06 October 2008

January 2009 links

rFisk: US/UK's slide from UN to evil (ukInd)

NatalieDee January archive (toons) (1pg-long)

gouache / of gumbo, pentimento / of peppery boiled crabs (vDaily)

Tracing figures in Photoshop (1pg via Make)

MemeWatch: 'my superpower' (Twitter)

Don't-miss on trends for investors (miSh-loong)

Searchengine finds eg silhouettes within 'nude' tag (Behold-nsfw via lf)

'60mins' comes clean on Israel (mWeiss w/link)

ErrolMorris surveys wBu-in-photographs (1pg-loong via rddt)

New Issa/jSiberry mp3s/cd (Sheeba)

1st nerd meritbadge ($4 via Make)

Twitter search: 'pro tip' (20/day)

SalamPax hasn't heard from Riverbend either (twitter)

Musicians on Twitter (sorted-list via cWalla)

'360-365' = every direction, every day (dTongue)

Lo-res-polygonal man sculpture (pic via Make)

New VDP intvu re SongCycle (short)

MichaelHurley profile (hobo folksinger) (Vimeo-25min via Magpie)

Dilbert sells way way out (E&P)

Twitter suggestions (RWx-short)

How world media covered Gaza (CJR via mWeiss)

Gaza realigning mideast? (moonAL)

100-item ?ontology of game design (list w/pdfs)

wBu revelations to watch for (tTmrrw-list via reddit)

Harvard vs inductive-reasoning (re bhOb) (Sam-longish)

Does GoogleScholar suck? (iGreed-thread)

Bertie Wooster's Complete Waste of Time (RWx-friv)

Ltd time: 'The Wire' full dvds $82 (Az via otI)

Tweet(s) inspire short(s) (50sec)

Israel's Gaza lies (LRB-long)

Latest gWarming worldmap (Nasa via reddit)

vTrippy lenticular cloud (astroPic)

vDramatic jump in Federal borrowing (graphs via reddit)

Inaugural poem reformatted (RWx)

ForrestGump/BenjaminButton parallels (Flash-90sec)

Tech analysis of WhiteHouse blogfeed (wBench-varcane)

GetYrWarOn over-n-out (mnftiu)

Wise memo to bhOb from AliceWalker (nsWk via Jz)

Great day for Twitter faving (robotwisdom)

Neat anticlimax (oDoffice)

Geekiest. Tweet. Evar. (Ev)

Lucid bailout hypothetical (pKrug-IHT via Sam)

Bush Dies Peacefully In His Sleep (Onion via reddit)

Bailout only benefits bankers (dBaker)

Israel's history of violent narcissism (sWalt)

32 nudes of 20yo Madonna (Yeeah)

'Israel's history... a horror-show' (Onion!-short)

Conservative economists playing dumb (pKrug)

4 of 10 IDF fatalities were Orthodox (viN)

Yeshiva convert ponders jewish racism (blog-longish)

SalamPax back in Baghdad (no Riverbend news) (links)

(Favrd works fine if you change yr passwd just to register) (about-pg)

Spongey Hyperion in 2005 (astroPic)

Strange, how doing something marks your life, / hard and permanent as stone (Poems-longish)

Bollywood remaking BackToTheFuture (vshort via oThink)

MemeWatch: DSM-IV (twittersearch)

AMA's war on Medicare (Dissent via Sam)

The colors of the Harlem Renaissance (cLovers-1pg)

?Next-to-last GetYrWarOn update (1pg)

Thoughtful pMcGoohan eulogy (OnionAV)

MemeWatch: shoe-on-doorknob = wBu kissoff (cPunch)

wBu's blunders weakened evil of US empire (cPunch-aCock)

Increased US savings come out of China's pockets (iGreed)

Charming Dutch LilyAllen intvu (yT-3min)

NZ pubs ban Israelis (viN-2pg w/vid)

US media ignore Kucinich-on-Gaza (GgN-search)

UN president calls Gaza 'genocide' (aJ via wakeUp)

Nanotech promises instant-diagnostic lab (newSci)

