31 March 2008

Mar 2008 links

Ostrich autobiography (vDaily)

20 most expensive celeb divorces (list via Yeeah)

Hasidic Jews classed by gov as 'disadvantaged' (iSteve)

Obama-on-Israel update (mWeiss)

Hiphop/cookery mashup (yTube-3min)

NYC blogger bars (GgMap via Fim)

'Clarke event' = 1st filmed black-hole birth (sciBlog w/pix) (blog via /.)

250Myo biomolecules found in saltmine (sciBlog)

Terahertz tech explored (arcane w/graphs)

Peek at 11Byo galaxy formation (sciBlog-no-pix)

More blessed to give than receive (SciBlog)

Amazon's unhip new print-on-demand policy (/.)

Cheap power makes Iceland attractive Net hub (BizWk-3pg via /.)

Casting rumors for OliverStone's wBu biopic (Cinem)

10 'most prophetic' scifi movies (pg10of10 via Cinem)

Rembrandt daffodils (Zsaj)

New Tibet-myths-themed Bjork vid (Flash-8min)

jKoons owes IlonaS $2M support? (Reuters via Jz)

Short defense of GirlsGoneWild guy (Jez)

vBoat's been excellent lately (blog)

Iran pwns Iraq (pKrug-vshort w/link)

New NYRB incl gGreer on wShak (toc)

Hillary's tally of lies (list via Sam)

Post-Busharraf Pakistan (UkG via Sam)

Sex-workers' jargon (2pg-gifs via Sam)

Mass media ignored bubble warnings (E&P via Sam)

Me c1973 (Sinfest-Saturday)

Us always (Sinfest-Sunday)

HisDarkMaterials prequel (UkG-extract)

Esquire's insomnia issue (multipage)

State-of-Iraq update (aAard-longish)

Sirius-XM merger eliminates broadcast-data competition (PhilG)

Text-animations of classic movie dialogs (15yTubes via lf)
'uok' = are you okay? (ttod)

'Hole' in the night sky (AstroPic)

hRollins claims Britney can't even sing (short via Jz)

Walrus/girl dance-vid (yTube-50sec)

Use GgTrends to graph meme-popularity (Blgscpd)

Neoconservatism As A Betrayal Of Jewish Values (Philly via mWeiss)

Mathematical Easter-egg designs (Wolfram)

The problem with pennies (NYer-long)

eating a soft-boiled egg-- just one-- / from a tiny, hesitant, glittering spoon (Poems.com)

'Black' magician fails on reality-teevee (India via tOccult)

Mindboggling cynicism of banking lobby (pKrug-short w/pic)

Ten way-over-the-top JackieChan stunts (Flash-6min via vBoat)

Realtime econ-text-revision blogging (pKrug-vshort-arcane)

Sims3 Create-a-Sim slideshow (Flash-7pix via gTxA)

o christ i cant keep typing this (Onion-pic)

Some semiliterary semantic topologies (RWx)

Shakespeare was jewish woman? (shortish via wakeUp)

't+' = think positive (ttod)

Nicer browsing-view of my 1288 flickr faves (flickriver-no-rss)

Petri-dish-themed Halloween desserts (pic)

I will rest and be free of you then (vDaily)

Frontline reviews wBu's war next week (E&P)

Yoga-forum debates 'Inhale' (tv) (2pg-2005)

Lively VivWestwood interview (Jez w/link)

MartaSebestyen on yTube (fave)

Obama saying right things on Iraq (aAard w/link)

Chumby for dummies (Forbes via angus)

5th anniversary of RachelCorrie's murder (WakeUp)

Internet-over-powerlines a nonstarter? (Oz via dy)

Purpleurpleorangeangeange (Zsaj)

Content-typology pages for the semantic web (RWx)

dMamet ?outgrows liberalism (longish via cPnch)

eWurtzel mourns ?fading feminism (shortish via Jz)

'virtual water' = consumed by production (sciBlog)

Around the fast food dumpsters, gulls implement late capitalism (Poems-longish)

"This is the real world, kid. There are no sprinkles." (oDchgo)

Where Change Really Comes From (Sam-long)

Panther genetic-eve lived in 20thC (newSci)

How Iraqis are feeling (aAard-stats)

If the USA withdrew... (aAard-longish)

'He has eyeglasses and he's a woman' (oDvrwhr)

5yo to 7yo: 'I'll punch your Adam's apple straight down your throat!' (oDinny)

Shuttle vaportrail (AstroPic)

The semantics of priorities (RWx-short)

DVD-release economics (Cinem)

Bs-mesons may explain antimatter asymmetry (newSci-arcane)

bristly mourning bride / rooted in a single thickness of glass stones (vDaily)

WaPo leads Obama Lobby-smear (mWeiss)

War-oil costing $1B/week (AmCon via xym)

acClarke's '2001' diary (etext via Steve)

New old Ethan/Uma gossip (nyMag via Jez)

I felt like Pythagoras / standing in my drawers / at the window (tethered)

GetYrWarOn blog finally getting its war on (mnftiu)

We're all rustbelters now (philG)

