09 November 2007

Nov 2007 links

Slick dancevid from SE:SA (3min-QT)


Az's Kindle is actually a great deal (short w/popupvia jGerm)

Cute pic (flickr)

Mysterious cat-visitor (flickr-Zsaj)

Pentagon seeks to embed anthropologists (itTms)

Current NYer toon echoes 1984 FarSide (Gelf via E&P)

Trees in parkinglot (aerial-pic)

AT&T has 20+yr archive of who-called-who (Schneier via wufySlmbr)

Do we sleep so genes can relax? (sciBlog)

'Marvel Zombies' as culture critique (RigInt-shortish)

Attack of the living metaphors (Sinfest)

GgProducts muscling out Paypal? (Blgscpd)

Robot has 4 legs sharing 2 feet (Flash-60sec)

Majority of voters disgusted w/media bias (E&P-stats via Sam)

JuliaRoberts chews out reckless paparazzi driver (TMZ-60sec via wSmirch)

1st nucleic acids formed spontaneous liquid-crystal bubbles? (short via pGen)

'mass amateurisation' = making pros redundant (eg via blogs) (2002-shortish)
cShirky pokes holes in SemanticWeb idealism (2003-long)
Marx's Kapital as a gothic novel (shortish)

Random rave for Doctorow's Ragtime (shortish)

Poet's rave for IrisM's 'Black Prince' (shortish via2 eAard)

'neoJamesian folkmeos' = dream neologism (blog via jGerm)

Every RunningUpThatHill version evar (15mp3s)

Kate's new song for pPullman flick (yTube-3min)

Iraq surge reality-check (Harpers-intvu via mjb)

10 Semantic Apps to Watch (rwWeb via mjb)
Fibonnaci-fied poetic metre (pFound)

Flock of sheep (aerial-pic)

US economy now running on speculative bubbles (Harpers-intvu)

Hack-it-yrself parabolic mic (1pg via Make)

"Speak to your kids about Cooties... before Cooties speak to them first" (Vh1-60sec)

Slo-mo reverse fancy-sandcastle demolitions (2min via Yeeah)

Short clip of Depp/hbCarter singing Sondheim (Flash-2min via iWatch)

NyT on tDunc&Mr (NyT w/pix)

PockIt = Post-It w/glue on three sides (pix via lorbus)

MeLovesCookies selling knitcrafts (Etsy via flickr)

1st galaxies condensed around dark matter? (pWorld via pGen)

China spends $20M on CFLs to save $500M on electricity (short via pGen)

Contrarian view that Britney's too smart for roleplaying (Jez)

Vrighteous new DollyParton video (yTube-4min via Jez)

Haskell monads for dummies (arcane via gpost)

Pullman flick tagged as Xmas blockbuster (UkG w/3min-vid via Cinem)

jWood on 'War&Peace' (NYer-long)

CateB the only good thing in Dylan ?biopic (NYer)

'Gossip Girl' saved by iTunes (NYer)

Animated hBosch vid for noise/metal band (yTube-3min via cMonk)

Top ten boardgames for gifting (dYeti)

Smart geometrics in crop circles (SciNews-2003 via gpost)

Earth's biomes from human-centric pov (GgMaps via pGen)

Tabloid-summary incl new Britney preg rumor (Jez)

Arty conspiracy doc, Zeitgeist (GgV-2hr via lf)
CYA 'commentary' edition of horrid SigurRos intvu (15min-video via lf)

Metasynthesis-related tags on del.icio.us (RWx-5arcane)

Pretty, abstract button-patterns (inept-frame via ehein)

Status icons from 8bit-goddess SusanKare (Emblems-short)

"You're never upgrading anything again" (xkcd-toon)

Short Walt-Mearsheimer intvu (BBC-transcript)

$160 GPS (Cnet)

1000s of tarot images compared (inept html frames via Wiki)

Look / what / I / made. (Sinfest)

Homeless youth love free yoga class (yTube-5min via vBoat)

Linux kernel-hackers group photo (arcane via iSteve)
Hot-or-Not supplies stats for psych analysis (stats via Fim)
'X-for-president' pagecounts (graph)

