06 October 2008

Twitter's two cultures

as of 6:45am on 18 Feb
my web3.0 tweet of 9pm last night

has been retweeted 50 times
mostly by ClayShirky's followers

but Favrd only once

dramatising the cultural divide
between the 'Retweeters'
whose Favorites folders are mostly empty

and the 'Favrders'
who add a dozen new Favorites a day
but frown on retweeting
(because it doesn't raise their Favrd score)

(Favrd currently reposts about 300 posts per day
based on 'gold stars'
from their registered users' Twitter accounts)

the uncrowned king of the Favrders
was MerlinMann/hotdogsladies
who shockingly retired from Twitter in December
because it was taking too much time

addendum 19Feb: Favotter shows 4 Favorite-ers

addendum 22Feb: [debate]