"I like to dance naked around fires" (oDinny)

Professorial wit (oDvrwhr)

Life imitates 'A Christmas Story' (local via sciBlg)

Chomsky-on-Gaza video (Flash-?60min)

ClicheWatch: if Hollywood tried chess (yT-2min via iwS)

Mac desktop tour by power-user MerlinMann (Vimeo-12min)

Bestselling authors worldwide in 2008 (ukG-list)

1913 'Wind in the Willows' (pGut w/pix)

I am doing for the gulls / what a god would do for us: standing outside (vDaily)

Twitter vs gtd (wLotta)

Comics vs graphic novels (flickr-pic)

Chomsky outraged by Gaza (MIT-no-vid-yet via mW)

Weird food quotes (oDinny)

dBaker on Terry Gross (Flash-30min)

Swingset-fan builds swing into skirt (Make)

Israel-USA-UN rashomon (moonAL)

Game optimised for 4 PSPs (Ktku-short)

TomFrank attacks bhOb's centrism (WSJ)

Amateur photography cliches (blog via lf)

Vice Presidential Handlers Lure Cheney Into Traveling Crate (Onion)

TwemeWatch: Y/N? (searchpattern)

cShirky at UCLA tonite (event)

Turn pix into Obama posters (Flash via Jz)

Global devaluation paradox (iGrd-vshort)

Facebookers oppose Israel almost 2-1 (fBook via jNew)

Landmarks in early photography (1pg via uTms)

Ontology of heavymetal bandnames (1100*1700 jpeg via kasei)

Graffiti adds Photoshop menus to billboard (Make)

Rave for ebooks on iPod (short)

Pinter as director, remembered (ukG via l4Nxt)

LibertarianMarxist webzine Spiked (Monbiot-arcane)

dDennett liveblogged (37tweets)

Likeable twitter techblog (jNew)

Led by his grey lead boots way, way off the / beaten track, // He walks into Loch Ness (ukG)

girl at a light so bright / she's silhouette (ukG)

1yo loves Wii (bGamer-cute)

When Nancy met Sluggo (1938-comic)

Gangcakewreck (oDinny)

Mind-vs-blog- reading PostSecret (jpeg)

Earth thru eclipsed Saturn's rings (astroPic)

'yahtzees' = political cartooning coincidences (dTongue)

TheBushYears in 140chars (twitter-thread)

'dechticaetiative language' (Wiki via dcAllen)

TinyURL for GgWeb queries (dInsp)

New karaoke-AI applied to DavidLeeRoth vocal (Flash-4min via Waxy)

msResearch's vvvretro promo for karaoke-AI (yT-4min via Make)

Online GIMP intro (free ?Photoshop) (multi via Brydon)

New Dog Digs Up Old Dog (Onion-tsia)

MemeWatch: Israel Lobby (GgTrends)

Forgotten 1965 eGorey 'advice' book (1pg-long via Jz)

Testtube RNA self-replication (nSci via gDog)

Giddy SoundOfMusic mashup (yT-2min)

Serious 'gay Jesus' debate (Nation-loong)

NaomiKlein on Gaza (Nation)

Lord works in ?mysterious ways (mcSwnys-list)

Goofy login test questions (mcSwnys-list)

Worst. Pickup-line. Evar. (oDinny)

Gymnast turns extreme fashion model (pic via Jz)

My 80s themesong: Dancing Barefoot (6Mb-mp3)

vVoice puts nHentoff out to pasture (Sam w/links)

MemeWatch: "is that a thing?" (twitter searchpattern)

'Dollar bubble' may not pop this year (dBaker-short)

Twitter-celeb master list (site via bNerds)

Spycam + robot-muppet = uncanny (Flash-60sec)

tMonk's patroness (ukG via cWalla)

jonStewart on Gaza (Flash-4min)

Upbeat atheism on UK buses (Flash-2min via tOcclt)

vvvOutspoken RoseanneBarr anti-Israel rants (blog via Xym)

World wealth/health graph (900*1300 png via Blgscpd)

