06 October 2008

Appreciating 'Hype Machine'

i imagine that the hype machine
chose their awful name as camouflage
for their true purpose
of free-mp3-blog-aggregator

but as these things go
they seem to be cuttingedge state-of-the-art

the design-theme is giddy redundancy
everything is one-step-or-less away
and infinite reversibility
(try anything, no commitment)

it took me embarrassingly long to figure out
how to play the tunes
and find the hidden mp3s
(click rightpointing triangle to play
(player at bottom even lets you change pages
without stopping the current song)

open 'read full post' link in new tab
to find mp3 link)

finding new music

start with a song you love
that you think defines your special taste
search for it, 'love'-heart it
go thru everyone else who's hearted it
and sample their recent faves
'follow' them if there's any overlap
(watch which blogs they find good tunes on
and 'follow' these too
or sample them as radio stations)
(following individuals with similar taste
is the general solution to
the longtail fail)

search for favorite artists
and 'follow' them
(it seems you can't yet backtrace
who else follows an artist?
or find generalised most-similar recommendations)


5star ratings scale

best-first priority-queue