16 August 2008

May-July 2008 links

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how swiftly a man slips / out from a god (vDaily)

Sweet Pixar/Wall-E anecdote (meFi# via taint) (50)

Banksy unmasked? (UkMail via Waxy) (200)

New GgLively FAQ (Blgscpd)

This is the life (Sinfest)

Everyone should (link)blog (RWx)

my spark of darkness, / my own nugget of night (Poems.com)

Intro/overview to Google's 2ndLife-alike, Lively (Blgscpd w/pix)

Cannibal cupcake (nDee)

ObL demanded $144/barrel oil in 1998 (short via Steve)

Google's free new 2ndLife-alike (500k-download via Fim)

How dFeith got power? (mWeiss)

VulgarBoatman in the groove... (blog)

Classic wBu 2006 snafubar over Gaza (vFair-long via vBoat) (90)

WFMU launching Free Music Archive (site via vBoat)

Media blackout on wBu-warcrimes book (NYT via vBoat)

Zionism seen via MRI-scan (Atlantic-long)

Ben Stein is a moron (dBaker)

mBeard on ancient humor (NYRB-longish)

fDyson: CO2 molecules spend only 5yrs in atmosphere (NYRB-short)

Martian soil chemistry (arcane via nWatch)

that warm pub in St Andrews / We kissed in (Poems-vshort)

below the margin of the verse, the paper / is translucent with the oil (Poems)

the man's ache as he lights / the stove and the stalled / whatwhatwhat begins / to stew (Poems-short)

'Coraline' (nGaiman) movie music by TMBG? (IMDb-vshort)

SilverJews' ?tribute to tDunc/jBlake (yTube-audio-4min) [via/backstory]

Bollywood musical of ArundhatiRoy nonfiction!? (local via jDorch)

What-if: BillG behind bars? (dBaker)

Hedgefunds prep to blow still-bigger bubbles (dBaker)

Subtle oil price-fixing theory (shortish-local-arcane via dTongue)

'spiraling' = pre-introducing hard topics (dTongue)

Vshort recap of NyT zionism/bias (mWeiss)

Makin' honey (nDee)

US govt owns much of West (sMaps)

($20 diy) Snowglobe art (proJo w/links)

Crop circle encodes pi (proJo w/links)

Poignant card (pSecret)

Tim Russert was eeeeeevil (Nation)

House w/personal public news ticker (NYer/cBank)

jonStewart on Israel Lobby (Flash-5min via mWeiss)

RahmEmanuel as Zionist mole (mWeiss)

Author DanBrown on Usenet in 2000 (3 posts)

Cover story on Israeli spying in USA (AmCon-long via CSPAN)
(how could this still be unlinked on del.icio.us???)

New book on origins of neocon power (mWeiss)

Why WallSt needs more regulation (dBaker)

Offshore drilling might lower gas price 8 cents (dBaker)

'root shock' = displaced-person stress (dTongue)

No-brainer fix for financial speculation 'noise' (dBaker)

Factchecking McCain-vs-Obama as 'centrists' (pKrug-short)

New model of Milky Way (AstroPic)

'mobile mourning' = mourning changes-for-worse in living person (dTongue)

Sordid backstory of MarcRich pardon (cPunch-loong via Xym)

New GetYrWarOns (mnftiu)

Photoshop disease diagnosis (psDisasters)

Blogger zodiac? (xkcd)

Giant conceptual self-portrait 'hoax' (sMaps)

Megamart subversive (postSecret)

Hot anti-wBu editorial from jBiden (WSJ via Steve)

wBu insider defects in new book (short w/link via mWeiss)

they / have lived enough and they can go click, click (vDaily-vshort)

i am ramping up / equal and opposite / to the helplessness i feel (jSib-short)

New JackHandey (NYer-longish)

Magic colors (Zsaj)

were we not / as lovely as thunder, and damp grass, and flame? (vDaily)

he thinks of how his pillow / will smell in his bed, beside his bride (vDaily)

GgFaceImages by country (Blgscpd form)

'rewilding' = rebalancing nature using near replacements (dTongue)

SusieBright on dcMadam (nsfw via dLand)

Watch iRossellini's artflix (Sundance via cMonk)

'mis lit' = memoirs of misery (dTongue)

'alpha roll' = human overwhelms canine (dTongue)

Jaded Seismologist Can No Longer Feel Anything Under 7.0 On Richter Scale (Onion-tsia)

Visualising world movie industry (1200*1800 jpeg via sMaps)

US consumer-spending pie (Flash via iSthtcs)
ChuckECheese2.0 = fiasco? (lOdor)

There's not a shopper here a day over twenty / except me and another mother (poems.com)
LunarSociety group for TheresaDuncan fans (Ning-arcane)

META-headers revival? (intro)

nFinkelstein update (mWeiss)

I am trying to think / of a pick-up line beginning with war and ending with peace (vDaily)

USmap of best wind-power sites (iGreed)

'anticipointment' = overhyped news story (dTongue)

cShirky on Wikipedia-as-social-trend (longish via Waxy)
'work to rule' = no-more-no-less than required (dTongue)

