16 September 2007

September 2007 links pt2

Decent punk cabaret from Reverend and the Makers (yTube-3min)
Witty reggaefied Madonna from Tiger Hifi (yTube-3min)
Long profile of sColbert (vFair via lf)
jScahill update on Blackwater mess (Nation-longish)

'Winsor McCay' at YouTube (37hits via nthssm)
Import (eg) vanGogh's colors into yr pix w/Photoshop (1pg via proJo)
Joni: "The God of the Old Testament is the depiction of evil" (NyMag-intvu)
What is 2ndLife-crashing a symbol of? (nwNotes-short)
HuffPo has 1800 bloggers (E&P-tsia)
Odd bug in Excel (arcane via Anrchia)
You need to watch that Sia video again (RWx-yTubes-faves)

'miskin' = frugal trick to reverse cell charges (Reuters-Cnet)
Arabic teevee hit: AmericanIdol for poetry (EI-longish)
Wordless graphic scifi novel 'The Arrival' (NyMag-1pg-excerpt)
Ellsberg sees Iran war as excuse for full-court fascism (Cnsrtium)
19mile space-tether payload-drop fails (latest) [yTube-3min]
Vflat 2Mb USBflash mp3 player for $42 (Engdgt)
French Vogue uses satanic imagery (1pg-pix via tOccult)
Democracy 2.0 site (NPR-Flash via mbox)
Meanlookin' cat (flickr-fo2me)
Schrodinger's microscopy stain (PhysOrg-arcane)
Strawberry runners carry warnings, viruses (PhysOrg-short)
'Go' may yield to brute force (IEEE-short)
Final batch of realistic 2ndLife avatars (1pg-phat)
Vminimalist solar robot design (Make w/15sec yTube)
This year's genius-gleaning (McArthr via cMonk)
1st locked-womb mystery (dYeti-vvshort)
Vcute crossword-puzzle love story (AP-E&P)
Stanford putting NewDimensionsRadio archive online (someday) (AP-UkG)
'Israel bubble' = next irrational exuberance to pop? (blog via i38)
Detailed postmortem on FL student tasering (Wiki)
Volunteer sought to model Ulysses house w/2.0 app (Flash) [data]
Mexico is a vdangerous place (McCltchy via iSteve)
Watchdog group posts all the dirtiest excerpts (multipage-etext via Anrchia)
NyT madly spins Argentinian anti-IMF success (dBaker)
'The Internet Comeuppance of 2001' (iGreed-passim-vshort w/link)
7 amazing giant holes in the ground (1pg via eAard)
Buyables vs disposables (cBank-toon)

