13 September 2007

Consumer electronics suggestions

  1. since the chinese can deliver a solar-powered calculator with battery backup for a dollar, can't rechargeable batteries have a little solar panel that recharges them when they're left on a windowsill?
  2. since generic pdas with alphanumeric keyboards are around for under $10, can't we have a hackable model that lets you load your own apps?
  3. these should support thumb drives for data transfer
  4. one-line, ~40-character displays should be acceptable for reading etext if you can finetune the speed at which it flashes short lines or single words at you (there must be a Flash demo of this trick around somewhere? Michael Stutz?)
  5. a handheld device for (casual) Flash games [post]
  6. independent rss-feeds for every device you own [post]
  7. devices with small screens and acceleration-detectors could emulate a large screen seen thru a magnifying glass [post]