Shark-amputee girl surfs again (pix)

Did art evolve as social glue? (NyT-shortish via gpost)

Tech pan for Imax 3D (Cinem)

Joyce audiobooks (blog)

Line-by-line TaoTeChing 24translations-comparison (1of81pg via eAard)

Taliban reclaiming Afghanistan? (Oz via dy)

Flickr still growing exponentially (graph via mbox)

Worst vc investments evar (list via iGreed)

Esquire's online edition is improving (site w/rss)

12yr BBC unabridged-Shakespeare project (UkTel via cMonk)

NYer cartoons issue (cBank-toc)

Algorithmic ranking of 100 best newsblogs (list via Eureka)

Most shocking rock-concert moments (19pg w/yTubes via Jez)

Roundworm vulvas evolve directionally (sciBlg-arcane)

Spherical topology, set to Schumann (yTube-3min via sciNews)

she growls from her blankets, / a gravely monosyllable (vDaily)

remember? Buckminster Fuller lathering up under the waterfall (vDaily-sestina)

Tinkertoy ontology visualisations (pix via edV)

Martin Amis, Islamophobe (UkG)

FridaKahloSkinCare.com (Flash-arcane via Jez)

Disney milks 'princess' meme (Nwswk w/popup via Jez)

Dramatic model-portraits (flickr-1pg-toc)

AustralianIdol KateBush cover (yTube-3min)

Fastfood nutritional info compiled (tables via lf)
FoxBusinessNews has zero realworld impact (iGreed-vshort)

Giant 1932 logarithmic timeline (8Mb jpeg via angus)

20% drop in US$ = 8% rise in prices? (pKrug-arcane)

Autobiography recapitulates etymogeny (RWx)

Michael Hurley on NPR (17min via Magpie)

Innovative 2007 book-cover designs (1pg via edV)
Cute Danish chyx (flickr)

Locate-yr-US-accent quiz (17q via eAard)
2010 census-takers getting 500k PDAs (pMech w/vid via Engdgt)

How the West was won (Sinfest)

Music tempos correlated to emotions (table via iSteve)

Meditations on bMarley and other music (iSteve-don't-miss)

9 most racist Disney characters (1pg w/yTubes via eAard)
Online stopwatch (ajax via eAard)

Lots more DonHopkins on SimCity&c (blog)

New NYRB (toc)

wBlitzer vs dKucinich (cPunch)

Useful NewSci video about yurt/surfer string-theory (yTube-2min via /.)

Orchard w/snow (aerial)

Baseball-pitches visualised (1pg via Norton)
Rave for cheap 3D GPS (blog via nRec)

NYC exhibit of Mr tDunc, Jeremy Blake (nySun-2pg w/pix)

Binge drinking doesn't hurt fetus? (sciBlg-short)

Stats on US power-plant CO2 (sciBlg-tables)

New map of Europe's best soils (sciBlg)

1-week sample of unreported Israel news (blog)

20 syntactic sentence-patterns (GgBks-toc)

BillCosby rejects ebonics (itTms-bkrev)

Nielsen ratings for US news websites (E&P-list)

mDrabble on new jCowperPowys bio (UkTms-bkrev)

Picasa finally obfuscates Gmail IDs (GgOS)

Fight the Power (jpeg via eAard)

Tetris/Bejeweled family tree (jJuul w/pix via Ktku)

20 new particles predicted by surfer in yurt (UkTel via gpost)
Funny-dumb 'Get Smart' trailer (Flash-60sec via Cinem)

Rave for 3D Imax 'Beowulf' (Cinem)

sBlumenthal on wBu's Pakistan-karma (UkG via NYer)

Pretty 'chamber folk' from LochLomond (7mp3s)

Don't-miss stunning TomWaits cover by Cibelle (yTube-4min via ant)

WMAP skymap may suffer noise-pollution (NewSci)

KateB doing song for Pullman flick (yHoo via del)

201 Chekhov stories (toc via jSeib)
More lovelies from Zsaj (flickr)

Porcelain soda-cans (pic via litwack)
1985 Lobby-book author reviews 2007 Lobby book (shortish)

1919 writers' strike shaped Hollywood? (iSteve w/link)

Downloadable text-IF versions of classic arcade games (toc via Ktku)

Supermodel eats <1000 calories daily (Jez)

"...we are so moving to Westchester" (oDinny)

Crayolacube combinatorics (RWx-5phat)

MarianneFaithfull-sounding tune from Okay (mp3-7min)

Rave reviews for $200 Linux box (wMart via /.)