38 versions of Weill's September Song (FMU w/mp3s)
Rhodiola tea is antidepressant (SciNews-longish)
Fruit flies unharmed by nanotubes in food (Eureka-arcane)
Ulysses read aloud (4 mp3s so far)
Happy NatlPunctuationDay (site via edV)
Mukasey is Ashcroft-in-a-kippah (vVoice)
Quebec's MrsMiller sings Help, etc (FMU w/mp3s)
Newton almost discovered spectroscopy in 1666 (short via mlclypse)
66 'Simpsons' stills beside their Hollywood originals (1pg via mboed)
jGarofolo adds coupdegrace to mScheuer-vs-Maher (Flash-4min via dDuke)
dhLawrence poems at ProjectGutenberg (pGut-toc)
'Gaia' guru Lynn Margulis a 9-11 skeptic (short via Xym)
Awesome pro-Iran rant from Dilbert creator (blog via Xym) [followup]
the one or two words the living have for gratefulness, / which is a kind of forgetting (NYer-shortish)
10min reading from Kerouac manuscript (NYer-mp3)
Manhattan in 1609 (re-creation) (NYer-11of11pg)
Vpretty harmonies w/noir vid for Clare Bowditch (ant w/17Mb QT)
PopMechanics' prescriptions for future Katrinas (6of11pg)
nVonHoffman on Fed bailout (Nation-short)
Under-Arctic geology supports Russian oilgrab (NatGeo)
GrahamGreene's letters reveal reactionary tastes (UkG-bkrev)
Windows-only logic-puzzle platformer (4Mb download)
Fun French chanteuse Emily Loizeau (2mp3s)
52min soundtrack of lame FinnegansWake movie (FMU w/2mp3s) (yes i've seen it)
US support for Israel has cost $1.6T since 1973 (CSM w/popup via gpost)
mScheuer (on Maher) throws Israel from the train (yTube-7min)
Mashup yr message into Dylan's Don'tLookBack cuecards (Flash via proJo)
1st chapter of Lobby book (NyT-etext)
New NYRB (now has rss feed too) (toc)
Zogby finds 39% blame Lobby for Iraq invasion (graph)
Cheap refurbed GPS (Cnet-Buy)
Its belly was the color of clear water, / a green I could see through (vDaily)
3min simulated glider's-eye Mars tour (sRef w/QTs)
Triphoppy-spooky infrared vid from Emily Haines (40Mb-mp4-5min)
35 UK writers let their workrooms be photographed (UkG-36pg via l4Next)
Okay MrFish toon on Kerry and taser (Harpers)
Interesting dictionary gossip (dTongue)
Scahill on Blackwater (vid plus new Senate-transcript) (Nation w/yTube-4min)
Blackwater overkill reconstructed via witnesses (UkInd-CD)
fDyson (pro) debates WendellBerry (con) on biotech (NYRB-letters)
Colorlovers explore foodcoloring chemistry (blog via proJo)
Vsane ChalmersJohnson intvu on USA/Iraq (CA-local)
Cheap simple homemade lightsabers (1pg via Make)
Impressive blowing-things-up game-physics (Warmonger) (Flash-60sec)
gPalast debunks Anbar warlord... w/aJ's video help (Znet)
[aJ w/yTubes-20min]
Israelis banalifying evil (Haaretz via Znet)
Walmart stocks Bible (in)action figures (itT) [pix]
SallyField was echoing MollyBloom (HfPo-vshort via WaPo)
Superb SyHersh interview (jJourn)
Wikipedia has best coverage of Lobby book? (Wiki-loong)
Unreported collateral damage in nFinkelstein debacle (dVoice)
Joni's new version of BigYellowTaxi (UkTms-2pg w/wma)
'PBHs' = primordial black holes (NewSci)
Autobiographical crayolacubing (RWx)
4-storey 3/4-acre eco-farm concept (tHug w/pix via kasei)
mGondry introduces DaftPunk video, w/background (yTube-7min via ant) [much more]
'Grease' number re-enacted in Legos (yTube-4min via Cnet)
Witty nanosculpture gallery (1pg via FMU)
Speculating on unsexiest movie directors (NyMag-friv)
Media treats tasering as a joke (cPunch)
Sites for finding new music (links-list via trench)
3 cats in boxes (tsia via gmbo)
Which farmland more productive after gWarming (eZ w/maps)
ChakaKhan loves Joni (pMatters)
Five obscure blog-recommendations (wBench)
Saudis push US dollar off cliff (vVoice w/links)
Firehoses levitate auto chassis (Flash-60sec w/popup via sValues)
mRakowitz's not-heavyhanded political art (Nation-no-pix) [GgI]
Lawyer finds pro Lego-bulding more lucrative (Flash-2min via Ktku)
Sort-of-obvious list of programming challenges for gaming (popSci-10pg via jStiq)
