04 October 2008

September 2008 links

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In 2001, RW was 4th hit (of 300k) for 'weblog' (Gg2001-pattern)

OpenCyc ontology browsable online (eg)

7 samples of bad game-voice-acting (bGamer-Flash)

Mad-spies-I-have-known by leCarre (NYer-longish)

2hrs of ?new streaming Dylan (NPR via Steve)

DARPA's 23 toughest math challenges (list via /.)

Timeline of DC-enabling-WallSt-excesses (Barrons via iGreed)

26 actors who deserve better careers (OnionAV-list)

GgReader shunning del.icio.us, or viceversa (noisy-thread)

maybe just use 'delicious.com' instead?
All media are blowing bailout coverage (nLess-dontmiss)

Put the $700B into public works (dBaker@HuffPo)

Ultraorthodox Judaism resembles Taliban (mWeiss-short)

60s music genres graphed (vsArray)

Bailout only works on-faith (dO'B)

jStewart compares W2003 to W2008 crisis-speak (4min-dontmiss via dO'B)

if you're animal small enough, come (vDaily)

Corporate bailouts are US business-as-usual (Monbiot)

Celebrating the bailout bill's failure (TNR)

GgLively API will allow simple user games (short via Ktku)

dBaker scorns the bailout (TPM)

Summary-critique of latest bailout bill (cStock)

Vlo-tech psych-metaphor game for Windows (500k-download)

dBaker intvu, last Wed (IPS)

nFinkelstein intvu (mRev-long)

Random literary quotes (CA-local)

Selected letters of NormanMailer (NYer-loong)

the sun touched each sweet leaf / till it trembled and spoke in tongues (NYer-shortish)

Witty log-graph of universal distances (xkcd)

Lucid dRushkoff analysis of housingbubble (Magpie-loong)

?5yo Ada meets her namesake (arcanish)

The GgTranslate Bible (eg-Genesis)

12 short origin-of-life animations (5pg via eHein)

5min microwave choc cake (recipe w/comments via Make)
dBaker outraged at Paulson's favoritism (TPM-vshort)

Paulson's playing-favorites devastates market trust (yTube-10min)

This relationship is doomed (nDee)

sPalin's swimsuit pageant clip (Waxy-36sec)

McCain/Obama debateclouds (flickr via twtr)

dBaker critiques revised bailout plan (TPM)

Last days of DFW (Salon via Fim)

New gSoros book on credit crisis (NYRB-loong)

Brandnew rFisk interview (Flash-40min)

Subprime-crisis for dummies (iPed-long via lf)

Iraq reality-check (NYRB-long)

Update on Israeli telecom eavesdropping (aWar-loong via wakeUp)

2 short examples of vbad subprime loans (sfGate via Prgm)

Best $80 game graphics card (compare via /.)

(My old sysop) KarlDenninger rants against bailout (vlog via iGrd)

JimRogers, Gingrich: Don't give GoldmanSachs this freebie (Newsmax via iGrd)

US map of psychological health (WSJ-2pg-Flash via Fim)

Intro to 'credit default swaps' (NyT-Feb08)

Withering mLewis on GoldmanSachs sweetheart dealing (longish via iGreed)

Vcynical reading of bailout (longish via iGreed)

17 fun bailout quotes (10Zen via Lmpn)

Upbeat bigname bailout-brainstorming (WaPo via dBaker)

I am drawn to the fishes. And to citrons—sugared, / like frost over gem stones (Poems-arcane)

cBetts: Bail out borrowers not lenders (Sam#halfway-down)

Flashing light 15k light-yrs away, June 2007 (sciBlog w/animated gif)

IncredibleStringBand's transcendental Hangman'sBeautifulDaughter (47Mb-download)

yTube annotations finessed into racing game (dInsp)

JuanCole sorts out Iran agitprop (Salon w/popups)

Fine pDefazio speech vs Paulson (yTube-5min via vBoat)

Website catalogs all 20k human proteins (sciBlg-arcane)

Yahoo's 'Glue' generates Wikipedia-wannabe (dInsp)

Lucid NaomiKlein intvu on bailout (aMslm)

Wild Parisian bailout rant (sAlpha via pKrug)

360 pic of felt-pen decor (KY via lf)

