06 October 2008

April/May 2009 links

40k pix document kegger fire (Onion-3min)

Loong survey of scant biz-press bubble-warnings (CJR via jGerm)

iPhone multitouch synthesizer (yT-10min via Waxy)

Inflation vs deflation, again (pKrug)

Rerererebooting StarTrek (dontmiss via OTI)

crystallizing / on frangible blades of grass (vD-arcane)

'ignore list' = known distractions (HBR via jAqi)

Lovely eWurtzel meditation on fading beauty (4pg via Jz)

Major media silent on 'Hate Crimes Prevention Act' (GgN-search)

'post-traumatic embitterment disorder' (dTongue)

1st BBC leCarre radio drama (starts early) (90min-Real-limited-time)

dBaker: To audit the Fed (ukG)

Password-creation trick (Risks#)

The rarely-seen Georgian language, in the wild (flickr)

Google's AdWords revolution (sLevy via kMarks)

Twitterbased JamesBond ARG (meta via @twitterapi)

Black hipsters (Root via dTongue)

Detailed litany of bhOb's foreign failures (loong via Niqnaq)

Clubbing in Berlin, how-to (flickr-caption)

Awesome astronomy timelapse (48sec via Ellen)

Korean genius's surrealist sketches (flickr-200pix)

While you’re still / seeing more than there is to see (arcane via NPR)

The trick / is to make it seem like it really doesn't matter, / like it's merely happening this way (Poems)

Empowering teen girls via parkour class (yT-5min)

UTIs traced to childhood MrBubble baths? (Jz)

DC = culture of 'epigons' (Sam-loong)

Competent 1981 HughDowns report on rap (2Flash-12min via lf)
Dont-miss WolframAlpha screencast (15min via Waxy)
With these actions your world // takes off a layer from us (vDaily-varcane)

Ojibway writer loves Finnegans Wake (shortish)

Recent NyT headlines support anti-Pak con (moonAL-list)

Populism for dummies (jHightower via Sam)

rMcCrum profile of Sarah Waters (ukG-long)

GermaineGreer on poets laureate (ukG)

Magic colors from Italian Vogue (flickr)

"Thus ended capitalism..." (Dilbert)

I feel for ya... (oDvrwhr)

Thoughtful flickr tagging inquiry (long via angus)

Lovely southern starmap (astroPic)

US Pakistan-resource-grab scenario (aTms via Niqnaq)

'hairsharp' = hi-res pix (34hits on flickr)

'Reverent' new jLennon doc online (2pg-52min)

his white star is a constellation / of hope, which for a horse, / is like grief (vDaily-dontmiss)

The colors of fog (1pg w/pix)

VanGogh ear revisionism (ukTel via lf)

pHensher defends poets laureate (ukInd)

Craven UK Iraq update (rFisk)

Update on Israeli 'democracy' (Haaretz via mW)

dHorowitz-hitlist update (cPunch)

Interesting wBuffett update (UkG via iGrd)

Mindblowing LA hedonism (200pix-nsfw)

Stupid game-AI tricks (1pg-18yTubes)

Bagels-yogurt-granola worth making (Slate-1pg via lf)

Swineflu traced to factory hogfarm? (Grist via moonAL)

bustling amid the formica and chrome / of that small house we both called home (longish)

Mossad agent bragged about mindcontrol (viN)

China converting $$$ to gold/oil/etc (moonAL)

Flaubert's handwriting looks just like Joyce's (4500pg)

$175k 'copier' for 5min books-on-demand (UkG)

Complete 8bit tarot (1pg-Flash)

Whedon's 'Dollhouse' ?= goyhouse (blog via cShirk)

Historic sitcom crossovers (11yTubes)

Woz on gtd (intvu)

GrandTheftAuto a flop on Nintendo DS?!? (bGamer)

yTube only spots piracy of 1st 30sec of songs (/. w/link)

Jane Harman's unmentionable dual loyalty (mWeiss-short)

Lucid pKrug on wBu's evil (NyT-short)

Cool Martian sanddunes (astroPic)

he'd seen / beauty raw, // for which humiliation / was the smallest price (vDaily)

the tumble dryer just spinning, and spinning (vDaily)

rFisk rant re BBC-on-Israel (ukInd)

'Nonsexual boners' eg coffee boner (Twitter-search)

Experiments w/snorting, smoking caffeine (short via pHoule)

Blue is the tarp, blue the crane, / blue the siding of Building 6 (vDaily-short)

13 worst scientific anomalies (nSci)

'black&pink' = coffee w/artificial sweetener (dTongue)

TheEconomist: 'Israel is resiling' (oped via mW)

17yo SJP snorted coke on SquarePegs set (short via Jz)

Oodles of free dhLawrence etexts (underrated poet)

Saturn's crufty ring (astroPic)

Legal issues re Somali pirates (jScahill)

Smart debate re latest 'Dollhouse' (spoilers via mCass)

If our eyes were telescope-supersensitive (astroPic)

The bailout is misdirected (dBaker)

Kehl's "The Feminine" shaped my esthetics (Az-Flash)

Grammar fallacies in Strunk&White (Chron via Steve)

Why voice-acting in games sucks (bGamer)

Why we shld tax oil back up to $100 (bGross via iGrd)

Fine gDead-for-dummies (NyT via lNerd)

An open white page in any book was a lean white horse (vDaily)

Colorwords widget (Flash via cLovers)

Colorwords sorted by shade (Wiki via cLovers)

Oprah: 'Buy yr 14yo daughter a vibrator' (Jz-2min)

Digital radio a dud (NyT-Pogue via dTongue)

Activism even after yr head explodes (Sam-2004)

The sound of dSirota's head exploding (dontmiss via Sam)

as if she were the first one / to wear the newfangled cloth of reform (vDaily)

Believing this mud could be his altar too (NPR-longish)

dreambarren land where tawny / thyme wrestles up (Poems-short)

Don't miss today's Doonesbury (Sunday 05Apr)

China's paradox of thrift (pKrug)

I'll be faving yT-vids there (subscribeable)

PBS Frontline fronts big healthcare lie (cPunch)

'Benjamin Button' etext (1pg via olB)

Twitter's finally snapped back from post-SXSW doldrums (faves)

Lovecraft's racism gets pass (OVO via Klint)

Investigative journalism still needed vs lobbying (philG)

Awesome 2008 cHitchens rant re Falwell/Israel (yT-5min via reddit)

1st transistor made by 13yo in 1933? (Make)

Mashing up flags and vidgames (Vh1)

Enthusiastic bkgndr on boardgame 'Settlers of Catan' (long via nTndo)

ABC's Tapper falls for 'Spanish Inquisition' prank (mBistro via WRH)

Don't-miss LiarsPoker update (nyMag-6pg via reddit)

Cell is "tiny thing like jelly donut with blood not jelly" (oDvrwhr-10yo)

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