06 October 2008


the web offers billions of pages of content
(and billions of pages that link to other content)

for a given person
any given page
offers hypothetical costs and benefits
(but every person will rate these differently)

some benefit-types are
generally more prestigious than others
(content creators tend to deceive themselves
about the level of these benefits in their content)

the goal of surfing
is to maximise benefits
while minimising costs
within a finite timeperiod

one goal of linkblogging
is to aggregate low-cost high-benefit links

linkblogs differ in how they rate costs/benefits

they differ in the strategies they use
to find links to rate

they differ in where they draw the line
between linkworthy and non-

the simplest strategy is to subscribe to other linkblogs
(usually but not necessarily by rss)

their links are winnowed and recombined

hidden costs are annotated
benefits are highlighted