06 October 2008

Web3.0 = favorites-matching

there's a simple shared solution
to the problem of
optimising one's datastream

(best pix best vids best tunes
best science best news best gossip

a web app needs to
monitor your preferences
and match them to the closest
other people's prefs
in each domain

this is not at all like
aggregating scores for the 'best' posts
which results in mediocrity rising

instead it's like creating
networks of individuals
with partly-shared tastes
tuned on a person-by-person basis

so twitter needs to compare
everyone's favorites
and tell me whose tastes
are most similar to mine
so i can subscribe (or not)
to their favorites feeds

and ditto for flickr
and imeem and youtube
and googlereader
and slashdotdiggredditmefi
etc etc etc