GgLabs automates political-soundbite comparisons (fun via GgOS)

Pollution worldmap reveals 'faultline' (sciBlog)

Gifted 18yo folk parodist Molly Banter (yTube-4min)

Dontmiss official synopsis of Ahmadinejad at UN (short w/Real via wakeUp)

Subtlest CMB shift hints at heaviest, farthest source (sciBlg w/skymap)

Fascinating profile of MarthaStewart's daughter (6pg via Jz)

New gen of musicvid directors (Wired via Fim)

Ghastly new McCain-2000 anecdotes (cPunch)

Sinead's stolen MaryCoughlan's man (IE)

Ninja kitten (yTube-70sec via Vh1?)

lCarroll-ian nested 'SUB' tags (6th-par-ymmv)

Free-online-WSJ bookmarklet (blog)

'super deformed' = anime midget-style (Wiki)

RSSify tricky webpages via GgDocs (varcane via taint)

Vcheap audio transcripts via Az's MechTurk (Waxy-howto)

Literary 4pg vcondensed history of NYC (GgBks-cHarr-havRm)

30sec animation of MilkyWay formation (lSci-2pg)

Modder upgrades Crysis AI (arcane w/7min-yTube)

Neat memoir of Yale Joycean (shortish)

Jerusalem examples of Jewish intolerance (UkG via wakeUp)

Feminist men make less moolah? (sciBlg)

She drops the big white bullet palm to palm / to palm (vDaily-short)

(what's the bullet?)
Throw the WallSt conmen in jail and seize their assets! (Blmbrg via Sam)

Unknown master of abstract color (flickr)

Sam's insider-email on the bailout (dont-miss)

The US left is useless on Zionism (mWeiss)

Titanic bailout metaphor (Sinfest)

Solar corona during August eclipse (AstroPic)

Obama/McCain's hands equally dirty on WallSt bailout (cPunch-aCock)

WallSt bailout stinks to the skies (pKrug-shortish)

New authorised WarrenBuffett biography (bkrev via lf)

vanGogh's color palettes (cLovers)

Iraq war recapitulating Israel (MWeiss-shortish)

DC '63 Dylan/Baez duet (yTube-3min via Steve)

the body was not afraid of zeroes or empty rooms (blog via Bly-scan)

(In yr face!) (flickr-friv)

Clay Shirky videos/audios/transcripts (RWx)

AI tool disambiguates multiple meanings (Flash-9min)

Jocks warm to caffeine (Can via lf)

New cShirky at NYC Web2 Expo (Flash-24min)

Thoughtful anti-Zionist rant (mWeiss)

Neat Xbox2 avatar-builder (Flash-3min)

leCarre explains his new novel (ukTel-9min-video)

Witty USA-joining-3rd-world rant (laTms via gPost)

New cShirky talk (yTube-23min)

Every month hurts: the last one kills (recent project)

The world can’t be that stingy (vDaily)

to live without electricity is to feel more electricity (Issa)

Analysing aSandler's 'Zohan' comedy (long via WakeUp)

'Most-rewatched' movie survey (OnionAV)

Long poem uses only letters aceimnorsuvwxz (Poems.com)

Top 20 mispronounced words (list-UK via Jz])

'Mary Sue' = fanfic wish-fulfillment character (Wiki via Fim)

Neat interactive WallStMeltdown graph (NyT-flash via lf)
Beyond 'cats and dogs' (oDoffice)

JaneSiberry unmixes a new tune (MySpace-short)

Deleted Wikipedia article on Zionism and racism (Del-pedia)

WallSt is scaring wGreider (Nation-short)

Instant-classic gSaunders parody of SarahPalin (NYer via Esq)

HumanGenomeProject a bust at curing diseases (iSteve-long)

GetYrWarOn redesign (mnftiu)

Likely anon. DFW testimonial re rehab (etext via cMonk)

McCain, lit from below (pix)

'Tufteized' = optimised graphic (GgW-11hits)

Lifespan simply visualised (PNG via iSthtcs) [asciified]

Successful actors who started as child stars (Onion-2pg)

iGreed predicts WallSt meltdown this week (short)

Student obit for DFW (gTxA)

Pentagon finds profits in vet suicides (aNet via Sam)

Charming KenRussell update (UkG)

