05 September 2007

September 2007 links pt1

Fire ants prey on baby songbirds (SciDaily)
Succinct counterevidence to wBu's latest lies (CD-Zunes)
gWarming finally opens nw passage in Arctic (PhysOrg w/satmap)
Scotchguard-bong-era videos from Ween (yTube-9min-arcane)
Canadian dollar hits alltime high (Yahoo-graph)
Bland Joni profile (Oz-no-pix)
dClowes/tZwigoff reunite for scifi comedy (short via nyMag)
"Bush Vows Indefinite U.S. Military Occupation of Iraq" (Cnsrtium)
Nice postmortem on Anbar warlord (cPunch-pCock)
Totally sublime orig. version of Roches' HammondSong (Flash-audio-6min)
Stuff you're wrong to think you can't recycle (list via gpost)
Why the Canadian dollar outperforms DJIA (shortish via gpost)
Robot literally ROTFL (yTube-90sec)
Dopey career comparison between kRussell and pSwayze (FMU)
Excerpt from graphic novel about cosmonaut-dog (NyMag-1pg)
wBu's new Anbar warlord... killed (aJ)
140-dixie-cup dodecahedron (1pg via Make)
Documentary backgrounder on Cuba's free healthcare (Znet-review)
"I have sooo many questions about what you just said..." (oDoffice)
Superb survey of pre-Lobbybook pro-Israel media bias (Baltimore-long)
"Jorn, this is your brain (never been used)" (heh-dumb)
Hurricane Humberto blazed from nothing (jMast w/pix)
Music-note kamasutra (pic via vBoat)
MemeWatch: 'aJo' = Angelina Jolie? (GgW-searchpattern)
Longish, balanced review of Lobby book (nStatesman)
Michael Lerner on IsraelLobby (Tikkun-long)
New intvu with Mearsheimer and Walt (fPolicy)
"The Statue of Liberty would be so much cooler if she had a cigarette" (oDinny-tsia)
jkRowling's detailed postscript to hPotter series (NBC-spoilers)
MemeWatch: mmoorriisseettee (GgW-7hits)
Lots of Krishnamurti videos (GgV-searchpattern)
Striking toddler-portrait (flickr-fo2me)
'phonetic symbolism' = supramodal onomatopoeia (Eureka-short-cool)
Freaky triple rainbow (AstroPic)
Ecstatic choreography in one-shot Feist video (yTube-4min via MeMo)
Rhetorical tropes in Homer (Simpson) (About w/popup via lf)
Media watchdog's current list of dirty words (RWx via dTongue )
Dozens of things you can make w/yr printer (list via mshook)
Pre-9/11 art-images of WTC hit by planes (1pg-phat via Steve)
ObL called 'virtually impotent' (Onion-mots)
US food-aid policies slanted towards agribiz (itT)
New batch GetYrWarOn (mnftiu)
Falling stars only millimeters wide (U2day)
More tech suggestions (RWx-multi)
One NNTP-Server Per Child (RWx-short)
Pix of 500yo sacrificed Incan child mummies (NyT-11pg)
PS3 useless for casual gamers (wLotta)
Vrockin lo-tech vid for Pink-like Chungking (ant-Flash-3min)
'Govt 2.0' project (Reuters-Cnet)
Simple model sheds light on macaque society (Eureka)
Jodorowsky on mysticism/movies (Fortean via tOccult)
Interesting graph comparing investment options (WSJ-graph)
IraqWar statistics (Nation-stats)
jKozol hungerstriking against NoChildLeftBehind (Sam)
Kissinger's been IsraelLobbyist since 1972 (AntiWar)
Sims-for-Wii uses Japanime style (Ktku w/vids)
Danish sim of Gaza journalism (review via rpsGun)
Britney lays egg at VMAs (yTube-4min via Yeeah)
New poll of Iraqis rejects 'surge' (aAard-stats)
Coverage of Singularity Summit (GgN-29hits)
Update on 'junk' DNA (SciNews-longish)
ObL and wBu symbiotic twins (Cnsrtium-shortish)
Science fair project: Barbie gets the chair (1pg w/pix via Vh1)
Greenlighted: 'Hamlet 2: the teen comedy' (Cinem-short)
Baghdad infinitely unsafe (cUygur via dy)
New NYRB: Gore, Buchanan, neocons, jMalcolm on email (toc)
Chomsky fears neocons desperate enough to bomb Iran (cPunch-short)