Rockin early eGerman punk from FeelingB (FMU w/mp3s, yTube-links)

Another side of Porter Wagoner (FMU w/mp3s)

BeetleBailey returns to Catch22 roots? (cCrmdgn)

Goofy videogame nostalgia (esp double entendres) (yTube-3min via nTndo)

Northernlights in Iceland (flickr)

CFL bulbs whistle in dogs' ears (sciBlg)

Classifying moodswings? (short-varcane)

Color thesaurus (cLovers)

Deconstructing 'Greek love' (UkG-long)

Streetmusician's 'Creep' w/banjo (yTube-3min via l4Nxt)

SimCity gets GPLed (dHopkins-arcane)

Recent profile of nMailer (Esq-long)

Whistlebower SibelEdmonds update (dKos w/yTubes via gRm)

If gChaucer wrote for teevee... (arcane)

Applying AI to online-counterterror (edu via AP)

Euro satellite mistaken for asteroid threat (Oz-short)

Update on Levon Helm of The Band (cPunch-longish)

Update schedules for GgReader and GgBlogSearch (GgOs)

When the writers-strike will stall various teevee series (table via Fim)

1968 mMcCluhan-vs-nMailer showdown (GgV-30min via Fim)

'left/right of boom' = pre/postventive solutions to IEDs (dTongue-left)
Vvvbogus govt attempt to model political instability (Wired via Sam)

Boomer-nostalgia vignette (oDinny)

Lo-power-FM activism update (FMU via lf)

Over-the-top Jp Wii golf game (Flash-2min)

Anthropology of sex, by country (toc via gpost)

a vast unknown / but precise number of pages (NYer-short)

Tags should be plural by default (RWx-vshort)

Linguistic coincidences that (could) beget folk etymologies (arcane via dTongue)

How the Irish DIDN'T invent slang (dTongue-long)

Occupants also hate Gehry's MIT bldg (PhilG-short)

W3C's straitjacket for your imagination (1700*1300 jpeg via angus)
GoreVidal praises dKucinich (Nation-short)

ElvisC's 1st teevee shot (Allison solo) (yTube-3min)

Short review of new JohnBerger (Znet-5arcane)

DeanStockwell's song in BlueVelvet (yTube-2min)

Rave for TheOnion's subtle intelligence (Reason via anrchia)

Creative uses for aluminum foil (list via lf)

About: metatagsoup (RWx-short-arcane)

New NYRB incl Tolstoy, Krugman (toc)

The Icelandic Horse (24pix)

Handmade chocolate cupcakes filled with blueberry cream (flickr)

HacketyHack as a first language? (PhilG-thread)

US foreclosures map (mYg)

jSib/Issa averages $1.18 per 'free' mp3 (adAge-passim)

SandyDenny retrospectives (IndIE)

dhLawrence poems (pGut-etext)

Moby donates tracks to indie filmmakers (Variety via Cinem)

Free Sam'n'Max Windows adventure (download via l4Next)

Blix sees Iraq invasion as Saudi-substitute (AFP via Sam)

$60 motherboard runs Firefox, Open Office (specs via /.)
stayed home sick. made raspberry jam. ate it all. (melovescookies)

Is it spam if it also reports yr spelling error? (Blgscpd-short)

Brainstorming neologisms for meeting-of-sycophants (iGreed-thread)

Stiglitz eulogy for US economy (vFair-long via iGreed)

Contrarian DavidThomson on the writers' strike (UkG)

RobtFisk reviews 'Rendition' (UkInd-Znet)

KahlilGibran gibberish-generator (longish via Ralph)

Vfriv 'Rocky' I-VI synopsis (yTube-20sec)