Awesome rethink of UK poets laureate (UkG)

DFW guts Updike (1997 via Fim)

DFW w/wife Karen Green (flickr)

DFW's 1996 profile of DavidLynch (white-on-black)

1998 DFW story, 'The Depressed Person' (etext)

DFW in 2000 on jMcCain (rStone-loong)

DFW on CharlieRose 1997 (GgV-33min)

Chapter One of DFW's Infinite Jest (Wayback)

1973 video of McCain's POW-release (3min via cPunch) [bkgd]

leCarre wanted to defect (ukTms-short)

Swingstate papers deliver 10M+ neocon-propaganda DVDs (E&P)

Comments-thread on bWoodward's secret terrorist-killer (loong via /.)

EmmaGoldman's 1906 zine 'Mother Earth' (pGut-etext)

Nasa's email system optimised for instability? (nWatch-rant)

Taxcutgraphspin (graphs via Waxy)

42 hits for subject 'antizionism' (archive.org)

gWarming less obvious at South Pole (newSci)

Speculation drove oil price bubble (AP via wakeUp)

CuSO4 makes blue crystal art-walls (14pg-slideshow via Make)

Semantic graph of 'play' vs 'game' (1024*655)

Aggregated 'Spore' reviews (mCrit)

Placebos almost as effective as antidepressants (blog via Sam)

Oct2009 release date for Sendak's 'WildThings' flick (short via Cinem)

Righteous LyndaCarter on SarahPalin (Philly via Jz)

Yet another missing Finnegan'sWake apostrophe (arcane)

New Net acronyms for senior citizens (McSwnys-short)

Candid RupertMurdoch intvu (Esq-loong)

List of converts to Islam (Wiki-long)

"a Ken doll encased in Jello" (oDvrwhr-tsia)

Witty(!?) Chomsky on Georgia hypocrisies (cPunch-long)

Putin trumps Cheney on Georgia (cPunch-loong)

SemanticWeb-icized entry (Russia) from CIA Factbook (arcane)

dbPedia emerging as center of SemanticWeb? (graph w/links)
'Medium-Earth orbit' satellites key to global Net (NyT-short via Engdgt)

Investigative prosepoem about 9-11's Falling Man (Esq-2003-loong)

Vh1's gossip-blog can be funny (eg)

McSwnys' misadventures in book-publishing (blog via UkG)

'tramp dread' = terror of homelessness (dTongue)

...Lave the vowel-sheen off the oval shell... (vDaily-short)

Rave for Az's 'mechanical turk' (blog via angus)

30 days to Hubble mission (lSci)

How IEDs are stalling the neocons (mWeiss w/$link)

3 Bubble Wrapped Tomatoes (flickr)

11 anecdotes of lost tempers onstage (UkG)

United Negro Pizza Fund (oDinny)

Yale's brightest debate Mearsheimer (mWeiss-loong)

pVerhoeven's new biog of Jesus (GgTranslate)

Irascible mSendak profile (NyT via Esq)

Anger At Hard Drive Taken Out On Monitor (Onion-tsia)

Detailed summary of Georgia war fiasco (loong via iSteve)

Sims3 preview (Flash-5min)

Book-price-comparison site (isbn.nu via cS)

How superstition can promote family bonds (sciBlog-short)

Pink channels WendyO live at VMAs (yTube-4min)

BBC radio will dramatise 8 leCarre/Smiley books (ukTel)

(I don't understand this poem) (vshort)
jLund suggests: she's an octopus in an aquarium

Free/cheap hpLovecraft fonts (1pg via sValues)

Awesome pic of volcanic lightning (ukMail via etHein)

Free weekly LA FW/McLuhan study group (local)

GgNews offers free digitizing of newspaper archives (AP)

What Ahmadinejad really told '60 Minutes' (mWeiss)

Fancy-looking Simcity-alike (Ktku-16pg)

Nice new NYer cover (cBank)

More GgChrome tips (lHacker)

DairyQueen will charge for DQ 'tycoon' sim (Ktku)

gPalast on Rove's 2000/4/8 votefrauds (intvu-loong via Steve)

NYer profile of CindyMcCain (loong)

Iraq vets forced to serve again (Esq-long)

Cheap credit ?vs inflation (iSteve)