2ndLife sociology-map (semi-friv)

Posthumous vNab due (UkG via cMonk)

'Genre' keyword for GgVid search (GgOS-short)

Wall outlet also spools cord (pic via lorbus)

Commas, Turning Up, Everywhere (Onion-short)

New NYRB incl fKahlo, gSoros (toc)

Govt should fund copylefted textbooks (dBaker-short)

Neocon warcrime statutes (links via vBoat)

MemeWatch: 'AI' vs 'semantic web' (GgTrends)

Monk at iMeem, chronologically (RWx-phat)

Mingus at iMeem, chronologically (RWx-phat)

Meteorologists' accuracy rated (graphs via pSang)

hWillner attends LouR/LaurieA nups (short)

CO2 visualised as black balloons (yTube-45sec)

Photoshop fine art (flickr)

17yo's editorial against WarOnTerror (Sam)

Why-I-like-my-city responses (Sam)

too / many changes of mind equal mud (vDaily)

you the salt / sucked from the tips of braids (vDaily)

When/how robots killed (Wired via Risks)

SQL malware source code (varcane via Risks)

RupertMurdoch's c1993 missteps w/China (long)

iPhone + Flash-alike = big fun? (iGreed-short)

Gas prices worldwide (table)

Dogs vs birthdays (nDee-pic)

DonDeLillo snark (Onion-pic)

Cool geology model (pic via lorbus)

Cf-ing shoddy metrics in health, biz (philG-longish)

Zionists game Wikipedia (longish via mWeiss)

'rank and yank' = eg Enron firing worst 10% each year (dTongue)

Outgrowing faddishness? (MeMo-short)

Early whole-system sims critiqued (pKrug-arcane)

Review of recent media vs jCarter (antiWar via Sam)

Mid-USA women's life expectancies declining (jpg via Sam)

"It was never about the stick" (NYer-toon)

USmap distorted to match news-coverage (sMaps)

Pre-Iraq-idiocy quotes (1pg)

'Droste effect' = infinite-regress pix (dTongue)

'lawnmower beer' = cheap beer (dTongue)

Tarot 2.0 (1pg via tOccult)

Sunlight plus oxygen / makes nitroglycerin (vDaily)

Upper 1% of incomes need offshore competition (dBaker-short)

Iraq-quagmire analysis (aAard-longish)

'Alien-abduction' lamp (pix via wLotta)
177 early Dylan tunes and covers (iMeem-no-reg-req)

128-particle game-physics sandbox (yTube-2min)

120 ElvisCostello tunes and cover versions (iMeem-no-reg-req)

Sims3 insider gossip (longish)

Iraq's 'good' and 'bad' guys indistinguishable (iSteve)

Haaretz praises jCarter (shortish via mWatch)

Two short QTs from Japan's lunar orbiter (short via Steve)

Recent examples of divided Jewish loyalty (mWeiss-list)

Please promise me, she says, / that you'll lay me down for coyotes and flies (vDaily)

Gold-price ?tracking oil-price (graph via Xym)

How SuzanneVega writes (NyT)

Geek Hierarchy (gif via vBoat)
New project for music nerds (iMeem-phat)

McCain's gas-tax proposal vs economic reality (dBaker-dontmiss)

IrisMurdoch's publisher offers 1st 50pg of ?all her books (Flash)

Free Strips Of Paper (jpg via Anrchia)

250 JoniMitchell tunes and covers (iMeem, NO reg req?)

Hillary's over-the-top Zionism (mJones via Xym)

Republicans exacerbate income inequality (pKrug-graph)

WallaceStevens tribute (vDaily)

New NYRB incl Rapunzel, mChabon on rPrice (toc)

Sharp critique of last week's BillMoyers (dBaker)

Aerial lumberyard (pic)

19Mar gamma-ray burst continues to surprise (newSci)

One-off Atari2600 handheld (yTube-60sec w/link via Engdgt)

Porting 8bit games to javascript (source via Ktku)
Lessons-learned from failed Shakespeare vr (short via Ktku)

$40 SimCity bundle (Ktku)

mChabon's 'Spiderman2' screenplay (250pg-pdf)

6 Formerly Kickass Creatures Ruined by Evolution (2pg)

2008 casual-games winners (Jay w/links)

Live 'Barracuda' from Heart w/Fergie (Flash-3min)

?Synopsis of Dylan's radio shows (vFair w/popup via Steve)

Hole-in-one at Masters yesterday (yTube-30sec-plus)

In euros, DJIA is back to 2003 level (MSN-graph)

Anomalous complexity near root of tree-of-life (sciBlog-arcane)

Tips for waking refreshed (blog via angus)
Gorgeous tree-of-life zoom-out (1pg via angus)
UN official questions PNAC Sept2000 'hope' for 9/11 (nySun via wakeUp)

Soapbubble turbulence cf Jupiter turbulence (newSci w/15sec-yTube)

Ritalin helps scientists think (webMD via /.)