Yikes (postSecret)

By their neutrinos we can know them (ETs) (newSci-short)

LA's housingbubblehomeless (BBC-yTube-90sec)

Uncannyvalley robot mule (yTube-3min via vBoat)

'hallwalker' = executive eunuch (dTongue)

'meez' = cooks' mise-en-place (dTongue)

c1980 scifi fanzines cover gallery (1pg)

Life always complicates? (sciBlog)

Communicating one photon at a time (short via /.)

tSwinton: HarryPotter "fetishizes boarding school" (nyPost-recent-short)

'For sale:baby shoes,never worn' and the semantic web (RWx)

aJo feeds brood junk (pic)

jDepp taught kMoss secret of mystery (vshort via Jez)

Yellowelloworangeangange (Zsaj)

Salmon population crashes (NyT w/popup via vBoat)

Krugman on bailouts (NyT)

"A hedge fund manager can make himself rich simply by exposing his investors to risks they don't understand" (vshort w/links)

Boring new NYRB (toc)

Quality-of-life 'recession' started in 1975 (LaT-CD-shortish via Sam)

Scifi creations traced to realworld antecedents (1pg w/pix)

Dems should run on restoring USA's image abroad (dArse-short)

70 best science books (3pg via gPost)

Harvard student data hacked. published (Cnet via gPost)

Native Americans had 6 'genetic eves' (AP via gPost)

Ethics as universal grammar (NyT via gPost)

"I had to growl at someone" (oDvrwhr)

8bit platformer cubed (Fez trailer) (Flash-5min via Fim)

'fish w/feet' = evolutionary misstep (dTongue)

New $200M space-robot in coma (USA2 via nWatch)

Lobby smearing Obama? (mWatch w/link)

Gratuitous U2-bashing (FMU)

Sorting out Israeli cause-and-effect (Xym-short)

Silda Spitzer visibly aged by scandal (pix)

Gothic Lolita update (Jez w/pix)

"It is important to be King of All the Wild Things" (MeMo-short)

The semantic web and the wisest of the wise (RWx-varcane)

Distinctive ?impressionist portraits by Monica Cook (pic, links)

ParkerPosey interview (OnionAV)

'black dog syndrome' = shelters can't place big black dogs (dTongue)

Plotter-hack prints detailed logo atop latte (yTube-2min via Make)

Britney's new anime video (GgV-4min)

TheSims theory (gTxA-chapter)

Those shortterm psychological effects (Sinfest)

A little boy with a nailgun... (CulDeSac)

Emo bath... (pic via Rufus)

Dutch documentary on IsraelLobby (GgV-50min via WakeUp)

Shroud Of Turin Accidentally Washed With Red Shirt (Onion)

DrStrangelove's take on 3am military emergencies (yTube-3min)

'vertical corpse' = boring newsphoto (dTongue)

dDenby on the Coen Bros (NYer-long)

US distribution of Walmarts vs Starbucks (graphs via Waxy)

AlanMoore for dummies (OnionAV)

Clever tips for hiding cable-clutter (1pg w/pix, links via Make)
5day rockbandcamp empowers girlz (yTube-3min-dontmiss)

aKutch punking tabs (Vh1)

$10/hr to create 2ndLife content (Reuters via eAard)

'Menopause rocks!' (oDoffice)

pWeiss thinks Obama-vs-HRC will widen Lobby debate (shortish)

Simulated puppet-gymnast (yTube-2min via fMotion)

Felix the ram looked / proprietary in his separate pen / while fatherhood accrued to him (shortish via gKeil)

1980 KateBush vid parody (yTube-3min)

ArundhatiRoy reflects on success (India)

How to tell Clinton and Obama apart (Sam-list-long)

MOMA explores commodified color (cLovers w/pix)

'Vaginatown' (oDinny)

Two more mWeiss's on Lobby mechanics (1) (2)

Spacecraft anomaly matches mystery-formula (newSci-arcane)

Semi-found poem (vDaily)

Moths remember caterpillar lessons (sciBlog)

'food desert' = far from grocery stores (dTongue)

'Busharraf' = derogatory for Musharraf (dTongue)

"Needs more robots" (Sinfest)

Nader on MeetThePress 24Feb (2yTubes-17min)

NyT on IsraelLobby trial (NyT)

Waxy hosts Joni's SummerLawns demos (9mp3s)

How to win at Monopoly (1pg)
US drought maps (maps)
Palestinians' shrinking territory since 1946 (maps via angus)
MemeWatch: "toward a..." (GgW)

How does a band become synonymous with mediocrity? (OnionAV-short)

Spy-gadgets currently available (1pg w/pix via lf)
Severe tardiness damage (oDvrwhr)

she / tears out the gills—- / with the crack of tooth extraction (poems.com)

More difficult than flight itself / was learning how to brace a wing / for someone else (vDaily)

Hide your bed behind your books (1pg-pix)
NicholsonBaker's Wikipedia ID (Wiki via Fim)

GossipGirl vs Lolita (NYer-jMalc)

Good Democrats can't diss Nader (Sam)

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