Demo of build-yr-own MMO 'Metaplace' (BBC w/2min-Real/wmv)
Rose McG to wed rRodriguez (Sprf w/pix)
Celine&Julie at #66, WingsOfDesire at #41, DasBoot at #67 (list via Cinem)
those'd prolly be my top three
64 yTubes annotate 'Internet people' song (links via cMonk)
How the ADL is racist (MA-local)
Loonie hits 99.9c (Yhoo-graph-24hr)
Krugman's got a (free now) blog (NyT via lfHere)
JohnCage meets MarcelDuchamp? (flickr via slaniel)
$200 GPS thumbdrive (Engdgt)
Uncut view of tasered student's question (4min-Flash via Sam)
Disappointing fullish preview of hHancock Joni-tribute (55min-Flash-audio via ProJo)
Worst Beatles covers evar? (FMU w/mp3s)
'Halo' character learns ballet via motion-capture (Flash-3min-arcanish)
Goodlooking equine virtual pet for DS (Flash-60sec)
Wrinkle-free clothes-bundling trick (jpg via vBoat)
Earthquakes synched to Moon? (SciDaily-short)
Robot 'dog' scrambles like wounded bug (yTube-2min)
Pandora.com still losing money (Cnet-intvu)
Surgeons Remove Patient's Gall Bladder Through Vagina (SciDaily-tsia)
Loonie (Canadian dollar) breaks 98c barrier (Yhoo-24hr-graph)
Savvy thieves target GPSes (AP-PhysOrg)
Guatemalan vice-deity worshiped by NYC hipsters (NyMag)
5 short recent celeb quotes (NyMag-friv)
Nickelodeon pimping branded teevees, mp3 players (NyT-Cnet)
gWarming is also raising humidity (Eureka-short-arcane)
Hedgefund manager with ?2dozen data monitors (pic via iGreed)
LOLCthulhu (blog via mlclypse)
Silly wWiggins chat (WakingLife star) (flickr-chatpic)
jKerry looks on as cops taser student for asking wrong question (yTube-2min-don't-miss) [more-CD}
this is about the scariest thing i've ever seen
'Continuity errors' confirm priority of Mark's gospel (long-arcane via ntGate)
Joni on her new songs, w/2 tunes (etext w/QT-wma)
'Click here' works (stats-short via blukis)
Tor anonymizer under attack in Germany (short via blukis)
Ghost Of Christmas Future Taunts Children With Visions Of PlayStation 5 (Onion-tsia)
Greenspan-on-Iraq reality check (iSteve)
Nifty visual personality test (multipage via iSthtcs)
Boggly nonheraldic barcodes (iSthetics w/link)
The crayolacube and the Worldtree (RWx-don't-miss)
Eager-to-please Mika video ('Grace Kelly') (yTube-4min) [Wiki]
NickLowe live concert tonight on NPR (NPR)
'Clumped isotope' trick measures 400Myo temperatures (PhysOrg-arcane)
Sally Fields' Emmy war protest (uncensored) (Flash-2min)
Ben Stein curses phone interruption ?live on NPR (2min into 3min audio)
Experimental stats on digestion-time (table via gpost)
Iraq may ban Blackwater for civilian deaths (AP-CD)
New satellite freshens GoogleMaps/Earth by 7x (Reuters-stats)
Charming no-clues puzzle-games 'Hoshi Saga' (Jay-2pg w/popup-Flash)
AndyGriffith mashup with vlewd singer Peaches (yTube-4min via ant)
OJ's armed robbery on tape (30sec-Flash-audio w/subtitles)
My GgGroups posts ten years ago this week (GgG-37hits-arcane)
rFisk on rape of Iraq's archeological sites (UkInd-cc.org)
gChaucer defends Britney (arcanish-friv)
$30 toy radar gun fun-to-hack (1pg-arcanish via Make)
Unreported bombing-escalation in Asian wars (Znet-stats)
rmScaife money-gossip (E&P-arcane)
60s-era paranoid delusions are wBu-era verities (cPunch-short)
Lobby protests RoaldDahl Google-logo (Blgscpd w/links)
Lesser-known proofreaders' marks (jpeg-friv via eAard)
Photographers' Leica-fetish (NYer-longish)
oSacks on music and amnesia (NYer-long)
nFranklin pans kBurns' new War (NYer-longish)
28 fashion-related NYer covers (1pg w/links)
BlueManGroup start nurseryschool (NYer-short)
to all they are forced / To shelter and to hide, they have resigned themselves (NYer-short)
Ten years ago on Usenet (GgG-980hits-arcane)
Pot prices around the world (Ecnmst-graph via angus)
10 cyclists @ 260W each to power supercomputer (Engdgt-vshort)
New pix of Saturn's moons (Sat2day)

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