06 October 2008

One-bit nanoblogs

flickr and twitter
support near-identical
onebit 'nanoblogs' of faves

subscribeable via rss

hackable via api

hacking sequence:

download own faves' ids (count them)
save in a database
sort by author
rank by authorcount

for each author
download itemcount (save in db)
re-rank by fave frequency

detect densest faved authors
not already subscribed-to

download ids of faves of densest author
(save in db)
compare to own faves

calculate degree of taste-overlap
(twitter is different from flickr
because older tweets are rarely faved
so overlap won't extend back
past the more recent of 2 join-dates)

gradually extend database of others' faves

try to detect
still-unseen items
frequently faved by similar favers