Foxman's anti-Lobbybook ranks #2825 (Az-heh)
New gPacker on Iraq (NYer-long)
Realtime fx for hand-shadow-play (Flash-75sec)
Hedgefunds set to topple like dominoes? (iGreed w/link)
Suggestions for Blogger.com (RWx-longish)
She's so delectable (flickr-Zsaj)
Joni-lyrics formatted as poetry (RWx) [another]
wBu's new Anbar warlord (aAard w/pix)
LOGO/PostScript-like complang to generate cropcircles (arcanish via kasei)
'Sea organ' played by waves (oMusic w/mp3 via lorbus)
Latest Mars lander panorama (2500*1000 jpg via nWatch)
Suggest-a-new-NASA-slogan contest (Wired-thread via nWatch)
Periodic table of visualisation techniques (ajax via iforget)
Needed: periodic table of periodic tables (GgW)
Amazon S3 cheap for online backup (stats via dy)
Weekly GOP scandals of 2007 (list via Sam)
Backgrounder on Israel's liberal Ha'aretz (Nation-longish)
Now-4000+ 'weblog'-like neologisms (RWx-GgSss-wiiide)
Blogging 3.0 (RWx-longish)
The war on terror has been a failure from the moment it started (Sam)
RufusWainwright-soundalike Ferraby Lionheart (Aurgasm w/mp3s)
'tumpsy' = vagina UK (dTongue)
Idealistic chocolatiers, BarkingDog (UsNews)
How jpeg compression works (1pg via gPost)
IsraelLobby up to #18 (Az)
Studying how to act powerful (Esquire-shortish)
Record companies learning YouTube/viral ropes (WSJ)
Arbitrons (radio Nielsens) recalibrated via new 'meter' (WSJ-arcanish)
Short reviews of NYC museum restaurants (vVoice)
Frozen waterballoon 'gems' (1pg via Make)
Media priorities: missing millionaire (2500hits) hijacked democracy (200hits)
Safe landing in Syria for Riverbend! (bBurning)
Buy iTunes at Starbucks (Cnet)
Vdumb vid for vhot Rihanna 'ShutUpAndDrive' (yTube-4min)
AmyWinehouse also sings good (yTube-4min via Vh1)
Mother to toddler: Sounds like someone's breaching copyright! (oDoffice)
Casual philosophy-game, Karma (Jay w/Flash-popup)
Decent batch of postcard/secrets (pSecret-7days?)
Update on FCC vs Internet radio (FMU-arcanish)
Worst. Pizza. Evar. (ySug w/pic via FMU)
Island of avantgarde culture in sea of corn...? (aerial-pic)
StarWars-themed Simpsons intro (yTube-60sec via mBoe)
Free 1995-era 'Command and Conquer' game (blog via bJ)
25 years of 'USA Today' analysed (E&P-arcane)
Teacher: I'll hit you with my Latin stick! (oDvrwhr-tsia)
cHitchens profile (NyMag-looong)
'lucky imaging' = hi-res astro collage trick (NatGeo w/pic, popup)
Mellow puzzle game, Bloxorz (Flash via rpsGun)
Marketing 'fancy candy' (Onion-notfriv)
Tutoring-software claims adaptation-via-AI (pCity-arcanish)
AI sorts recipes by emotive descriptors (MD)
Bloggers give Lobby book its due (GgBlogs-10Khits)
US media too yellow to mention Lobby book (GgNews-NO-majors)
Dizzying Lego Escher (jpeg via vBoat)
Snoozing tGross rockets Lobby book to #32 (NPR w/audio)
'alpha' = data giving investor an edge (iGreed)
'bigature' = giant miniature figure (dTongue)
Onepage "Line Cross Curve" (KateBush) (RWx w/7yTubes)
Backstory on jAlba-sexy-walk pseudosci silliness (bSci via sWill)
Veterans protest 'America's Army' recruitment game (jStiq w/link, vid)
Best puns of 1906 (pGut-looong)
1st review of DePalma antiwar doc (hRep-E&P-short)
Don't-miss most-selfconscious robot ever (yTube-4min via eAard)
Full KateBush 'Line Cross Curve' film (7yTubes-45min)
Mindblowing-in-its-day ClassicalGas animation (yTube-3min)
(Are the rest of these GapJeans dance ads anywhere?) (GgV-30sec)
IsraelLobby authors on FreshAir tonight, on 'Colbert' 02Oct (site via mWeiss)
Latest Iran war rumors (NYer-short)
IsraelLobby book reaches #59 on Amazon (Az)

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