15 September 2007

Blogger.com suggestions

  1. Messing with carefully crafted ascii-art wrapped in PRE tags is lame-as-microsoft. Keep yr mitts off!

  2. after you click 'publish post' you get a page with TWO 'view blog' links, neither of which shows just the one post-- this makes it hard to link it from delicious, and it's problematic if you keep extra (postdated) 'floater' posts always at the top

  3. Authors have a lovely list-view, filterable by tags. Let visitors see something comparable, too. (And let them choose most-recent-first or -last.)

  4. Offer a tag-cloud page. Let authors customise the 'tagportal' page that each tag in the cloud links to, writing a guided overview instead of just listing the tagged posts.

  5. Add a button next to 'Post time and date' that resets it to current date/time.

  6. As the author adds tags, pop up a list of other articles with each tag, and let the author check off which ones are most closely related, to be linked in a 'related articles' list at the bottom of the post.

  7. Let some posts be designated 'floaters' so they stay on top on the homepage (not in the feed, though).

  8. Let each blog automatically spawn a GoogleGroup, and each post to the blog spawn a (potential) thread on GgGroups where comments can be posted.

  9. Offer an automatic link-maintenance service where links within posts are monitored for linkrot, and substitutes offered (via Wayback, if nothing else, or save a cluster of search-keywords that will find similar pages).

  10. Start compiling a library of standard post-types (cf microformats?) like reviews, memoirs, lists of favorites, etc. Automatically maintain an index-page for these. (In general, support more structure in the archives.)

  11. Integrate a del.icio.us-alike database of bookmarks. [more]

  12. Merge full GooglePageCreator functionality.

  13. Maintain version-histories for each page, and traffic stats.

  14. Let some content be designated for-friends-only.

  15. Let some pages be opened as wikis, for-friends-only or for-all.