nation's Fallen Bees (Onion-Flash-audio-only)
WallStreet hungry for faster numbercrunching (iWeek)
David Lynch self-interview (Utne-excerpt)
Humans optimised for hot-weather marathons? (Barista)
Five Reasons Why iPhone Will Win (iGreed)
GIs shun 16-lb robowarrior system (pMech-4pg w/pix, popups)
Hackle-based video (Infsthtcs)
Water too watery (oDinny)
Short list of bicyclers killed by car-doors opening (ouch via iJunk)
Huge list of pharma-linked violent crimes (looong via Sam)
ClicheWatch: "generous mouth" (GgBooks-600hits)