Moby [heart]s Britney (Superf)

Dry rave for foodstamps (shortish via Sam)

Tinkerbell's got a posse (2pg w/pix via iWatch)

Lucid bailout worstcase scenario (Nation-longish via Sam)

MS-Yahoo melodrama as silentmovie serial (iGreed-short)

Intimations of Hillary's campaign's mortality (mWeiss-list)

Iran strengthening Lebanon's defenses (Xym w/link)

85 (!?!) IncredibleStringBand tunes (iMeem-reg-req)

21 MaryCoughlan tunes (iMeem-reg-req)

Four Stewart/Gaskin tunes (iMeem-reg-req)

wWright's Spore update/crit (gsW via Ktku)

Quake3 on iPod w/tilt-control (yTube-50sec via Ktku)

jonStewart on 2ndLife (Flash-4min)

25 best-ever child stars (Flash-26pg via Cinem)

Mil-indust complex needs more wars (Cnsrtium)

jPaulson made $3B anticipating bubble popping (UkG via lf)

Baghdad paralysed by defensive walls (yTube-5min)

JimRogers on bubble/bailout (longish via lf)

cShirky on sColbert (Flash-6min via angus)

How selfcentered I am (oDoffice)

(Don't) improve my story (oDoffice)

Eminem has a wonderful sense of meter (etc) (oDinny)

Script details for oStone's wBu biopic (Slate via Cinem)

Hot old DorisDay-MickeyMantle gossip (nyPost w/popup via Jz)

Artichoke Heart Imbues Man With Courage Of Artichoke (Onion-tsia)

(Didn't I already link this view of my flickrfaves?) (Flickriver)

Iran-attack 'smoke signals' (cPunch)

US Navy/AirForce volunteers redirected to Iraq service (cPunch)

Witty cAguilera fanpoem (vDaily)

Aerial Chgo-at-night (flickr via Rufus)

Flaubert's annoying last novel (pGut-multi)

jgBallard's autobiog reviewed (LRB)

ProtoIndoEuropean language update (LRB)

aSullivan nails USadmin for warcrimes (yTube-30sec via wakeUp)

Plan For A Long Retirement (short w/calculator)

Fun lifecycle-of-fears (list)
Anomalous white rock on Mars (astroPic)

UkTel's 110 best-ever books (1pg via angus)
New UK coin designs (1pg via kasei)
Hi-res animated US CO2 maps (sciBlog w/5min-yTube)

Mild rave for MST3K reunion dvd (Cinem)

Madcow may spread thru milk? (sciBlog)

McCain publicly called wife 'c*nt' in '92 (short via Jz)

Obama needs a JFK-like PeaceCorps pr-coup (mWeiss)

Paint color sensitive to road temperature? (newSci via iSthtcs)

Google promises Ning-alike w/Python (Blgscpd) (GgOS)

New Snickers w/60mg caffeine (annc via vBoat)

Lucid counterpoint to aGreenspan's special-pleading (dBaker-short)

1st misspelling in 83yrs of NYer toons (cBank)

61% of historians think wBu worst-ever (Harpers)

Nabokov unscripted, for once (2yTubes-12min)

Witty comeback to barking dog (oDinny)

Generous victim turns mugging around (NPR-short via angus)
HorseheadNebula's hydrogen (astroPic)

Historical origins of alphabetical order (Knuth-short)

Etext of Hesse's Siddhartha (pGut-multi)

General critique of fps ai (longish via aiDev)

'No duff!' = not a drill (dTongue)

Photoshop art (avProd)

Similar taste in flickrpix (flickr w/rss)

Generate regexps from example text (ajax)
SemanticWeb tech overview (rwWeb via)
Auroras in color (1pg-phat)

Kubrick killed by EyesWideShut conspirators? (yTube-9min)

Stats on world's opinions of USA (UkTel via wakeUp)

Animated map of Walmart openings (Flash-45sec via gpost)

Meteorite crater found via GgMaps (GgMap via lf)

OPEC and oil prices (long via lf)

More oStone-on-wBu rumors (ABC via iSteve)

Rockclimbing on Mars? (long via nWatch)

Groovy movie of aurora b. (Flash-10sec)

'buster slash' = eg Ghostbusters logo (dTongue)

Medieval paintcraft illustrated (1pg-wiide via Make)

Dome built of hulahoops (pix via Make)

$15 128*128 video hack (yTube-45sec w/link)

'Smart' music super-compression (sciBlog)

Tolstoy-biopic gossip (Cinem)

Excruciating 80s talentshow clips (10yTubes)

Bluey specs make calories less tempting (vshort via Jz)

Gender imbalances in USA (map via Jz)
Disney's princess meme has evil implications (LaT via Jz)

Israel's true intentions re settlements (LRB)

LISP blog w/outstanding pix (blog)

Goldie Hawn w/o makeup?! (Yeeah)

$350 pocketsized video projectors? (NyT via /.)

'double effect' = when painrelief becomes mercykilling (dTongue)

'poverty pimp' = monopolizes poverty funding (dTongue)

Blake's psychedelic semantics (RWx-vshort-arcane)

Do flu-germs 'melt' in summer heat? (sciBlog-short)

Opponents of Iraq still awaiting 'debacle dividend' (mWeiss)

Penguins fly on 01Apr (Flash-90sec via vBoat)

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