21 May 2007

11-31 May 2007 links

Archived Onion 'area man' articles (GgW-400hits)
MemeWatch: "quality of the silence" (GgBooks-200hits-arcane)
Top Iraq 'benchmark' is privatised oil (tOut via Sam)
GoogleMaps hosts applets (GgOS)
Tiny tax on financial trades would solve many problems (dBaker-shortish)
Blog outs CIA guys (pix via Anrchia)
hBosch statues $20-50 (store via Fim)
MySpace Outage Leaves Millions Friendless (new Onion)
NYer toon: mantises (cBank)
Tips for filtering Gmail (GgOS)
GgImages 'imgtype=face' (Blgscpd)
Best new Linux games (1pg w/pix via Anrchia)
Tree grows around bike (pic via Anrchia)
New NYRB (toc)
You're supposed to say no (oDvrwhr)
Your co-captain... also Greg (oDvrwhr)
If you loved me... (oDvrwhr)
Black-people-scary vs Appalachian-scary (oDvrwhr)
Ron Paul tells mideast truths to Bill Maher (yTube-10min via gRoom)
Where Pepsi is preferred (Flash-worldmap via Fim)
'The Sims' live-action pop-metaphysics movie (short via Fim)
'gutbomb' = eg poutine (dTongue)
'hero shot' = showy longshot (dTongue)
Third-person pluperfect indicative (tHow-short-friv)
im in ur essay/ next to judith butler block quote (Chaucer-arcane w/pix)
Don't-miss political music vid, '16 words' (yTube-4min via vBoat)
Promising 'Sicko' trailer (MichaelMoore) (yTube-2min)
Webjay closing (vshort via Waxy)
Ruby for kids for Windows (free download via Waxy)
Home-office romance ends in disaster (new Onion)
DeanBaker silently moved his rss feed (rss-grrrr)
Flies capture two hundred miles of new flypaper (Sam)
Calvino-esque NYer toon: dwarf planet (cBank)
Simulating queuing for epidemic-vaccine (SciDaily-arcane via dTongue)
'take-away' = adworms? (dTongue)
Robots meet pirates meet scuba divers (rGossip w/pix)
Godfather/DoJ-revelations mashup (yTube-60sec via Harpers)
Pullman trilogy trailer (QT/wmv via cMonk)
Meet emo Christ (Sinfest)
Liberating Smithsonian photo-archives (AP via Sam) [flickr]
Dershowitz vs Finkelstein, round 22 (Nation-shortish)
"You have a pattern..." (Dilbert)
Gordon Bell's LifeBits project (NYer-long)
Tenet skirts Lobby (mWeiss-short w/link)
Nice color-visualisation aggregating product ratings (iSthetics w/link)
Short Iraq-update faq (aAard-Harpers)
"I'm gonna go hug that kid. Maybe then his mom will start keeping an eye on him." (oDvrwhr-tsia)
JFK CSI 2007 (WaPo-MsNbc via Sam)
-ize vs -ise (short via dy)
i prefer 'ise' when 'ize' seems too buzzy
More new Google search-experiments (Blgscpd w/pix)
Google's 'more' button on steroids (Blgscpd w/pix)
Falwell's Likud connections (Xym)
Wurmser advocated 'expediting Iraq's chaotic collapse' (Taki via gRm)
Hallmark discovers requiapathy, seprudity, and trepatiousness (Onion-friv)
Grim Iraq war-so-far graphs (pdf-500k via NPR)
Alan Moore on occultist art (intvu-long via Tchncclt)
NPR's best voice (aSeabrook-pic)
a moment of air / held between the hands like a stunned bird (NYer-Merwin-short)
MilkyWay due to collide with Andromeda in 2B years (SciAm-short via Steve)
Nadine Gordimer story (NYer-long)
Open-source not always the answer (tBray-vshort)
GgWeb-Categories update (GgOS)
New NYRB incl tgAsh (toc)
Christopher Hitchens profile (NYer-loong)
NormanMailer movie reunion (NYer-short)
When is my time? Never! (oDinny-poig)
Wikipedia science articles too arcane (blog via Fim)
Blueberry accident (melovescookies-arcane)
Marta Sebestyen music video (yTube-4min via GgBlgs) [fan]
'dangle' = gear you wear that dangles (dTongue)
Michael Moore baits Feds over Cuba's healthcare system (AP-UkG)
Rare, funny Dilbert (Dogbert)
Survey of recent GgW layout experiments (1pg w/pix)
'chirping' = using cellphone as walkie-talkie (dTongue)