14 September 2007

Google Web suggestions

  1. the ten-item default is insulting
  2. calculate the quantity of content on each page and allow sort-by-quantity (or include that in the basic ranking)
  3. recognise a wide range of META headers, and implement search-keywords for them (esp. doctype, persons, places, things, yahoo-category)
  4. Wikipedia article-titles could be used to standardise person/place/thing-names
  5. 'DATE' meta-headers could be used to sort search-results by date
  6. when people use the asterisk-wildcard to search for 'snowclones', do a count of each variant and display the results most-common-first
  7. index comments separately, eg with search-keyword (reducing false hits, spam)
  8. start compiling a separate 'page' of metadata for each webpage [post]