30 May 2007

Autobiographical calendar of reading (part two)

[part one]

later 1980s

Kate Bush

Wenders' "Wings of Desire"

Tufte's "Envisioning Information"

Lynda J Barry (comix)

modest successor to Peanuts

Harold Brodkey

awesome prose

Moby Dick

Chimpanzee Politics, Frans de Waal

bonobos bonobos bonobos

Polti's 36 Dramatic Situations

via Joyce, or a.i.?

Mortimer Adler's Syntopicon


WordPerfect 4.0

billgates is satan

love poems


especially graves, millay, teasdale

Peter Redgrove

The Black Goddess and the Unseen Real [Az]

Mary Daly's Wickedary


Blue Velvet (film), Twin Peaks (tv)


Spy magazine

Inside Macintosh docs

Penrose's "Emperor's New Mind"

for the physics and math, not the AI

MoMing (dance venue)

Alexander's "Pattern Language"

Ward Just


George V Higgins

John Carpenter's "They Live"


early 1990s

Manufacturing Consent (Chomsky film)

Reservoir Dogs

Jacques Rivette (films)


also Peter Greenaway

Jellyeye/Bryn Magnus/Shu Shubat (theater)

Oobleck/Jeff Dorchen (theater)

Curious/Jenny Magnus (theater/music/performance)

Mary Zimmerman (theater)

Cyc (ai)


WZRD's latenight freeform, Suspended in Gaffa (music shows)

introduced me to several of my favorite female voices
Stewart/Gaskin, Marta Sebestyen [fan], Mary Coughlan [fan]

Robert Bly

Iron John and especially 'the little book of the human shadow' (jungian psych) [Az]

netnews, alt.religion.kibology

smart, fast, hip, funny
especially Lisa Pea (Elizabeth Higgins)
James 'Kibo' Parry
David Pacheco
Joseph Michael Bay

Michael Parenti

discovered via Pacifica radio show on WZRD

later 1990s

Herring's editions of Joyce's Ulysses notebooks

Martin Amis

a trouble child

Scott Turow

"The 100th Boyfriend"



Ana Voog

web exhibitionist

Armistead Maupin

via the pbs miniseries

Israel Shahak

worldtransforming (gulp!) [fan]

Jeffery Deaver

Thomas Perry

early 2000s

The Bible Unearthed

intro to the new biblical minimalism [Az]

Patrick O'Brian

Philip Pullman



i wear their cap

Jesus Seminar, Crossan, Ehrman


Get Your War On

Dan Brown

Dominick Dunne

Bill James, Peter Bowen, Lynn Kostoff

obscure literary crime

Dean Baker, Sam Smith

political/economic sanity on the Web

Michael Connelly

Wolfram's "New Kind of Science"

Jim Harrison's "Sundog"


The Sims (a.i.)

Schrodinger's Kittens

quantum weirdness resolved! [Az]



Malcolm Brown on Irish history

a must-read for joyceans [fan] [Az]

Never at Rest

fine bio of Newton [Az]

Conrad's Nostromo

some little paperback on graph theory


Carl Hiaasen

Minette Walters

later 2000s

Franzen's Corrections




Ruth Rendell, Patricia Highsmith

[Rendell fan]

[Highsmith review]

Colin Harrison


Against the Day


Joseph Wambaugh

Thomas Harris

Wade's "Before the Dawn"

human origins [review]

Greg Iles, Grif Stockley, Stephen White

school of Turow, mostly

Kinneavy's Theory of Discourse


Overheard in X

the pulse of contemporary speech

Double Tongued Word Wrester

the pulse of neologising

Social Philosophy by Fink

the socioeconomic context of ethical theories [Az]

Ayn Rand's Fountainhead

sillily romantic
but accurate about persecuted idealists, imho

Ernst Mayr "The Growth of Biological Thought"

best-yet inquiry into realworld scientific method