06 October 2008

Nuances within 'toRead'

there's something inherently 'broken'
about bookmarking webpages

having sucked out
the first sweet nectar of novelty
the husk is left
for future 'others'

firefox's 'toRead' extension
and chrome's builtin bookmarkstar
(to say nothing of del.icio.us's
almost-useless 'toread' tag)
only scratch the surface
of efficient bookmarking

how many flavors of
should our bookmarking system(s)

- how long will it take?
if we're really busy
we may set aside
lots of short items

long boring 'homework' posts
need muuuuch more time
(and perfect nondistraction)
and will likely eventually
be discarded unread

- can it be broken into
multiple visits
like exploring a website
or image gallery?
(can the progress of this
be tracked automatically?)

- does it need a decision
like rereading something marginal
before deciding whether to
pass it along or bin it