06 October 2008

Blogkeeping (meta)

i'm increasingly dissatisfied
with blogspot/blogger
for my linkblog

they recently changed how they handle
posts dated in the future
so now
to keep my newlinks on top
i have to date my other posts in the past

also they're very slow to load in GgChrome

and their rss feed is useless for linkblogging
so i've tried to offer various alternatives:

mainly del.icio.us
which only allows one link per item
and always places the link first
and doesn't even support italics
(though it previews the occasional flickrpic)

but also Feed43 [rss]
(which needs special, constraining markup)

i'd like to embed some of the gorgeous images
i'm finding by the dozen at flickr
[rss-able but filtered and small]
or [large and less filtered but no feed]

combo feeds (delicious plus flickrfaves + twitter)
are now available at Tumblr [slow and partial]
GgReader [slowish]
and FeedBurner [slowish, rss-able]

but really i'd like a cross between del.icio.us and tumblr

i've become very lax
about linking my other rwx blogposts
in the linkblog
because they feel 'unfinished'
so i expect people to occasionally visit
and scroll past the links to see what's new

as well (more often) as