"a hundred smart people revving their mental engines" (cS-vshort)

c200 flag icons (1pg via mlclps)

Hit manga about wine-tasting (ukMail-June)

Spiffy wargame-AI demo (yTube-80sec via gameAIdev)

Homemade peanutbutter cups (recipe via Make)

Nano-tricks for tracking virus behavior (newSci)

WillWright intvu'd by astrobiologist (13min w/transcript via Ktku)

Hardness-test detects counterfeit pills (sciBlog)

New 'classics' for teens (shortlist)

Del.icio.us-alike using Wikipedia-tags (Faviki)

If you can read this, my cardigan fell off (nDee)

Each day his body, tangled in ferns and larkspur, / lay elbow deep in summer (vDaily-short)

VanDykeParks' classic SongCycle (50Mb-download)

Backstory of 1st 'flash mobs' (Wayback1) (2) (3)

...lucky Batman underwear (oDinny)

Zen 'Mutts' (23Aug)

Centennials this month incl 1st plane fatality, 1st ModelT (1908#Sept)

More bikers/walkers means fewer accidents (lSci-short)

JesusSeminar hits the road (schedule)

All-star Darwin biopic planned (Cinem)

Passionate rFisk on Iraq insanity (NZ-short)

'Spore' as platform for game developers (Ktku-short)

eoWilson recants doubts re group selection (Dsc-2006)

Textbook recalled over 'violent' poem (UkG)

Christian crazies picked sPalin (dNow via Xym)

Bird duets as language precursor? (sciBlog)

his quick mouth suggests doubt, a racing mind, / something she has not considered before (Poems)

Awesome UK eco-designer (multipage via Make)

GgNewsArchive badly misdates many articles (searchpattern)

her thoughts were a slow migration. / This way, they said. Feel this (vDaily-short)

Lucid gSoros on (oil) bubble economics (NYRB)

Gitmo vs GenevaConvention (NYRB-long)

Moving oSacks on manic attacks (NYRB-loong)

GOP's new politics of resentment (pKrug-shortish)

"The war in Georgia is Russia's public return to great power status" (NYRB-longish)

Your strut expresses your sexual history (sciBlog)

7-11 stores to stock top videogames (Ktku)

Mysterious ?erotic thrill (flash-20sec-sfw)

'new girl smell' (oDchgo)

A few more GgChrome tips (GgOS)

Color-esthetics of bruises (cLovers)

GgChrome tips (Blgscpd)

PhilG on ways economic stats get more and more skewed (Apr2008)

TwoFace/HarveyDent didn't survive DarkKnight (Cinem)

sPalin's acceptance speech last night (yTube-45min)

amyGoodman recounts arrest (flash-6min)

Earth/Moon from deep space (astroPic)

Cardboard 'document scanner' (Make)

Is Israel a failed state? (mWeiss-long)

ClicheWatch: I love the smell of [] in the morning (GgW)

Sort GgChrome bookmarks into folders on BookmarkBar (poorly documented)

Great week of NYer toons (cBank)

Twitter works brilliantly vs GOP con (blog via angus)

NyT finally admits Georgia struck 1st (iSteve)

100Myo gecko-foot in amber (sciBlog w/pic)

I must live in the suffering and desire of what / rises and falls (Poems)

Warm dream of universal computer literacy (Obl-longish)

Cool photo of NYC (flickr)

78 free (?supergraphic) icons (Smash)

Palestinians are descendants of Biblical jews (mWeiss)

GgChrome seems vnice (download)

mWood rave for film on 1974 WTC wirewalk (LRB)

GgChrome exposes msWindows as set of buggy drivers (iGreed-vvshort)

IncredibleStringBand reference (blogs)

Olympic medals vs GNP (cTmb-table)

AmyGoodman busted on-camera at GOP convention (yTube-50sec via mjb)

Anomalous sunspot minimum (dTech via wakeUp)

Great 2001 cShirk on Napster-et-al (asx-90min-arcanish)

9/11 is Cheney's fave holiday (Onion)

Anomalous clouds 50miles up (liveSci)

Comicbook intro to Google's new browser (Blgscpd-39pg)

Promising video searchengine (Blinkx)
Once upon a time I thought I heard words meant for me (vDaily-short)

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