Deep rap etymology (graph via etH)

Predictable = boring (iSteve)

Site graphs indivs' twitter stats (tweetStats)

bhOb choosing foreign-policy fallguys? (Walt)

Elegant Israel what-if experiment (Walt-short)

Walt of Mearsheimer-and- has a blog (FP w/rss)

Required-reading author deluged by student emails (long via pHensh)

Reporting IDF terrorists to IDF ('prank' via wakeUp)

Gossip re wBu's house historians (NYer-shortish)

Odd LouiseGluck prosepoem (NYer-shortish)

I translate the Bible into velociraptor (NYer-dontmiss)

Gorgeous dog portrait (flickr)

India : Pakistan ?:: Israel : Gaza (Forbes)

*ML shorthand idea (vshort)

Change.gov queries re Gaza (quotes via mWeiss)

philG unilaterally recognises Hamas (vshort)

Metric scales for nerds/Whedonites (xkcd)

Eloquent FrankRich ?eulogy for wBu (NyT via gPost)

Emerging standards on historicity of Jesus (ntWrong-arcane)

More on new DrWho (ukMail via Jz)

'zero haircut' = same length all sides (dTongue)

Dutch skaters (flickr)

UK's 50 fave teevee catchphrases (list)

Seven across just might be Limberlost (NPR)

they bide, bide / in their pine churches with their psalms to a god / who would favor their feathers over the other’s (vDaily)

New dBaker intvu (yT-50min)

cShirky rejects Y!'s del.icio.us for Ma.gnolia (bookmarks)

Ironical 1997 live Ween artrock (yT-4min)

Lit's longest sentences (Chgo)

USA blocks UN for Israel (mWeiss)

Corporate Code of Conduct (Dilbert)

Pleasant LilyAllen pop 'The Fear' (yT-4min via cTip)

Who are the hardestworking bloggers? (RWx w/links)

Live aJ coverage of Gaza ground invasion (twitter via cShirk)

Will future appliances use Twitter for status alerts? (yT-90sec)

Cat-meme family tree (giant via nTndo)

GTBMS (8hits)

Greenspanites attacked 2005 bubble-prophet (WSJ via pKrug)

New DrWho announced (IMDb)

'Sensitive Female Chord Progression' = vi-IV-I-V (Flash-4min via riley)

Loving fanatic's top50 alltime special effects (1pg-no-vid via Fim)

GgAndroid headed for laptops? (vBeat via Engdgt)

Excellent nFinkelstein intvu on Gaza (Iran-shortish)

Open DeweyDecimal update (2pg via edV)

NatalieDee's December archive (1pg)

How the GOP selfdestructed (pKrug-shortish)

Comparison of 2ndLife and PS3 Home (Ktku-long)

Mellow 4min timelapse of stars, clouds (astroPic)

Nancy&Sluggo as Janis&Jimi (yikes)

Hidden Kindle fragility-costs (philG)

Been there, done that, great minds (twitter searchpattern)

Pro claims football sim helped training (short via Fim)

More Gaza background (ukInd)

Details on Aubrey-Maturin dinner (pix)

Google targets power-supply inefficiencies (NyT via edV)

Snappy ?new Beck vid, Youthless (yT-3min via cTip)

dBaker in SF Friday night ($10 donation)

Do I look like the angel of home and hearth with this strange green / fire in my hands? (NPR)

Anybody's guess: four 2009 scenarios (iGreed)

Sled flips newsman (yT-30sec via Fail)

Aubrey-Maturin dinner menu (arcanish)

Queen of Chinese folk music (yT-7min via enthssm)

DaveBarry's 2008 in review (WaPo via lf)

Survey of nonlinear evolution of animal intelligence (sciAm via /.)

Loong cShirk intvu re journalism2.0 (CJR-2pg)

aAbunimah on Gaza (bkgd/context) (ukG via mW)

1978 StarWars xmas special (GgV-2hr via twitter)

rFisk on Gaza (ukInd)

one could from a smoky cell / By talisman or spell / Coerce the Zodiac (NYer-rWilbur)

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