Intvu w/fave RichardLester (OnionAV)

Pharmco R&D costs are astronomical (short via pGen)

$1 12v battery contains 8 1.5v cells (Flash-40sec via pGen)

9 Awesome Directors Who Temporarily Lost Their Mind[s] (Cracked via Cinem)

Radiohead mp3-experiment postmortem (stats via /.)
14min movie of pre-1906-earthquake SF CA (multiformat via iJunk)

NyT on molecular gastronomy (longish via lf)

Robot standup comedy (McSwnys-shortish)

Future Facebook nightmare scenario (iGreed-vshort w/link)

NYers appreciating art (oDinny-1liners)

Shhh, don't tell: Mukasey's an Orthodox Jew (GgNews-15hits)

Fulltext of Polti's 36 Dramatic Situations (GgBooks)

'Crowdsourcing' Fossett-searchers frustrated (Wired)

Slick choreography in FingerEleven vid (yTube-4min)

Tiny peek at Sims3 AI (vshort via gTxA)

ChloeSevigny profiled in... PsychToday? (longish via Jez)

AniDiFranco profile/update (Znet-shortish)

Iraq IEDs caught on video (9yTubes-20min)

no allegory here, only crows / on a rampage (vDaily-short)

Loonie going thru roof ($1.08+) (5day-graph)

Posthumous MollyIvins book (E&P)

$300M Gehry showpiece suffers $1.5M leaks (Boston via Sam)

Israeli spies outfoxing US system (aWar-long via Sam)

JnoDemme's JmCarter on Israeli apartheid (rTom-71% w/links)

Minot nuke-mishap anomalies (cPunch-5arcane)

ForeignPolicy on global triumph of hiphop (long via aAard)

US media hide Maliki's bodyguards (aAard w/pix)

The Syrian Jews of Brooklyn (iSteve w/link)

Some still-unanswered hoaxtop skepticism (blog)

Best-ever free Flash games (Cnet-10pg via /.)

Porn reduces rape? (Chgo-Sam)

JimRogers says China's renminbi is safest investment (wmv-10min)

Brilliant pocket screwdriver $8.50/doz (sell via Make)
Grainy new video of PeteDoherty shooting heroin (Flash-75sec)

'Layers' of 3D-game-rendering illustrated (Flash-90sec)

Named strategies for bluffing (iGreed w/NYer-link)

'navy shower' = lathering w/water off (dTongue)

My tools aren't pink (nDee-profane)

DesignExperiment: metatagsoup (del.icio.us)

RozChast toon about MySpace (NYer)

Fine new GetYrWarOns (mnftiu)

Silly pseudo-doc on the brain (yTube-10min via eAard)

Rave for newage dance meditation (gimbo)

US UFO-hotspots map (sMaps via cMonk)

Unconvincing worldmap of topselling bands (Flash via iSthtcs)
Clever moon-robot prototype (Flash-5min via rDreams)

Sales stats for top Nintendo games (Wii, DS) (gSutra-short via Ktku)

BluRay-vs-HD-dvd update (Ktku)

PacMan as text-adventure in Flash (Ktku w/link)

New live AmyWinehouse musical trainwreck (Flash-4min)

Documentary on calc-wiz 'savant' (GgV-50min via gpost)
Candi Strecker's 1998 hipster's canon (RWx w/Wayback link)

HD-DVD players $99 at Walmart (Cnet)

jDepp's SweeneyTodd early Oscar fave? (LaT via nyMag)

New series from Buffy's jWhedon (intvu via wSmirch)

Documentary dares to interview Iraqi resistance (cPunch)

Ten weirdest science experiments (NewSci-UkG via Jez)

Many dressed as AmyWinehouse for Halloween (1pg-phat via Vh1)

mStreep is nEphron's JuliaChild (Cinem-no-pic)

jRosenbaum rave for finalcut 'BladeRunner' (Chgo-shortish)

Terror-alarmism is stupid and expensive (Schneier via jm)

Video/audio of nanotube radio (yTube-30sec via pGen)

Gmail too slow for Google VP (Blgscpd)

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